Chapter 66 - One Reason
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"You formed a Guild, Brother Feng?" Blackie was momentarily stunned when he heard Shi Feng's words. Then, immediately afterward, he revealed an excited look as he said, "That's great! We'll join! We'll definitely join you! Our initial plan was to contact you about joining the Guild Qianliu is forming, anyway! With this, we can start something big in the Miniature Ancient World!"

"Su Qianliu is also forming a Guild?"

Old memories started surfacing in Shi Feng's mind when he heard this name.

Ice Queen Su Qianliu. She was one of Shadow's Five Demon Generals, and she was also one of the Guild's few rare beauties. Lan Hailong's cousin brother had fervently tried to pursue Su Qianliu initially, and Lan Hailong had also put a lot of pressure onto her to coerce her into entering a relationship with his cousin. Eventually, Su Qianliu got fed up with the harassment, choosing to delete her account and leave Shadow. At the time, many of Shadow's outer members were Su Qianliu's fans. So, upon learning of her departure, these players also left Shadow and formed an adventurer team with Su Qianliu.

When Su Qianliu left, Shi Feng would often have Blackie secretly siphon some of Shadow's resources to help Su Qianliu's adventurer team. As a result, Su Qianliu's adventurer team quickly made a name for themselves in the Black Dragon Empire and received many recruitment offers from large Guilds. However, as far as Shi Feng recalled, Su Qianliu never agreed to merge her adventurer team with any Guild.

"Qianliu does have such intentions," Blackie answered. "Now that the Miniature Ancient World has just opened, she thinks it's a good opportunity to set up a new Guild. She has long since started preparing for this, and she has even found several investors. I heard the total investment capital she got is quite significant. Now, all that's left is to form a Guild in the Miniature Ancient World and decide which NPC City to develop in. When Qianliu learned that we had left Shadow, she contacted us and asked us about joining her. She even said t

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