Chapter 78 - Tier 4 Threshold
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As soon as Shi Feng put on the Nightwatcher Set, the Tier 3 Primordial Mana Set Equipment, his aura instantly underwent a complete transformation.

Shi Feng had to admit that the Nightwatcher Set really made him stand out like a sore thumb. Not only was the armor set strikingly pitch-black, but it was also engraved with blood-red runes all over. The armor even emitted a faint black mist.

In the blink of an eye, he had gone from looking like an ordinary passerby to looking like a gent who had just stepped out of hell.

Aside from appearances, the Nightwatcher Set also provided astonishing bonuses in Basic Attributes. Shi Feng's Strength Attribute instantly reached the Tier 4 threshold upon donning the armor set.

That's right!

The Tier 4 threshold!

It wasn't just "close" to reaching the Tier 4 standard. Instead, it was "at" the Tier 4 standard already. Now, he could exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard even without employing any techniques. At this time, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to describe him as a humanoid beast.

As for the five remaining Primordial Mana Equipment Sets, Shi Feng allocated them to Blackie, Su Qianliu, Happy Snow, Firecloud, and Desolate Star, a Ranger and a vice commander in Su Qianliu's adventurer team. Upon distributing these sets, the team's overall combat power instantly increased by a significant margin.

Outside the Primordial Demon Court, due to the sky outside darkening, the inside of the cavern also grew darker and colder.

Unlike before, there were over a thousand expert players currently gathered in the cavern, and even the weakest among them was a first-rate expert. The number of Refinement Realm experts had also increased to over a hundred. Such a team was a force to be wary of no matter which part of God's Domain the team was put in.

"I can't believe the mighty One-eyed Ghost actually got toyed by a nameless junior. If the Guild Leader learns of this, he'll probably laugh for half a year," a wild-looking man carrying a large saber on his back said, laughing as he looked at One-eyed Ghost.

Yet, despite this wild-looking man's ridicule, One-eyed Ghost had surprisingly chosen to remain silent. He did not do anything else besides glare at the other party to express his dissatisfaction.

Seeing One-eyed Ghost's abnormal behavior, the other members of Nature Hall also chose to remain silent, none of them daring to speak up for him.

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