Chapter 76 - Guild Leader?
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After splitting the team into smaller groups, Shi Feng led the team to within 500 yards of the settlement. Upon reaching this point, a large group of fully-armed Elemental Golems suddenly marched out of a corner of the main street and entered their view. The Elemental Golems were of varying sizes, the smaller ones measuring around two or three meters and the larger ones measuring up to eight meters. At a glance, there should at least be ten thousand Elemental Golems in the group.

Apart from their large numbers, these Elemental Golems also behaved like a well-trained army. The golems wielding shields stood at the front, the golems wielding spears stood in the middle, and the golems wielding staves stood at the rear.

[Elemental Destroyer] (Great Lord)
Level 105
HP 300,000,000
[Elemental Annihilator] (Grand Lord)
Level 106
HP 1,000,000,000

"Crap! Are you kidding me?! Why do these monsters have so much HP?!"

Blackie felt his scalp turning numb when he saw the Elemental Golems' stats. The HP of these golems was at least twice as high as monsters of similar rank and level found in the outside world.

Su Qianliu, Happy Snow, Firecloud, and the others also frowned at this situation. Unlike monsters, players were restricted by the Hidden Attribute known as Stamina. In other words, the amount of time they could spend fighting was limited. It was especially true during intense fights.

Right now, their team only had 300 players. Normally, they'd have exhausted most of their Stamina even if they fought against just two or three thousand Great Lords of the same rank. Yet, now, not only did they have to face over ten thousand Great Lords and Grand Lords, but these monsters even had unusually high amounts of HP…

Rather than a trial, what awaited them ahead was a massacre!

"Guild Leader, it's too disadvantageous for us to fight against such a larger group of monsters. We'll run out of Stamina before we can even finish them. I suggest that we split the team and conduct guerilla warfare using the small alleys," Su Qianliu suggested.


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