Chapter 59 - Watching Him Rise, Watching Him Entertain Important Guests, Watching Him…
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 59 - Watching Him Rise, Watching Him Entertain Important Guests, Watching Him…

Sure enough, this is going to be interesting.

Before seeing Wu Xiaoxiao, Luo Tiancheng still felt that Shi Feng could recoup his losses at the very least by relying on Wu Lingling and a few more of his students. However, now that Wu Xiaoxiao was here, Shi Feng shouldn't even think of earning back the points he put into renting the super-large classroom.

The reason why Luo Tiancheng thought so was because of a shocking piece of news he received not long ago.

Apparently, while Wu Xiaoxiao was out participating in the Super Guild Crimson Emperor's special training, she showed relatively good talent and performance, so she managed to get herself selected for Crimson Emperor's priority training list.

This news had excited Dazzle Wave's executives greatly. After all, Crimson Emperor would choose only ten players from its affiliated powers to offer priority training. Meanwhile, not only did Crimson Emperor have over a hundred affiliated powers, but each affiliated power had even sent two or three representatives to participate in its training camp. Thus, the difficulty of ranking within the top ten out of these several hundred people was enormous.

Now that Wu Xiaoxiao was slated to receive the treatment of Crimson Emperor's top-tier internal talents, if no mishaps occurred, she would become one of Dazzle Wave's successors in the future. Her current status in Dazzle Wave and God's Domain was completely different from before.

With her current status and identity, Wu Xiaoxiao would have no trouble providing more resources for her little sister Wu Lingling. She could even recommend Wu Lingling to Crimson Emperor, allowing Wu Lingling to participate in Crimson Emperor's next training camp and potentially get selected for priority training.

Currently, the various powers of God's Domain were in urgent need of experts because of the Miniature Ancient World, and they were doing everything they could to fulfill this shortage. Thus, Crimson Emperor's next training camp might arrive much earlier than expected. It might even be in the

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