Chapter 64 - Above the Apex
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"This is…a Great Mage?"

Liang Feng and Chen Ziyou couldn't believe their eyes when they looked at the arrows embedded in the ground around Wu Xiaoxiao's character.

Magical classes were known for being made out of paper in God's Domain. Moreover, they were also the weakest in Strength and Agility. This was because most, if not all, magical class players would invest the Free Attribute Points they received from leveling up into Intelligence. Thus, compared to classes that prioritized Strength and Agility, magical classes were vastly inferior in reaction speed and melee confrontations.

Yet, when Shi Feng controlled Wu Xiaoxiao's character, rather than a Great Mage, the character performed as if it were a war god instead.

How is this possible?!

Wu Xiaoxiao was also dumbfounded when she saw the arrows scattered around her character.

Compared to Liang Feng and the other spectators, Wu Xiaoxiao had experienced first-hand the impact transmitted through the staff when Shi Feng deflected those arrows. Thus, she could tell that under Shi Feng's manipulation, the intensity of the impact was much lower than when she was the one manipulating the staff.

However, compared to the significantly dampened impact force, what surprised her the most was the speed at which Shi Feng swung the staff.

As a Great Mage, Wu Xiaoxiao could confidently say that she was the most knowledgeable out of everyone in the classroom regarding the limitations of a Great Mage. Meanwhile, based on her understanding, she knew that it should be physically impossible for a Great Mage to swing their staff fast enough to block even 15 arrows, let alone 30 arrows.

However, after replaying Shi Feng's actions in her mind one more time, Wu Xiaoxiao suddenly came to a realization as she asked, "Is it Strength as One?"

"It's good that you understand," Shi Feng said, nodding after removing the auxiliary guidance helmet from his head.

Previously, when Wu Xiaoxiao was dodging the arrows, she had indeed exerted perfect control over her body, using minimal movements to dodg

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