Chapter 68 - Shi Feng's Means
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Due to the rarity of Mana Domain Legacies in God's Domain, even geniuses nurtured by the various superpowers had difficulty getting their hands on one.

After Blackie and the others received the Memory Crystals from Shi Feng, every one of them eagerly rented an advanced training room in the Adventurer's Association to inherit the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. Then, in less than an hour, everyone had successfully digested all of the information contained in the Memory Crystals.

"What's the rank of this Mana Technique of yours, Guild Leader? It feels so powerful. I never thought you could use Mana in such a way. I can't believe this Mana Technique uses multiple magic arrays to channel the various individual elements and utilize them simultaneously," Blackie said, an ecstatic expression on his face after he processed the information he just inherited.

Although Holy Annihilation was a sword technique, the method in which the technique made use of Mana was simply astounding. It was completely different from how he made use of Mana normally. Even if he wasn't a Swordsman player, he still benefited significantly from the technique.

"How is it? Are you confident in improving your Mana Body now?" Shi Feng asked, chuckling when he saw Blackie's excited look.

Nobody had a better idea than he did regarding the might of the Holy Annihilation Technique. After all, it was the ultimate technique of the Heavenly Blue Saint.

It should be known that the title of Saint was granted only to people who had reached the extremities of a particular field. Even among Tier 6 Gods, one would rarely find anyone capable of achieving such a feat. When competing in their respective fields of expertise, Saints were stronger than even Gods.

"Advanced Silver. With my current grasp over Mana and combat standard, I should have no problem securing an Advanced Silver Mana Body," Blackie said excitedly.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Blackie's answer, everyone else present also started wearing hopeful and expectant looks on their faces.

In the past, acquiring a Silver Mana Body was nothing more than a dream for them. Even the strongest among them had only managed to acquire an Advanced Bronze Mana Body.

Meanwhile, it should be known that most Tier 4 experts only possessed Basic Silver Mana Bodies. There were even some Tier 5 experts with Silver Mana Bodies only.

If they could secure themselves an Advanced Silver Mana Body now, reaching Tier 4 would no longer be a dream.

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