Chapter 62 - Flowing Water Realm
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"Log into your ID," Shi Feng said to Wu Xiaoxiao as he pointed at the virtual gaming cabins situated beside the podium.

Due to God's Domain's global popularity and increasing relevance in the real world, entertainment and training centers weren't the only ones with virtual combat rooms nowadays. Even the various God's Domain Academies would have virtual training facilities.

Meanwhile, the super-large classroom came equipped with over a hundred holographic imaging equipment that could perfectly replicate a person's God's Domain character in the classroom. Moreover, users could operate their characters as if they were moving their real bodies; there wouldn't be any delay in control whatsoever. With this equipment, instructors could provide more in-depth guidance to students even without entering God's Domain.

After hearing Shi Feng's words, Wu Xiaoxiao got into a virtual gaming cabin without hesitation. Then, a moment later, a silver-haired woman holding a crystal staff and wearing a golden robe appeared on the podium that measured over a dozen meters in radius.

"That's the Crimson Meteor! I can't believe Dazzle Wave actually gave her one of their most prized weapons!" Liang Feng exclaimed, feelings of shock and envy appearing in his eyes when he saw the crystal staff in Wu Xiaoxiao's hand.

The crystal staff was named Crimson Meteor, and it ranked 99th in the God's Domain Epic Weapon List!

One shouldn't underestimate the Epic Staff simply because it was ranked 99th. The God's Domain Epic Weapon List was a list the Secret Pavilion created, and it featured only 100 of the best Epic Weapons that existed in the current God's Domain. Every Epic Weapon on the list was a supreme weapon capable of rivaling Fragmented Legendary Weapons, and players could use them up to Level 150 without having to change weapons.

"Her robe is not much inferior to the Crimson Meteor, either," Chen Ziyou said, her eyes similarly filled with jealousy when she looked at Wu Xiaoxiao. "The Starlight eight-piece set. This is the Epic Set Equipment that Skyfrost relied on to become a Famed Smith. I heard that only three sets were made. Back when it was first created, one Starlight Set could go for a plot of golden Land in any of the five Holy Cities."

"It sure is great to have a major power's backing. She's practically unstoppable in the Miniature Ancient World with such equipment. I think she can even fight against the Mythic monsters in the Miniature Ancient World," Liang Feng said with a bitter smile.

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