Chapter 65 - Rising Again in the Miniature Ancient World
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 65 - Rising Again in the Miniature Ancient World

"Instructor Shi, may I know if you will allow people outside the Academy to attend your class?" Qi Lianshan sincerely asked as he looked at Shi Feng. "Of course, I will pay the 10,000 Academy Points as usual. I will also pay for the expenses of this super-large classroom."

"People outside the Academy?" Shi Feng was a little surprised by Qi Lianshan's words. "Is that allowed?"

"The Academy isn't against it. It is fine so long as the instructor agrees," Qi Lianshan explained. "I know this is a troublesome request for you, but I really can't think of anyone else who can help my niece, Instructor Shi."

Upon hearing Qi Lianshan's words, the students and instructors in the hallway fell silent.

"Am I dreaming? Instructor Qi is actually asking Instructor Shi to teach his niece?"

"What's wrong with Instructor Qi's niece?"

"You might not know it since you're a freshman, but Instructor Qi's niece is someone amazing. She used to be a genius Mythology specifically went out of its way to recruit, and she had already reached the Refinement Realm at the age of 16. However, for some reason, she stopped improving after entering Mythology. Eventually, Mythology kicked her out, and she is now attending Tianshu University's God's Domain Academy, the number one academy in our province. She still hasn't resolved this problem even until now."

"Seeing that Instructor Qi is asking Instructor Shi for help, does that mean Instructor Shi has a solution?"

"That's most likely the case. This is Instructor Qi we are talking about, after all. The fact that he made such a request shows that he acknowledges Instructor Shi's abilities."

The bystanders exchanged words with one another, and everyone couldn't help but look at Shi Feng with curious gazes. They wondered what abilities Shi Feng possessed to receive Qi Lianshan's acknowledgment. At the same time, they also came to understand that from today onward, their God's Domain Academy would probably be welcoming its fifth senior instructor. After all, apart from Qi Lianshan, Wu Xiaoxiao and two of the Academy's Four Heavenly Kings also acknowledged and revered Shi Feng greatly. This was more than enough to show how high Shi Feng's teaching standard was.

"Okay. You can bring her over the next time I have a class," Shi Feng said after thinking it over. Accepting Qi Lianshan's request wouldn't do him much harm, and he could also save on a significant expense.

"Thanks a lot, Instructor Shi."

Qi Lianshan was overjoyed when he heard Shi Feng's answer. Immediately, he bid goodbye to Shi Feng and ran to contact his niece to have her hurry over to Jin Hai City.

Subsequently, when Shi Feng arrived downstairs and was about to exit the Teaching Block, Luo Tiancheng suddenly appeared in his way with a gloomy and manic look on his face.

"You've really hidden yourself well, Shi Feng. I didn't expect you to have this kind of ability. It seems President Lan and I have underestimated you," Luo Tiancheng said, sneering as he glared at Shi Feng. "First it was Wu Lingling, then it was Chen Ciyou. Now, even Wu Xiaoxiao and Qi Lianshan are treating you with respect. You really are basking in glory right now. Unfortunately, what use is there for you to have glory alone?

"President Lan originally only planned to put some pressure on you. However, President Lan is very angry now that you've made Shadow lose face. I heard that Blackie and the others were involved in getting you into Jin Hai University?"

"What are you trying to say?" Shi Feng suddenly had a bad premonition.

"Nothing. You are now a celebrity at Jin Hai University. What can Shadow possibly do to you?" Luo Tiancheng said, smiling. "The most we can do is take away Blackie and the others' accounts and drive them out of Shadow. After all, a small place like Shadow can't afford to accommodate bigshots like you."

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Shadow was indeed incapable of doing anything to Shi Feng right now. However, it was different for Blackie and Shi Feng's other close friends.

"How ruthless of Lan Hailong. Blackie and the others have not done anything to betray Shadow," Shi Feng said, his expression turning cold when he thought about his brother-in-arms. Unlike him, Blackie and the others didn't have much money saved up. While it was true that they earned much higher wages than the average white-collar worker, they had also invested a lot of money into God's Domain. Thus, they didn't get to save a lot of money throughout these years.

Blackie and the others were no longer young. If they suddenly lost their income source and the accounts they've operated for all these years, even making a living would become a problem for them in the future…

"Who told them to be involved with you?" Luo Tiancheng laughed. "If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for behaving arrogantly! President Lan wouldn't have gotten so angry if you hadn't behaved excessively in the Academy and made Shadow into a laughingstock!"

"Good! Very good!" Shi Feng also laughed. Then, he narrowed his eyes and said, "I didn't plan to deal with you people if you didn't provoke me, but since Lan Hailong wants to play, tell this to him for me: Since I can bring up Shadow to its current state, I can naturally make it disappear from God's Domain as well!"

"Good! I'll be sure to relay these words!"

After saying so, Luo Tiancheng let out a contemptuous laugh and walked away.

The current Shadow was no longer the same as before. The Guild now had World Dominators backing it. Let alone Wu Xiaoxiao and Qi Lianshan, even the Soulfire adventurer team couldn't make Shadow disappear from God's Domain.

Meanwhile, after Luo Tiancheng left, Shi Feng promptly gave Blackie a call.

"Brother Feng? What's with the sudden call?" the slightly chubby Blackie asked in surprise.

"I heard about your matter already." With an apologetic look on his face, Shi Feng said, "It's all my fault that you guys…"

"What are you talking about, Brother Feng?! How can this be your fault?! Lan Hailong would've found some other reason to get rid of us old people even without your matter. Moreover, we have long since felt dissatisfied with that ungrateful bastard. He has no ability whatsoever, yet he wants to blindly issue commands every day! We can't be happier now that we've left Shadow!" Blackie said nonchalantly. "Also, so what if we've left Shadow? With our abilities, what Guild wouldn't want to recruit us?"

However, despite Blackie's words, Shi Feng knew that it wouldn't be easy for Blackie and the others to join a good Guild. It was especially true now that they were in their thirties.

While it was true that there were no age restrictions for players to develop their combat standards in God's Domain, the brain activity of players would deteriorate once they entered their thirties. It would become much more difficult for such players to reach higher combat standards in God's Domain.

Hence, the various powers in God's Domain would rather recruit youngsters whose combat standards were only at the Trial Tower's fifth floor than recruit older experts at the sixth or seventh floor standards. It was especially true if these older experts used to belong to other Guilds. There was no saying whether these experts might be secretly working as spies.

"It just so happens that I have something I want to tell you guys. I recently formed a Guild, so I'm wondering if you are interested in joining?"

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TL Notes:
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