Chapter 70 - Mana Bodies Galore
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"How can they release such strong Mana?"

"This Mana! What are the ranks of their Mana Bodies?"

Shock filled the hearts of Firecloud and the others as they looked at Blackie's group of 63. At the same time, they couldn't help but grow curious and confused.

Everyone present was a veteran expert in God's Domain, so they knew that Mana radiating from a player's body could only come from two sources.

The first source was weapons and equipment that housed powerful Mana.

The second source was the Mana contained within the player's Mana Body.

Typically, weapons and equipment that carried powerful Mana were Fragmented Legendary items at the very least, and few were Epic items. The Miniature Ancient World had only opened recently, so Fragmented Legendary items couldn't possibly appear among players yet. As for Epic Weapons and Equipment that carried powerful Mana, every article was incredibly rare. Even first-rate Guilds wouldn't have more than a handful of such Epic items.

Hence, there was only one explanation for the powerful Mana that Blackie and the others radiated.

The Mana Body!

Only by having powerful Mana Bodies could Blackie and the others manipulate and radiate such powerful Mana. The Mana they currently radiated was so strong that it had elevated the Mana density in the courtyard by a small margin.

At this time, Su Qianliu's eyes suddenly flashed purple as she scanned Blackie and the others. Immediately afterward, a look of shock appeared on her face.

"What's their situation, Big Sis Qianliu?" Happy Snow asked curiously when she noticed Su Qianliu using her special Identification Skill.

Su Qianliu didn't try to hide the information she just discovered as she said, "Fourteen Gold Mana Bodies and forty-nine Peak Silver Mana Bodies."

"Fourteen Gold Mana Bodies and forty-nine Peak Silver Mana Bodies?" Happy Snow's eyes widened in disbelief as she turned to look at Blackie and the others. "Uncle Firecloud, didn't you say that they were people Shadow dismissed?"

Mana Bodies served as the foundation of players in God's D

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