Chapter 77 - Flying Improvements
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Su Qianliu's eyes widened in shock as she looked at Shi Feng. She dared not believe that such a powerful Mana Domain actually came from Shi Feng.

A Mana Domain!

It was something that only those who had achieved incredible mastery over Mana could possess. It should be known that even the various superpowers' top-tier geniuses wouldn't necessarily be able to cast a Mana Domain when they first reached Tier 4.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had cast a Mana Domain as a Tier 3 Swordsman. Moreover, the strength of his Mana Domain was so great that it could even suppress Grand Lords in all aspects. This was a feat that she had only ever heard of in rumors…

Meanwhile, Happy Snow, who stood guard beside Su Qianliu, was also dumbfounded by this situation. Then, after snapping out of her daze, she asked Su Qianliu, "Is he really just Shadow's former Guild Leader, Big Sis Qianliu?"

At this moment, Su Qianliu and the members of her adventurer team weren't the only ones shocked and confused by this situation. Blackie and the others, who had stayed with Shadow all these years, also couldn't help but doubt their eyes as they looked at Shi Feng.

"Brother Feng! No, Guild Leader! You…" Blackie was at a loss for words as he looked at Shi Feng's Mana Domain. Compared to the shock he received when he received the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique from Shi Feng previously, the shock he felt now was many times greater.

There were more than ten thousand Great Lord and Grand Lord ranked Elemental Golems here! Yet, now, with just one move, Shi Feng had crippled every one of these powerful monsters!

"Alright, I know what you want to say, but our priority now is to clear out these Elemental Golems first," Shi Feng said as he pointed at the golems ahead.

"Right! We have to get rid of these golems first!"

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Immediately, Blackie, Su Qianliu, and the others promptly snapped out of their daze and got serious. Then, following Shi Feng's command, the melee players of the team charged at the Elemental Annihilators.

Due to Shi Feng's Mana Domain, the mighty Elemental Golems were nothing but a joke now. Under the Mana Domain's effects, not only did the golems lose a significant portion of their Basic Attributes and HP, but their reaction speeds had also dropped by 30% or more. Now, instead of being stronger than their counterparts in the outside world, these Elemental Golems had become weaker instead.

For a time, Happy Snow and the team's other melee players slaughtered the Elemental Annihilators and Destroyers, converting these monsters into EXP for everyone.

Unlike Team Dungeons, the monsters in Primordial Demon Courts provided much higher EXP than monsters found in the outside world. It was even more so for the monsters in a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court. After including the level-gap bonus, the EXP the Elemental Golems provided was several times higher than their counterparts in the outside world.

In less than four hours, the team wiped out the 10,000-plus Elemental Golems. Meanwhile, the abundant EXP everyone received had boosted Blackie and the others from Level 100 to Level 103. As for Shi Feng, Su Qianliu, and the others, they had leveled up from 102 to 104. In the current Miniature Ancient World, they were undoubtedly at the forefront when it came to levels.

However, compared to the EXP they gained, everyone paid more attention to the loot the Elemental Golems dropped.

As Elemental Creatures, the Elemental Golems did not drop any Coins. Instead, they dropped Magic Crystals and various types of Elemental Cores. On average, a Magic Crystal would drop for every two or three Elemental Destroyer killed.

Magic Crystals was a hard currency on the market. It was needed for many aspects of God's Domain. Since players weren't allowed to bring Magic Crystals with them when they entered the Miniature Ancient World, the current market value of Magic Crystals was around 50 Silver each. Moreover, one wouldn't necessarily be able to buy any Magic Crystals even if one had the money. Yet, now, the Elemental Golems had dropped over 6,000 Magic Crystals.

In addition, the Elemental Golems also dropped over a thousand Level 100 and Level 105 weapons and equipment. Although they were all at the Fine-Gold rank, they were still better than the Level 100 Secret-Silver ranked beginner's equipment.

Seeing the Elemental Golems drop over a thousand Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment, everyone couldn't help but be amazed by the Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court's profitability. If they came here at Level 150, the harvest they could acquire would be massively beneficial to their Guild.

"Guild Leader, something good dropped," Blackie said excitedly as he ran up to Shi Feng with a dark-red plate armor in his hands.

"Tier 3 Mana Equipment?" Shi Feng also grew interested when he saw the magic patterns and magic arrays engraved on the chest piece.

Mana Equipment was different from conventional equipment. They were not divided by ranks, only tiers. The boost to Basic Attributes Mana Equipment provided was also changed according to the user's level. They were similar to Epic Weapons and Equipment in a sense. Moreover, the Basic Attributes Mana Equipment provided could rival the average Epic Weapon and Equipment. The Skills and Spells that came with Mana Equipment even possessed superior effects than most Epic Weapons and Equipment.

The only flaw with Mana Weapons and Equipment was the fact that they were consumables. They would become useless once their durability ran out. They couldn't be repaired from conventional equipment.

"It is indeed Tier 3 Mana Equipment, but it isn't the same Mana Equipment that we know," Blackie said, shaking his head. Then, in an even more excited tone, he continued, "Instead, it's a piece of Primordial Mana Equipment. I've already had Qianliu check it, and this Primordial Mana Equipment doesn't have the same durability limitation as ordinary Mana Equipment. We can replenish its durability using Magic Crystals!"

"How many pieces did we get?" Shi Feng asked, his eyes lighting up in excitement when he heard Blackie's words.

According to Blackie's introduction, this Primordial Mana Equipment was none other than the mainstream equipment used in the Greater God's Domain. If they could collect a full set of this Primordial Mana Equipment, the boost in combat power it could provide to a player would surpass even that of an Epic Set Equipment. After all, apart from providing players with a significant amount of Basic Attributes, this Primordial Mana Equipment could also help players significantly in their control over Mana, Skills, and Spells. It could even help players with their combat techniques to a certain extent.

Meanwhile, Blackie chuckled and raised five fingers upon hearing Shi Feng's question.

"Five pieces?" Shi Feng grew a little disappointed when he saw Blackie's response.

If only five pieces dropped, there definitely weren't enough to make a set. The average Mana Equipment came in six-piece sets, while the best came in eight-piece sets. Meanwhile, Mana Equipment that wasn't in a complete set would only be slightly stronger than Dark-Gold Equipment of the same level.

"No, it's fifty pieces! A whopping fifty pieces dropped! We hit the jackpot this time!" Blackie laughed. "Moreover, out of these fifty pieces, we managed to come up with six complete sets! Three sets are for physical melee classes, one is for physical ranged classes, and two are for magical classes."

"Can you speak in full next time?" Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie. Inwardly, though, he was very excited over this situation. Six sets of Primordial Mana Equipment would greatly help their current team.

"I already brought a physical melee set here for you. Here, try it on," Blackie said as he took the remaining five set pieces out of his bag. "You are Zero Wing's Guild Leader, after all. Others will laugh at us if you keep wearing beginner's equipment."

When Shi Feng took a look at the equipment he currently used, he felt that Blackie's words made sense. Although the Winter of Eternal Night was a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, it was still no excuse for him to wear beginner's equipment as Zero Wing's Guild Leader. Zero Wing would become a joke if others saw him in such a state.

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