Chapter 61 - Academy's Apex
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Third Teaching Block, top-floor super-large classroom:

Including Shi Feng, a total of 35 people occupied the spacious classroom that could sit 400 people. Yet, despite less than 10% of the classroom being filled, the classroom's occupancy had caused an uproar throughout the campus.

This was because, in just one class, Shi Feng had earned a whopping 220,000 Academy Points. Even after deducting the 30,000-point fee to use the classroom, he would still make a net profit of 190,000 points. With this many points, Shi Feng had become the undisputed number one on the instructor points list.

However, contrasting the noisy campus, the inside of the super-large classroom was filled with silence. Everyone kept their mouths shut as they focused their attention on Shi Feng. It was especially true for Qin Wuchen and the other students apprenticed under Shi Feng. Every one of them wore excited looks on their faces, and they thoroughly pushed their five senses to their limits for fear of missing out on even one of Shi Feng's words.

"Are freshmen nowadays so rich?"

Liang Feng, who sat in the last row of the classroom, couldn't help but be surprised when he looked at Qin Wuchen and the others.

Liang Feng was aware that Shi Feng possessed some ability. Otherwise, Chen Ziyou couldn't have reached the Refinement Realm under Shi Feng's tutelage. This was also why Liang Feng had taken the initiative to attend Shi Feng's class.

However, Shi Feng's class was anything but cheap. Even if Qin Wuchen and the others were Shi Feng's apprentices, they still needed to pay 6,000 points to attend a class. This was an amount even Liang Feng didn't possess when he was in his freshman year. Yet, all 30 of Shi Feng's students were in attendance right now…

"It's not that these freshmen are rich, but that Instructor Shi's class is really worth the price," Chen Ziyou said with a faint smile. "If I were a freshman, I'd even go as far as to pay 60,000 points just to attend one of Instructor Shi's classes, let alone 6,000 points."

"Keep on boasting," Liang Feng said a

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