Chapter 76 - Guild Leader?
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After splitting the team into smaller groups, Shi Feng led the team to within 500 yards of the settlement. Upon reaching this point, a large group of fully-armed Elemental Golems suddenly marched out of a corner of the main street and entered their view. The Elemental Golems were of varying sizes, the smaller ones measuring around two or three meters and the larger ones measuring up to eight meters. At a glance, there should at least be ten thousand Elemental Golems in the group.

Apart from their large numbers, these Elemental Golems also behaved like a well-trained army. The golems wielding shields stood at the front, the golems wielding spears stood in the middle, and the golems wielding staves stood at the rear.

[Elemental Destroyer] (Great Lord)

Level 105

HP 300,000,000

[Elemental Annihilator] (Grand Lord)

Level 106

HP 1,000,000,000

"Crap! Are you kidding me?! Why do these monsters have so much HP?!"

Blackie felt his scalp turning numb when he saw the Elemental Golems' stats. The HP of these golems was at least twice as high as monsters of similar rank and level found in the outside world.

Su Qianliu, Happy Snow, Firecloud, and the others also frowned at this situation. Unlike monsters, players were restricted by the Hidden Attribute known as Stamina. In other words, the amount of time they could spend fighting was limited. It was especially true during intense fights.

Right now, their team only had 300 players. Normally, they'd have exhausted most of their Stamina even if they fought against just two or three thousand Great Lords of the same rank. Yet, now, not only did they have to face over ten thousand Great Lords and Grand Lords, but these monsters even had unusually high amounts of HP…

Rather than a trial, what awaited them ahead was a massacre!

"Guild Leader, it's too disadvantageous for us to fight against such a larger group of monsters. We'll run out of Stamina before we can even finish them. I suggest that we split the team and conduct guerilla warfare using the small alleys," Su Qianliu suggested.

Fighting a large-scale battle while being severely disadvantaged in numbers wouldn't benefit them in any way. In comparison, while splitting up the team across the settlement's alleys would scatter the team's strength, it would also reduce the number of monsters each player needed to face. This, in turn, would reduce their Stamina consumption and increase their endurance in battle.

The Elemental Golems were merely monsters with high physical and magical resistances. They didn't have extraordinary combat standards. At most, their combat standard reached the Trial Tower's fifth-floor early-stage standard. In a situation where the gap in Basic Attributes wasn't too significant, first-rate experts would have no problem going up against three or four golems at a time.

Blackie, Happy Snow, Firecloud, and the others also nodded in agreement with Su Qianliu's suggestion. After seeing the scale of the monster army before them, they finally understood why the Primordial Demon Courts and various secret lands remained the private playground of only first-rate powers and above.

Without a significant advantage in Basic Attributes, experts of their caliber had no way of fighting large-scale fights in these dangerous locations whatsoever. Faced with so many tanky monsters, it wouldn't matter even if they worked together. There was simply no way they could achieve victory.

Although it was a bit of a pity to split up their combat power, this was the best solution available to them. Afterward, all they could do was hope that a few healers could survive until the dust settled so that they could resurrect those who had died in battle.

"No need to go through such hassle," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "While these Elemental Golems might be numerous, they have a fatal weakness."

"Fatal weakness?" After thinking for a moment, Su Qianliu asked, "Is it the density of their surrounding Mana?"

Unlike other creatures, Elemental Creatures relied heavily on Mana. The more violent and denser the surrounding Mana, the stronger Elemental Creatures would become. Of course, the reverse was also true.

Nodding, Shi Feng said, "That's right. The reason why these golems have such high HP is largely due to the violent Mana here. So long as we lower the density of the ambient Mana or stabilize it, we can nullify the buffs of these golems."

Primordial Demon Courts existed to test players, not to kill them. Thus, there were tricks to raiding every Primordial Demon Court. So long as players found the trick, the raid difficulty would plummet.

This was also why Shi Feng dared to challenge a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court with Su Qianliu and the others.

After Shi Feng finished speaking, everyone's eyes glowed in excitement as they turned toward Su Qianliu.

"Don't look at me. The Mana here is too violent. It'd take an incredibly powerful Mana Domain to expel or stabilize the Mana here," Su Qianliu said with a bitter smile when she noticed the hopeful gazes everyone was giving her. "I might have a Peak Silver Mana Body, but my Mana control still isn't enough for me to cast a Mana Domain…"

After hearing Su Qianliu's words, Happy Snow and Firecloud turned toward Blackie.

Blackie's Mana Body was stronger than even Su Qianliu's. Moreover, he had even completed his Gold Mana Body at an 85% Completion Rate. A Mana Body of this caliber could rank at the top even among the various superpowers' top-tier talents.

"Me?" Scratching his face awkwardly, Blackie said, "I'm no good, either. With my control over Mana, I don't even know if I can cast a Mana Domain after reaching Tier 4, let alone now."

Blackie might have a Gold Mana Body, but the way he obtained it could be considered borderline cheating. If he hadn't relied on Shi Feng's real-time instructions and some luck, it would've been impossible for him to construct a Gold Mana Body with an 85% Completion Rate.

In comparison, Su Qianliu had relied entirely on her own efforts to construct her Peak Mana Body. When it came to Mana control, she was undoubtedly much better than him.

Upon hearing Blackie's helpless words, everyone present despaired a little. If even the team's two strongest magical class players couldn't cast a Mana Domain, it was even more impossible for everyone else.

"You don't need to worry about the matter with the Mana Domain. I have a solution for that," Shi Feng suddenly said. "Just follow my orders afterward and attack the Elemental Annihilators that charge forward. Magical classes, don't hold anything back and dump everything you have."

He has a solution?

Su Qianliu couldn't help but look at Shi Feng in surprise and confusion. After all, players could only create a Mana Domain when they had developed their Mana control to an extreme level. It wasn't something that could be obtained via words alone.

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However, before Su Qianliu and the others could figure out Shi Feng's words, the Elemental Golems had already moved within 50 yards of their team. This distance was already within the attack range of Great Lords and Tier 3 players. Tier 3 Assassins could even cross this distance in just two steps.

"Attack!" Shi Feng commanded, having already moved within 40 yards of the nearest Elemental Annihilator.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's command, everyone stopped holding back and used their Skills and Spells one after another. The magical class players, in particular, used their trademark moves right off the bat, bombarding the Elemental Annihilators charging at the forefront with AOE Spells and large-scale Combination Spells. Some had even used Tier 3 Curses.

For a time, the land between both sides turned into a sea of flames. The ground also shook violently as if a meteor had just hit the ground.

What power! Is this the effect of violent Mana?

Happy Snow was a little dumbfounded when she saw the devastated battlefield.

Even though they were only casting Tier 3 Spells, the raw power their Spells exuded rivaled Tier 4 Spells. Because of their Spells, the Elemental Annihilators had their advance forcibly halted, and damages exceeding a million appeared above their heads one after another.

However, before everyone could celebrate this situation, what took place next instantly extinguished the confidence they just recovered—the cracks on the Elemental Annihilators' bodies were rapidly mending, and even their HPs were healing at a rate visible to the naked eye. The recovery speed of these monsters was far superior to the monsters found in the outside world.

At this time, the shield-wielding Elemental Destroyers had also caught up to the Elemental Annihilators. Then, with their shields raised, these Elemental Destroyers blocked the oncoming Skills and Spells without getting affected in any way.

Subsequently, when less than 30 yards separated both sides, and Firecloud and the other tanks were subconsciously trembling while wielding their shields…


A low voice suddenly echoed throughout the team.

Immediately afterward, an invisible ripple spread across the entire battlefield, causing the violent Mana to settle down and Mana density to plummet.

Meanwhile, along with these abrupt changes to the ambient Mana, all Elemental Golems standing within the affected area had their Movement Speeds reduced drastically and their HPs reduced to less than one-third of their original. Moreover, their body sizes had shrunk by half, their Basic Attributes had fallen by over 30%, and their battle recovery had halted completely…

"Guild Leader?"

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