Chapter 68 - Shi Feng's Means
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Due to the rarity of Mana Domain Legacies in God's Domain, even geniuses nurtured by the various superpowers had difficulty getting their hands on one.

After Blackie and the others received the Memory Crystals from Shi Feng, every one of them eagerly rented an advanced training room in the Adventurer's Association to inherit the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. Then, in less than an hour, everyone had successfully digested all of the information contained in the Memory Crystals.

"What's the rank of this Mana Technique of yours, Guild Leader? It feels so powerful. I never thought you could use Mana in such a way. I can't believe this Mana Technique uses multiple magic arrays to channel the various individual elements and utilize them simultaneously," Blackie said, an ecstatic expression on his face after he processed the information he just inherited.

Although Holy Annihilation was a sword technique, the method in which the technique made use of Mana was simply astounding. It was completely different from how he made use of Mana normally. Even if he wasn't a Swordsman player, he still benefited significantly from the technique.

"How is it? Are you confident in improving your Mana Body now?" Shi Feng asked, chuckling when he saw Blackie's excited look.

Nobody had a better idea than he did regarding the might of the Holy Annihilation Technique. After all, it was the ultimate technique of the Heavenly Blue Saint.

It should be known that the title of Saint was granted only to people who had reached the extremities of a particular field. Even among Tier 6 Gods, one would rarely find anyone capable of achieving such a feat. When competing in their respective fields of expertise, Saints were stronger than even Gods.

"Advanced Silver. With my current grasp over Mana and combat standard, I should have no problem securing an Advanced Silver Mana Body," Blackie said excitedly.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Blackie's answer, everyone else present also started wearing hopeful and expectant looks on their faces.

In the past, acquiring a Silver Mana Body was nothing more than a dream for them. Even the strongest among them had only managed to acquire an Advanced Bronze Mana Body.

Meanwhile, it should be known that most Tier 4 experts only possessed Basic Silver Mana Bodies. There were even some Tier 5 experts with Silver Mana Bodies only.

If they could secure themselves an Advanced Silver Mana Body now, reaching Tier 4 would no longer be a dream.

"Advanced Silver?" Shi Feng shook his head when he heard Blackie's answer. "It's still a little low. If you want to accomplish anything big in the future, you'll need to have a Gold Mana Body at the very least."

"Gold?" Blackie was rendered speechless momentarily when he heard Shi Feng's words. "How can that be possible? Setting aside our control over Mana, our combat standards don't even meet the mark…"

When he was still working in Shadow's middle management, he had researched the Miniature Ancient World's Colosseum. While it was true that the Miniature Ancient World granted everyone a chance to reconstruct their Mana Body, it wasn't easy to secure this opportunity. If players wanted to acquire a Gold Mana Body, they'd have to take on the Colosseum's Gold Challenge. Meanwhile, the Gold Challenge placed a high requirement on players' combat standards.

At the very least, one needed to be a Half-step Refinement Realm expert geared in top-tier equipment to pass the Gold Challenge.

Currently, he was merely at the Trial Tower's seventh-floor middle-stage standard. He was still a little ways off from reaching the Half-step Refinement Realm standard. He was also geared in beginner's equipment only. In his current state, the best he could do was complete the Silver Challenge.

Meanwhile, everyone else also nodded in agreement with Blackie's words.

They would naturally try to obtain a Gold Mana Body if they could. Unfortunately, God's Domain was a cruel place. Oftentimes, even if a treasure was placed right before one's eyes, one wouldn't be able to acquire it if one lacked strength.

"The Colosseum might not allow others to take on the challenge on the challenger's behalf, but it doesn't prohibit others from providing guidance from the side. I'll be instructing you all afterward. Although I can't guarantee that every one of you will make it, I can at least give you the possibility of passing," Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw everyone's lack of confidence.

"Give us the possibility of passing?"

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Blackie couldn't help but think that Shi Feng was joking with them when he heard Shi Feng's words. He also couldn't help but grow a little confused by Shi Feng's recent behavior. It felt like Shi Feng had become an entirely different person. It was especially true when he learned that Wu Xiaoxiao and Qi Lianshan had attended Shi Feng's class. It should be known that Wu Xiaoxiao was a bona fide Refinement Realm expert, while Qi Lianshan was a former Flowing Water Realm expert.

However, even if Shi Feng possessed incredible teaching abilities, it was still too far-fetched to say that his pointers could help them pass the Gold Challenge.

It should be known that combat at the Tier 3 standard happened at very fast speeds. Life and death could be decided within an instant. Although having someone stronger providing guidance from the side would indeed help a little, the amount of help one could receive through this method was limited.

"Let's just go and give it a try first," Shi Feng said, not bothering to explain himself any further. "Even if we fail, we'll only lose a few Coins."

An ordinary expert's guidance might achieve limited results, but a Domain Realm expert's pointers were a different story. A Domain Realm expert possessed inhuman control over their surroundings, so it was entirely possible for them to guide others as if they were manipulating their own weapons. Although the effectiveness would be reduced significantly, a Domain Realm expert manipulating someone could achieve combat standards surpassing the Half-step Refinement Realm standard.

Not to mention, Blackie and the others were already close to reaching the Half-step Refinement Realm standard. This would make it even easier to manipulate them. While Shi Feng couldn't help them complete the Epic Challenge, completing the Gold Challenge wasn't out of the question.

Blackie and the others might have their combat standards stuck on the Trial Tower's seventh-floor standard, they possessed a wealth of combat experience. Their knowledge over terrain utilization, combat tactics, Skill and Spell usage, and Mana control were comparable to that of younger Refinement Realm experts.

Hence, Shi Feng decided to give helping them a try.

Meanwhile, everyone felt that Shi Feng's words made sense, so they quickly followed Shi Feng to the Colosseum.

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