Chapter 67 - Zero Wing's Benefits
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Miniature Ancient World, Hundred Flow City:

Roughly 30 to 50 thousand new players appeared in the city's magnificent and ancient plaza every day. The huge influx of players quickly turned the city that used to be dominated by NPCs into a city dominated by players.

"So, this is the Miniature Ancient World?"

"The Mana here is so dense!"

"So this is why the various powers are desperately trying to get in on the action."

Among the hundreds of players that had just appeared in the plaza, a few dozen players wearing beginner's gear looked around with hopeful and curious looks on their faces. Unlike most of the players around them, these several dozen players looked to be in their thirties on average. Some of them even looked like they were 35 years old or older. These players could be regarded as older generation players in the current God's Domain.

"Blackie, does the Guild Leader plan on developing in this place?"

"This isn't a bad place. The player traffic here is comparable to royal capitals. It'll be much easier for us to recruit players in the future.'

"But we came here a few days later than everyone else. We don't even have any good equipment right now, either. I'm afraid we'll have to work overtime if we want to catch up. Does the Guild Leader have any arrangements in mind, Blackie?"

The group of veteran players asked questions one after another as they looked at the slightly chubby man standing at the head of their group, their faces filled with expectations.

"Since Brother Feng asked us to come here, he should be planning on using this place as a base," Blackie said, smiling when he saw everyone's enthusiasm. "Although Brother Feng says that he has already established his Guild, I still don't know what the exact situation surrounding it is. We should apply to join the Guild first and see what arrangements Brother Feng has for us."

Everyone nodded and followed Blackie to the Adventurer's Association. Then, they applied to join Zero Wing.


Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who was planning the Guild's management system and point system in the Adventurer Association's temporary Guild lounge, couldn't help but smile when he saw Blackie entering the lounge. "Aren't you moving a little too fast? I just finished setting the Guild regulations, yet you've brought everyone here already. Anyway, come and take a look at the regulations I've set."

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