Chapter 70 - Mana Bodies Galore
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"How can they release such strong Mana?"

"This Mana! What are the ranks of their Mana Bodies?"

Shock filled the hearts of Firecloud and the others as they looked at Blackie's group of 63. At the same time, they couldn't help but grow curious and confused.

Everyone present was a veteran expert in God's Domain, so they knew that Mana radiating from a player's body could only come from two sources.

The first source was weapons and equipment that housed powerful Mana.

The second source was the Mana contained within the player's Mana Body.

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Typically, weapons and equipment that carried powerful Mana were Fragmented Legendary items at the very least, and few were Epic items. The Miniature Ancient World had only opened recently, so Fragmented Legendary items couldn't possibly appear among players yet. As for Epic Weapons and Equipment that carried powerful Mana, every article was incredibly rare. Even first-rate Guilds wouldn't have more than a handful of such Epic items.

Hence, there was only one explanation for the powerful Mana that Blackie and the others radiated.

The Mana Body!

Only by having powerful Mana Bodies could Blackie and the others manipulate and radiate such powerful Mana. The Mana they currently radiated was so strong that it had elevated the Mana density in the courtyard by a small margin.

At this time, Su Qianliu's eyes suddenly flashed purple as she scanned Blackie and the others. Immediately afterward, a look of shock appeared on her face.

"What's their situation, Big Sis Qianliu?" Happy Snow asked curiously when she noticed Su Qianliu using her special Identification Skill.

Su Qianliu didn't try to hide the information she just discovered as she said, "Fourteen Gold Mana Bodies and forty-nine Peak Silver Mana Bodies."

"Fourteen Gold Mana Bodies and forty-nine Peak Silver Mana Bodies?" Happy Snow's eyes widened in disbelief as she turned to look at Blackie and the others. "Uncle Firecloud, didn't you say that they were people Shadow dismissed?"

Mana Bodies served as the foundation of players in God's Domain. The stronger a player's Mana Body, the sturdier their foundation and the greater their future growth potential.

So long as an expert possessed an Advanced Silver Mana Body, even if they weren't a genius, first-rate Guilds would still cultivate them as if they were geniuses. The reason for this was simple. So long as said expert's combat standard reached the Trial Tower's seventh-floor middle-stage, it was almost certain that they could reach Tier 4 if they had sufficient resources.

As for the Peak Silver Mana Body, which was also the Mana Body Su Qianliu had reconstructed through the Colosseum, it granted players the foundation to reach Tier 5. Even in the various superpowers, an ordinary expert with a Peak Silver Mana Body would receive priority training on par with top-tier geniuses.

As for the Gold Mana Body, that was something unattainable by the average expert. At least, that should've been the case. After all, even among the various superpowers, less than one-third of their peak experts possessed a Gold Mana Body.

Normally, even the various superpowers dared not dismiss a group of experts with such powerful Mana Bodies, let alone a second-rate Guild. Yet, Shadow had done exactly that…

At this time, Firecloud had no idea how to answer Happy Snow's question. After all, he, too, failed to process the current situation. For a moment, he even suspected whether Shi Feng and the others were the same people he knew.

According to his understanding, Shadow didn't even have the ability to muster such a force, much less have the leeway to dismiss it.

While Firecloud and the others were still feeling shocked and confused, Shi Feng raised his hand and signaled for Blackie and the others to retract their Mana. Then, he turned to Su Qianliu and said, "Qianliu, I believe Blackie has already told you the details of the situation, so I won't repeat them. All I want to know is whether you are willing to join us right now?"

"This…" Su Qianliu grew hesitant when she heard Shi Feng's straightforward question.

Meanwhile, seeing Su Qianliu's hesitance, Blackie advised, "Don't hesitate, Qianliu. Nothing can go wrong with following Brother Feng. Isn't it just a bunch of Credits? So long as we have strength, would we need to worry about earning Credits?"

Firecloud, who had strongly advocated for Su Qianliu to give up on Shi Feng's group previously, had surprisingly chosen to remain silent right now. He simply stood aside and waited for Su Qianliu's answer.

Firecloud wasn't the only one who took such a stance. At this time, the other members of Su Qianliu's adventurer team had also turned to look at their commander with expectant gazes.

They might have written off Shi Feng's Guild previously, but after seeing Blackie and the others, they'd be blind, deaf, and retarded if they couldn't see Zero Wing's potential.

It should be known that Blackie and the others were all first-rate experts. With the current Mana Bodies they possessed, at least 90% of them would reach Tier 4 in the future.

In other words, Zero Wing would have at least 50 Tier 4 experts under its command!

Only pseudo-first-rate Guilds and above could possibly field such a force.

In comparison, the Guild they were creating could, at best, reach the third-rate standard after two or three months of development, and that was under the condition that they had ample financial support. Meanwhile, unless Su Qianliu or Happy Snow could reach Tier 5, their Guild would, at most, develop into a top-tier second-rate Guild in the future.

"Don't look at me like that. I know what you guys are trying to say," Su Qianliu said, a bitter smile on her face as she shook her head. Then, she looked at Shi Feng and continued, "Guild Leader, I can agree to join Zero Wing with my team, but if I do so, I'm afraid we'll lose the chance to enter the Primordial Demon Court that we found…"

"Primordial Demon Court? There's an Primordial Demon Court here?" Shi Feng's eyes lit up with excitement when he heard Su Qianliu's words. However, he quickly suppressed his restless heart as he asked, "Can you elaborate on the situation, Qianliu?"

At this moment, apart from Shi Feng, Blackie and the others also grew excited when they heard the mention of an Primordial Demon Court.

An Primordial Demon Court!

That was something that had set off many wars in God's Domain in the past.

As the name "Primordial Demon" implied, Primordial Demons were Demon Gods that had existed since the birth of God's Domain. They were Primordial Demon Gods, so to say. Meanwhile, the strength of these Primordial Demon Gods varied significantly, with the stronger ones rivaling Gods and the weaker ones rivaling Inferior Dragons. A portion of God's Domain's Archaic Species were also the descendants of these Primordial Demon Gods.

During ancient times, Demon Gods were one of the pinnacle races in God's Domain. They possessed their own civilization, and Primordial Demon Courts were towns and cities in which these Demon Gods resided. Needless to say, the treasures and Legacies available in these Primordial Demon Gods were incredibly abundant.

However, the Primordial Demon Courts weren't just simple treasure troves. As someone who had experienced the Greater God's Domain, Shi Feng knew much more about the Primordial Demon Courts than Blackie and the others.

On the surface, the Primordial Demon Courts might seem like the residence of Demon Gods, but they were far more complicated than that. The existence of the Primordial Demon Courts involved core secrets of God's Domain, and one example of these secrets was the demise of the Primordial Demon Gods!

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