Chapter 78 - Tier 4 Threshold
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As soon as Shi Feng put on the Nightwatcher Set, the Tier 3 Primordial Mana Set Equipment, his aura instantly underwent a complete transformation.

Shi Feng had to admit that the Nightwatcher Set really made him stand out like a sore thumb. Not only was the armor set strikingly pitch-black, but it was also engraved with blood-red runes all over. The armor even emitted a faint black mist.

In the blink of an eye, he had gone from looking like an ordinary passerby to looking like a gent who had just stepped out of hell.

Aside from appearances, the Nightwatcher Set also provided astonishing bonuses in Basic Attributes. Shi Feng's Strength Attribute instantly reached the Tier 4 threshold upon donning the armor set.

That's right!

The Tier 4 threshold!

It wasn't just "close" to reaching the Tier 4 standard. Instead, it was "at" the Tier 4 standard already. Now, he could exhibit power at the Tier 4 standard even without employing any techniques. At this time, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to describe him as a humanoid beast.

As for the five remaining Primordial Mana Equipment Sets, Shi Feng allocated them to Blackie, Su Qianliu, Happy Snow, Firecloud, and Desolate Star, a Ranger and a vice commander in Su Qianliu's adventurer team. Upon distributing these sets, the team's overall combat power instantly increased by a significant margin.

Outside the Primordial Demon Court, due to the sky outside darkening, the inside of the cavern also grew darker and colder.

Unlike before, there were over a thousand expert players currently gathered in the cavern, and even the weakest among them was a first-rate expert. The number of Refinement Realm experts had also increased to over a hundred. Such a team was a force to be wary of no matter which part of God's Domain the team was put in.

"I can't believe the mighty One-eyed Ghost actually got toyed by a nameless junior. If the Guild Leader learns of this, he'll probably laugh for half a year," a wild-looking man carrying a large saber on his back said, laughing as he looked at One-eyed Ghost.

Yet, despite this wild-looking man's ridicule, One-eyed Ghost had surprisingly chosen to remain silent. He did not do anything else besides glare at the other party to express his dissatisfaction.

Seeing One-eyed Ghost's abnormal behavior, the other members of Nature Hall also chose to remain silent, none of them daring to speak up for him.

There was only one person in the Guild who dared to speak with One-eyed Ghost in such a way was none other than Stalwart Bear, Nature Hall's strongest Tier 5 player. In addition, Stalwart Bear was the second strongest expert in the Guild after Nature Manifestation, Nature Hall's Guild Leader and the Guild's only Tier 6 God-ranked expert. Moreover, he was also Tyrant Blade of the Five Blades, an equivalent ranking list to the Eight Sword Meisters.

"Since everyone is here already, should we discuss our subsequent plans, Stalwart Bear?" a woman with short hair and crimson eyes from Hundred Flower Palace suddenly spoke up. However, her tone indicated that she had no intentions of discussing anything whatsoever despite her words.

Meanwhile, as soon as this short-haired woman finished speaking, the silence in the cavern grew even heavier, and many people couldn't help but lower their heads to reduce their presence.

"Don't tell me they're going to start a fight?"

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When Rain Song saw Stalwart Bear's expression suddenly growing cold, she turned to Cleansed Rue, hoping that she could try to dissuade the short-haired woman from aggravating the already tense situation.

Of those present, the only ones qualified to participate in a fight between Stalwart Bear and the short-haired woman were Cleansed Rue and One-eyed Ghost. So, apart from them, nobody else had the qualifications to speak.

"Don't look at me. There's nothing I can do about Crimson Heart," Cleansed Rue said in a helpless tone.

Crimson Heart!

Hundred Flower Palace's First Vice Guild Leader!

Whether in terms of combat standards or individual combat power, Crimson Heart was second only to Hundred Flower Palace's Guild Leader. She was an existence that rivaled Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Even after entering the Miniature Ancient World, Cleansed Rue still didn't think she could match Crimson Heart.

"I can't believe you'd actually come to the Miniature Ancient World, you crazy woman. It seems Hundred Flower Palace is betting everything on this place," Stalwart Bear casually said. He remained unfazed even in the face of Crimson Heart's oppressive aura.

"Aren't you the same, you barbarian?" Crimson Heart calmly responded. "Well? Do you plan on going in, or stand guard outside?"

"Go in?" Stalwart Bear rolled his eyes at Crimson Heart. Then, he sneered and said, "Do you think Nature Hall runs a charity? Since these bastards dare mess with Nature Hall, they naturally have to pay the price. Isn't it just a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court? We can clear it any time we want."

After hearing Stalwart Bear's words, Crimson Heart took a look at the time. It was nearing ten hours since Shi Feng's team had entered the Primordial Demon Court. After so much time had passed, even if Shi Feng's team was still alive inside, their Stamina and Concentration should be close to depletion, so it wouldn't be long before they exited the Dungeon. Realizing this, Crimson Heart looked at Stalwart Bear and stated, "Two hours! Hundred Flower Palace will only wait for two hours! After two hours, you must enter the Dungeon with us!"

Hearing Crimson Heart's condition, Stalwart Bear cooperatively nodded and said, "So be it. I refuse to believe they can last for that much longer."

Meanwhile, after Stalwart Bear and Crimson Heart ended their "discussion," everyone couldn't help but sigh in relief. One-eyed Ghost and Cleansed Rue were especially relieved. After all, they knew just how important the Primordial Demon Court meant for their two Guilds. They couldn't afford to be careless with it at all. If they wasted too much time waiting for Su Qianliu's team to come out, there was a high risk of the various superpowers finding out and coming to contest it. If that happened, their chances of acquiring the Primordial Demon Court would reduce significantly.

Meanwhile, inside the Primordial Demon Court…

"Guild Leader, the Boss has appeared!"

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A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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