Chapter 60 - Uproar
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As soon as Wu Xiaoxiao finished speaking, Luo Tiancheng, who was about to laugh at Shi Feng's predicament, was promptly dumbfounded.

Luo Tiancheng could understand Instructor Qi and Liang Feng holding an interest in Shi Feng's class. After all, they had Chen Ziyou fanning the flames from the side.

However, it made zero sense why someone as prideful as Wu Xiaoxiao would attend Shi Feng's class. At this moment, Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but think that Wu Xiaoxiao was playing a joke on him. Or was it this world that was joking with him?

In Luo Tiancheng's opinion, Shi Feng would already be fortunate if Wu Xiaoxiao didn't give him a beating. Yet, not only was Wu Xiaoxiao going out of her way to buy points to attend Shi Feng's lesson right now, but she was even buying points in the hundreds of thousands. Evidently, she didn't plan to stop at just one lecture…

This was Shi Feng they were talking about!

Even at his peak, Shi Feng was merely a Tier 3 expert who hadn't even reached the Refinement Realm. It was only due to the early advantage he had accumulated during the early stages of God's Domain that he managed to become Shadow's Guild Leader.

Although Luo Tiancheng was slightly inferior to Shi Feng when it came to individual strength, he was confident he surpassed Shi Feng when it came to teaching standards. So, what qualifications did Shi Feng have to attract the Academy's top-tier talents and a senior instructor to attend his class?

However, what Luo Tiancheng didn't know was that Wu Xiaoxiao was only behaving this way because of Hidden Soul. She naturally had to meet the person capable of recruiting the help of such a monster. If Shi Feng was indeed as amazing as her little sister described, she planned to recommend him to Crimson Emperor. After all, Crimson Emperor was in urgent need of experts right now.

"A couple hundred thousand? I don't have that many points on me right now," Instructor Qi said, shaking his head. Then, he turned to look at Chen Ziyou, who wore a delighted look on her face, and awkwardly said, "I did have a lot of points before, but I sold most of them to Ziyou already. I only have a little more than 60,000 points right now, but I still need to take a look at Instructor Shi's class, so I can only sell you 50,000 points."

Ever since Chen Ziyou had attended Shi Feng's first lecture, she had become a harvesting machine for Academy Points. She had even praised Shi Feng to the sky. If it wasn't for the fact that Chen Ziyou had indeed reached the Refinement Realm after attending Shi Feng's class, Instructor Qi wouldn't have believed her claims at all.

It should be known that Chen Ziyou had been stuck on the cusp of the Refinement Realm for a long time already. Even though her techniques were already on the level of Refinement Realm experts, she couldn't reach the Refinement Realm no matter what.

Yet, Shi Feng had resolved Chen Ziyou's problem after just one lesson. Even as an instructor, Instructor Qi couldn't help but find this unbelievable.

"Okay! I'll take all of them!" Wu Xiaoxiao transferred the Credits for the 50,000 points to Instructor Qi without hesitation, giving no time for Instructor Qi to even think or hesitate.

Meanwhile, Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but be dumbfounded by Wu Xiaoxiao's actions. Was Shi Feng's class really so magical that Wu Xiaoxiao saw the need to seek points so desperately?

"Thank you, Instructor Qi. We'll be taking our leave now," Wu Xiaoxiao said after seeing the 50,000 points being credited to her account. Then, she promptly left for Shi Feng's classroom with Wu Lingling.

Seeing this, Chen Ziyou also hurriedly urged, "Let's hurry over there as well, Instructor. Instructor Shi's class will be starting soon."

After looking at the time and seeing that Shi Feng's class was indeed starting soon, Instructor Qi quickly concluded his conversation with Luo Tiancheng and went upstairs with Chen Ziyou and Liang Feng.

This world must've gone crazy! It must have!

Luo Tiancheng was in complete and utter disbelief right now. Even though Shi Feng was no longer Shadow's Guild Leader… Even though Shi Feng had already been knocked down from his lofty position… Even though Shi Feng had already been reduced to nothing but a loser… For some inexplicable reason, Shi Feng was shining even brighter than when he was Shadow's Guild Leader…

It should be known that Wu Xiaoxiao and Instructor Qi were individuals that even Lan Hailong, the president of Lan Hua Group, was trying to befriend. Yet, now, these two people were taking the initiative to attend Shi Feng's class…

Meanwhile, shortly after Wu Xiaoxiao and Instructor Qi entered Shi Feng's classroom, waves quickly spread throughout the campus.

"What's going on?! Who is this Instructor Shi?! How did he get Wu Xiaoxiao and two of the Academy's Heavenly Kings to attend his class?!"

"Could this Instructor Shi be some bigshot that came from another city?"

"That's not right. I know that Instructor Shi. If I remember correctly, he should be Shadow's former Guild Leader. He only came to work as an instructor after Shadow dismissed him."

"Are you sure that's not a mistake? Even if Gu Yiren were to hold a class right now, Instructor Qi and Senior Wu Xiaoxiao wouldn't necessarily attend it. It is especially true for Senior Wu Xiaoxiao. She is currently being nurtured as a top-tier talent by Crimson Emperor. It wouldn't be long before she enters the A-League at this rate. Unless Instructor Shi has incredibly high combat standards, why would she attend his class?"

Many students were originally unfamiliar with Shi Feng's name. However, thanks to Wu Xiaoxiao and the others, Shi Feng had instantly become the center of attention of the entire Academy. After all, whether it was Wu Xiaoxiao or the Academy's Four Heavenly Kings, every one of them had a dazzling future ahead of them. The fact that these people chose to attend Shi Feng's class proved that he wasn't ordinary by any means.

For a time, some students started fervently looking into Shi Feng's history.

In the meantime, inside the faculty office near the teaching block…

"Yaoyue, this academy of yours really is interesting," Zhuo Yalin, wearing a short black dress, said as she lazily pointed at a document displaying Shi Feng's information. "To think that the famous Silver Witch in God's Domain would go out of her way to attend a junior instructor's lesson… Is this guy really just the former Guild Leader of Shadow?"

"That is the case on paper, at the very least," Lin Yaoyue said as she sorted through the documents on her desk. "However, judging by how he behaves, I find it hard to believe that he is a former Guild Leader dismissed by his Guild. He behaves more like a laid-back princeling instead."

"In that case, he shouldn't be as simple as he looks. He might even be hiding a lot of secrets. Otherwise, there is no reason why the Silver Witch would attend his class," Zhuo Yalin said, a hint of interest appearing in her eyes as she looked at Shi Feng's photo. "It really makes you wonder what was going through Lan Hailong's mind to actually exclude such an individual from his Guild."

Hearing Zhuo Yalin's words, Lin Yaoyue grew a little exasperated as she said, "Shi Feng might be extraordinary, but he is still far from being a match for Mr. Black Flame. Have you thought over my proposal yet?"

"I understand your point. Joining Zero Wing in a personal capacity is indeed a good idea for us. However, after thinking it through, I feel that it is best if you give your slot to Big Sis first," Zhuo Yalin said, her originally lazy expression suddenly becoming serious. "You and I both know what kind of talent and strength Big Sis possesses. She is, without a doubt, a monster-class expert. If not for her family holding her down, she would've long since become a bigshot in God's Domain. If she can join Zero Wing, it might help resolve her predicament. At that time, with Big Sis's talent, it shouldn't take long before she acquires an invitation slot. It wouldn't be late for me to join at that time."

"Big Sis, is it?" A hint of excitement appeared in Lin Yaoyue's eyes when she heard Zhuo Yalin's words. "You're right. That might be for the better if we can persuade Big Sis. I'll try to contact her within the next few days."

Lin Yaoyue had nothing but praise and admiration for the person she and Zhuo Yalin referred to as "Big Sis." If not for some problems their Big Sis faced with her family and Guild during the early years of God's Domain, she would've probably been standing at the top of God's Domain right now.

Moreover, even before God's Domain's launch, their Big Sis had already been regarded as one of the goddesses in the virtual gaming world.

The Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow!

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