Chapter 69 - Monstrous Mana
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Miniature Ancient World, Rock Devil City:

As a city situated deep in the mountains, Rock Devil City sat at the top of a mountain, overlooking the surrounding mountains while surrounded by a thin layer of mist.

Due to the magnificent scenery here, Rock Devil City became crowded with players only a few days after the Miniature Ancient World's opening. Now, the city's player population had already exceeded 10 million, and it could be considered above average among the nearly 1,000 cities in the entire Miniature Ancient World.

Apart from the magnificent scenery, Rock Devil City also had something other NPC Cities did not.

The Thousand Stars Tower!

The Thousand Stars Tower was an ancient construction that measured several thousand meters in height. It was also because of this tower's presence that many powers had chosen to establish their base here.

The Thousand Stars Tower was essentially a super-sized hotel. So long as one could afford the rent, one could rent a residence inside the tower that could accommodate a large number of players. These residences were rentable Guild Residences in a sense.

Meanwhile, in the middle zone of the Thousand Stars Tower, several hundred players clad in Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment had gathered in a residence the size of a Large Shop. These players were of varying ages, with the youngest being only 20 years old while the oldest was already in their fifties. All of these players carried a decisive air around them, and one could tell that these people were veterans of combat at a glance. They were undoubtedly experts who had experienced numerous life or death trials. They were completely different from the sheltered talents nurtured by the various large Guilds.

"Is there even a need to talk with them, Commander?" a bald, middle-aged Guardian Knight asked as he looked at the elegant and lovely woman before him. The Level 102 Guardian Knight looked like he was in his mid-forties, and he wore dark-gray heavy armor while carrying a spear and a shield on his back.

"Of course," the woman wear

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