Chapter 79 - Mana Equipment Set's Effects
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 79 - Mana Equipment Set's Effects

Upon hearing the Assassin scout's report, Shi Feng promptly assembled the resting members of his team and made his way to the Assassin's location. Even though everyone had already been fighting in the Primordial Demon Court for ten long hours, none of them showed any signs of exhaustion. On the contrary, every one of them wore excited expressions on their faces.

After grinding in the Primordial Demon Court for many hours, everyone had to admit that a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court was a paradise for players. After killing only two groups of 10,000-plus Elemental Golems, Blackie and the others new to the Miniature Ancient World had already reached Level 104. Shi Feng, Su Qianliu, and the members of Su Qianliu's adventurer team had even reached Level 105.

However, compared to levels, what surprised everyone more was the Primordial Mana Equipment they acquired.

Originally, they only had enough pieces to complete three sets. Now, they had 11 complete sets and 26 individual pieces.

However, considering the Guild's future development, Shi Feng did not distribute the five new sets to anyone. Instead, he intended to put these sets into the Guild Warehouse and let Guild members exchange for them using points.

Nobody objected to Shi Feng's decision, either. On the contrary, everyone strongly supported it.

The Tier 3 Primordial Mana Equipment Sets were incredibly valuable. Previously, the people Shi Feng had assigned the sets to were Zero Wing's core executives, such as Su Qianliu, her two vice commanders, and the talented Happy Snow. Every one of them was a Refinement Realm expert. As for Blackie, he was the person in charge of Guild affairs. He also had a Gold Mana Body. Thus, it wasn't strange for him to receive a set as well.

Apart from those five players, the others were essentially equals. If Shi Feng allocated the five new sets to someone, those who didn't get chosen would probably feel unreconciled. In that case, the wisest and fairest method of distributing these sets would be to put them up for exchange using GCPs. Everyone would have to rely on their own abilities to acquire the sets.

There was also no need to worry that nobody would try to exchange the sets. Everyone had already witnessed the set in action before, and they couldn't help but drool over it.

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