Chapter 79 - Mana Equipment Set's Effects
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 79 - Mana Equipment Set's Effects

Upon hearing the Assassin scout's report, Shi Feng promptly assembled the resting members of his team and made his way to the Assassin's location. Even though everyone had already been fighting in the Primordial Demon Court for ten long hours, none of them showed any signs of exhaustion. On the contrary, every one of them wore excited expressions on their faces.

After grinding in the Primordial Demon Court for many hours, everyone had to admit that a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court was a paradise for players. After killing only two groups of 10,000-plus Elemental Golems, Blackie and the others new to the Miniature Ancient World had already reached Level 104. Shi Feng, Su Qianliu, and the members of Su Qianliu's adventurer team had even reached Level 105.

However, compared to levels, what surprised everyone more was the Primordial Mana Equipment they acquired.

Originally, they only had enough pieces to complete three sets. Now, they had 11 complete sets and 26 individual pieces.

However, considering the Guild's future development, Shi Feng did not distribute the five new sets to anyone. Instead, he intended to put these sets into the Guild Warehouse and let Guild members exchange for them using points.

Nobody objected to Shi Feng's decision, either. On the contrary, everyone strongly supported it.

The Tier 3 Primordial Mana Equipment Sets were incredibly valuable. Previously, the people Shi Feng had assigned the sets to were Zero Wing's core executives, such as Su Qianliu, her two vice commanders, and the talented Happy Snow. Every one of them was a Refinement Realm expert. As for Blackie, he was the person in charge of Guild affairs. He also had a Gold Mana Body. Thus, it wasn't strange for him to receive a set as well.

Apart from those five players, the others were essentially equals. If Shi Feng allocated the five new sets to someone, those who didn't get chosen would probably feel unreconciled. In that case, the wisest and fairest method of distributing these sets would be to put them up for exchange using GCPs. Everyone would have to rely on their own abilities to acquire the sets.

There was also no need to worry that nobody would try to exchange the sets. Everyone had already witnessed the set in action before, and they couldn't help but drool over it.

Before Blackie donned his Primordial Mana Equipment Set, the Grand Lord ranked Elemental Annihilators were still tough opponents for him. However, after putting on the set, every one of his Tier 3 Offensive Spells could easily impact the movements of the Elemental Annihilators. If he used a Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell, he could even heavily injure the Elemental Annihilators. Overall, the set had doubled the power of his Spells.

Compared to the Primordial Mana Equipment Set, the six-piece Epic Equipment Sets he had seen in the past might as well be wall decorations.

Those without the Mana Equipment Set weren't the only ones surprised by the set's effects. Su Qianliu was also surprised by the effects.

The average Epic Weapon and Equipment could only grant players powerful Basic Attributes, physique bonuses, and additional Skills.

However, the Mana Equipment Set was different. Although it didn't provide as huge of a boost to Basic Attributes, the boost it provided to the power and control of the user's Skills and Spells was on an entirely different level.

As an ex-Tier 4 player, Su Qianliu could cast her Spells with a 90% Completion Rate on average and 95% at best previously. However, after receiving the Mana Equipment Set's bonuses, she could cast all of her Tier 3 Spells at 100% Completion Rate, with some even reaching up to 102%.

A 10% increase might not seem like much, but beyond 85%, every 1% increase in Completion Rate would improve a Skill or Spell's effects by at least 10%. That number would increase to 20% or higher past the 100% Completion Rate threshold.

In other words, Su Qianliu had the effects of her Spells improved by at least 100% after putting on the Mana Equipment Set.

At this time, Su Qianliu even had the illusion that her current self was not much weaker than when she was still at Tier 4 in the outside world. She was only missing a few Tier 4 Spells and a stronger physique.

Meanwhile, if even the Primordial Demon Court's mobs had already provided such a huge harvest, the harvest they could acquire from clearing the Primordial Demon Court would be unimaginable.

Subsequently, after everyone ran for some time, they arrived in front of a dilapidated tower. Although a huge portion of the tower had crumbled away due to the erosion of time, the tower still measured over 200 meters in height. It looked like a huge mountain as it stood in the middle of the settlement.

Meanwhile, situated at the bottom of this tower was a gigantic, pitch-black snake with two heads.

Each of the snake's heads was the size of a two-story house, and the snake's body measured over a hundred meters in length. If it wasn't curled up right now, it could probably oversee the entire settlement if it decided to extend its body.

"The system must be insane! How can anyone get past a Twin-headed Destruction Snake?!" Blackie cried out in frustration as he looked at the slumbering snake ahead.

The Twin-headed Destruction Snake!

It was one of the top-ranking Demonic Beasts found during primordial times. Although its Life Rating was only slightly stronger than the average Archaic Species and nowhere near Dragons, they were much more formidable than Dragons in certain aspects—specifically, the Twin-headed Destruction Snake's Eyes of Destruction.

The Demonic Beast's Eyes of Destruction could launch powerful mental attacks against all targets they gazed upon. Depending on the target's strength, the Eyes of Destruction could even destroy the target's soul.

Meanwhile, mental attacks were the most difficult type of attack to block in God's Domain since player's Defense was utterly useless against it. Players could only rely on their mental fortitude to resist them.

If players failed to resist the Twin-headed Destruction Snake's mental attacks, their souls would crumble, and they would die on the spot.

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[Twin-headed Destruction Snake] (Primordial Demonic Beast, Mythic)

Level 106


"As expected of an Primordial Demon Court. It's no wonder why the various superpowers are the only ones capable of raiding Primordial Demon Courts. This difficulty simply isn't something we can tackle," Firecloud said with a bitter smile.

In Firecloud's opinion, the Twin-headed Destruction Snake before them was even more frightening than a Dragon of the same level and tier. Its HP of 40 billion was simply maddening. There was simply no way they could finish off the Boss before they exhausted their Concentration.

"Forty billion HP?" Su Qianliu also couldn't help but gasp when she saw the Twin-headed Destruction Snake's stats.

Originally, she thought they had a chance of raiding the Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court successfully after their team had received such a significant boost in strength. However, looking at the Twin-headed Destruction Snake, she realized that it was merely wishful thinking.

Setting aside the Boss's combat standards, just the Boss's Eyes of Destruction and frightening HP was already more than enough to dash any hopes for them to raid it.

This was no longer a matter of lacking Basic Attributes. Faced against Tier 4 Mythic ranked Eyes of Destruction, Tier 3 players would last no more than five minutes before their souls crumbled. Meanwhile, killing the Twin-headed Destruction Snake in five minutes was nothing but a fool's dream.

It's a Twin-headed Destruction Snake?

At this time, Shi Feng also frowned when he looked at the slumbering twin-headed snake. Although he had long since known that it wouldn't be easy to raid a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court, he didn't think that his luck would be this bad.

Before reaching Level 120, the average Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court would only be an ordinary Superior Mythic. Although the Boss they currently faced wasn't a Superior Mythic, it was a top-ranking Primordial Demonic Beast. After factoring in the bonuses in HP and Basic Attributes the Twin-headed Destruction Snake received for being a Dungeon Boss, it was a much more challenging opponent than the average Superior Mythic found in the outside world.

TL Notes:

I will be using "Equipment Set" instead of "Set Equipment" from now on to make it easier to describe sets in plural.

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A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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