Chapter 65 - Rising Again in the Miniature Ancient World
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 65 - Rising Again in the Miniature Ancient World

"Instructor Shi, may I know if you will allow people outside the Academy to attend your class?" Qi Lianshan sincerely asked as he looked at Shi Feng. "Of course, I will pay the 10,000 Academy Points as usual. I will also pay for the expenses of this super-large classroom."

"People outside the Academy?" Shi Feng was a little surprised by Qi Lianshan's words. "Is that allowed?"

"The Academy isn't against it. It is fine so long as the instructor agrees," Qi Lianshan explained. "I know this is a troublesome request for you, but I really can't think of anyone else who can help my niece, Instructor Shi."

Upon hearing Qi Lianshan's words, the students and instructors in the hallway fell silent.

"Am I dreaming? Instructor Qi is actually asking Instructor Shi to teach his niece?"

"What's wrong with Instructor Qi's niece?"

"You might not know it since you're a freshman, but Instructor Qi's niece is someone amazing. She used to be a genius Mythology specifically went out of its way to recruit, and she had already reached the Refinement Realm at the age of 16. However, for some reason, she stopped improving after entering Mythology. Eventually, Mythology kicked her out, and she is now attending Tianshu University's God's Domain Academy, the number one academy in our province. She still hasn't resolved this problem even until now."

"Seeing that Instructor Qi is asking Instructor Shi for help, does that mean Instructor Shi has a solution?"

"That's most likely the case. This is Instructor Qi we are talking about, after all. The fact that he made such a request shows that he acknowledges Instructor Shi's abilities."

The bystanders exchanged words with one another, and everyone couldn't help but look at Shi Feng with curious gazes. They wondered what abilities Shi Feng possessed to receive Qi Lianshan's acknowledgment. At the same time, they also came to understand that from today onward, their God's Domain Academy would probably be welcoming its fifth senior instructor. After all, apart from Qi Lianshan, Wu Xiaoxiao and two of the Academy's Four Heavenly Kings also acknowledged and revered Shi Feng greatly. This was more than enough to show how high Shi Feng's teaching standard was.

"Okay. You can bring her over the next time I have a class," Shi Feng said after thinking it over. Accepting Qi Lianshan's request wouldn't do him much harm, and he could also save on a significant expense.

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