Chapter 63 - True Flowing Water Realm!
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 63 - True Flowing Water Realm!

"Reach the Flowing Water Realm?" Wu Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes in disbelief. However, when she looked at Shi Feng's expression, it didn't seem like the other party was joking with her. Then, revealing a bitter smile, she said, "That is indeed a good solution, but reaching the Flowing Water Realm is easier said than done, Instructor Shi. I might have reached the Refinement Realm for some time already, but I have yet to reach the Flowing Water Realm's threshold."

Wu Xiaoxiao naturally yearned to reach the Flowing Water Realm. After all, Refinement Realm experts were merely considered entry-level experts in the various superpowers. Only after reaching the Flowing Water Realm would an expert be regarded as a mainstay by the various superpowers and granted important tasks to handle. This was because Flowing Water Realm experts could single-handedly influence the outcome of a battle involving thousands of ordinary experts.

However, reaching the Flowing Water Realm wasn't an easy feat.

The Flowing Water Realm's principles could be regarded as an upgraded form of the Refinement Realm's principles. To reach the Flowing Water Realm, a player would need to extend the range of their control past their body and onto their opponents. Essentially, one would have to predict the opponent's movements and respond using the most efficient method, and the whole process had to be completed in one go. It could be considered an extreme way of utilizing the Refinement Realm's principles.

This was why the various superpowers believed that the Flowing Water Realm was a realm of painstaking effort. So long as a Refinement Realm expert invested enough time and effort into training, they would be able to reach the Flowing Water Realm without fail.

Meanwhile, according to the evaluation Wu Xiaoxiao received from Blue Gown, the head instructor of Crimson Emperor's special training, she would need to train hard for at least half a year before she could reach the Flowing Water Realm. It might even take her up to a year depending on the circumstances

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