Chapter 59 - Watching Him Rise, Watching Him Entertain Important Guests, Watching Him…
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 59 - Watching Him Rise, Watching Him Entertain Important Guests, Watching Him…

Sure enough, this is going to be interesting.

Before seeing Wu Xiaoxiao, Luo Tiancheng still felt that Shi Feng could recoup his losses at the very least by relying on Wu Lingling and a few more of his students. However, now that Wu Xiaoxiao was here, Shi Feng shouldn't even think of earning back the points he put into renting the super-large classroom.

The reason why Luo Tiancheng thought so was because of a shocking piece of news he received not long ago.

Apparently, while Wu Xiaoxiao was out participating in the Super Guild Crimson Emperor's special training, she showed relatively good talent and performance, so she managed to get herself selected for Crimson Emperor's priority training list.

This news had excited Dazzle Wave's executives greatly. After all, Crimson Emperor would choose only ten players from its affiliated powers to offer priority training. Meanwhile, not only did Crimson Emperor have over a hundred affiliated powers, but each affiliated power had even sent two or three representatives to participate in its training camp. Thus, the difficulty of ranking within the top ten out of these several hundred people was enormous.

Now that Wu Xiaoxiao was slated to receive the treatment of Crimson Emperor's top-tier internal talents, if no mishaps occurred, she would become one of Dazzle Wave's successors in the future. Her current status in Dazzle Wave and God's Domain was completely different from before.

With her current status and identity, Wu Xiaoxiao would have no trouble providing more resources for her little sister Wu Lingling. She could even recommend Wu Lingling to Crimson Emperor, allowing Wu Lingling to participate in Crimson Emperor's next training camp and potentially get selected for priority training.

Currently, the various powers of God's Domain were in urgent need of experts because of the Miniature Ancient World, and they were doing everything they could to fulfill this shortage. Thus, Crimson Emperor's next training camp might arrive much earlier than expected. It might even be in the works already. After all, a superpower would always act while looking a few steps ahead. Unlike the average power in God's Domain, the various superpowers didn't have to worry much about resources when planning for the future.

Shortly after Wu Xiaoxiao and Wu Lingling entered the Teaching Block, another commotion occurred at the entrance as a refined-looking middle-aged man wearing black-framed glasses walked into the building along with a young man and a young woman.

"Crap! What kind of day is today!?"

"Senior Wu Xiaoxiao's arrival just now was already plenty surprising. I never thought that two of the Academy's Four Heavenly Kings would also come here. Is there some kind of bigshot teaching here today?"

"Why is Instructor Qi here as well? Don't senior instructors get to attend the tour without having to compete?"

Upon seeing this trio, every student and instructor nearby couldn't help but be surprised. This was because the middle-aged man was none other than the Academy's famous Senior Instructor Qi, while the young man behind him was Liang Feng, and the young woman was Chen Ziyou.

Despite looking thin and sickly, Liang Feng was the youngest out of the Academy's Four Heavenly Kings, and he was currently only a second-year student. As for Chen Ziyou, she, too, was one of the Four Heavenly Kings. Meanwhile, both of them were Instructor Qi's students. It was also because of these two students that Instructor Qi managed to hold an absolute position in the Academy and stand toe-to-toe with Wu Xiaoxiao's instructor.

"What brings you here today, Instructor Qi? Didn't you plan to provide special training for Gu Tong and the others before the Secret Pavilion tour?" Luo Tiancheng asked in confusion after approaching Instructor Qi.

The Academy placed significant importance on the Secret Pavilion tour this time, so much so that it had promised generous rewards to the four senior instructors. After all, the tour this time would determine the standings of Jin Hai University's God's Domain Academy among the other academies in the province. Thus, all four senior instructors were privately training their respective apprentices in preparation for the tour.

"Ziyou says that Instructor Shi's classes are amazing," Instructor Qi said as she gave a grumpy look at Chen Ziyou. "I'm skeptical of her claims, so I came here to take a look for myself."

In response, Chen Ziyou simply made an embarrassed smile and didn't offer any explanations.

"You are thinking too highly of that Shi Feng, Instructor Qi. How can his class possibly be better than yours?" Luo Tiancheng was shocked when he heard Instructor Qi's words. "Moreover, Shi Feng is charging 10,000 points for one class. That's simply daylight robbery."

Instructor Qi held a prestigious position in the Academy. The average instructor in the Academy would even try to attend Instructor Qi's classes. This was because Instructor Qi used to be a core member of the top adventurer team Heaven's Wind. However, after Heaven's Wind's disbandment, Instructor Qi stopped being active in God's Domain and focused on teaching at Jin Hai University instead.

One shouldn't underestimate Instructor Qi simply because he had a refined and scholarly appearance. Although Instructor Qi could only exhibit combat standards at the Refinement Realm when manipulating his in-game character due to his deteriorated mental state, he had reached the peak of the Flowing Water Realm during his prime. It was even rumored that he was only one step away from reaching the Void Realm. For this reason, Instructor Qi held connections with many major powers and even superpowers.

"I know that, which is why I came prepared," Instructor Qi said, nodding.

"This…" Luo Tiancheng was at a loss for words. Then, he turned to look at Liang Feng in the hopes of getting the boy to put some sense into Instructor Qi.

Currently, every additional person that attended Shi Feng's class would increase Shi Feng's chances of attending the Secret Pavilion tour, so Luo Tiancheng couldn't allow Instructor Qi's group of three to attend Shi Feng's class.

Meanwhile, it was well known that Liang Feng had a conflicting relationship with Chen Ziyou. If Chen Ziyou was adamant in siding with Shi Feng, Liang Feng's reaction would naturally oppose her.

"Don't worry, Instructor Luo. I also brought enough points with me," Liang Feng said, completely misunderstanding Luo Tiancheng's signal.


Luo Tiancheng was flabbergasted when he heard Liang Feng's words. Was that what he meant? Or was this one of the Academy's so-called geniuses?

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Amidst Luo Tiancheng's shock, Wu Xiaoxiao and Wu Lingling suddenly walked over to the group.

"Hello, Instructor Qi." Despite her cold nature, Wu Xiaoxiao had taken the initiative to greet Instructor Qi. "May I know if I can trouble you with something?"

Wu Xiaoxiao's sudden greeting had surprised Luo Tiancheng and the surrounding people.

Wu Xiaoxiao was known for being a prideful lone wolf in the Academy. Other than her instructor, she would never take the initiative to greet anyone in the Academy. Yet, now, she had taken the initiative to greet Instructor Qi.

Is she trying to band together with Instructor Qi to pressure Shi Feng?

When Luo Tiancheng thought about Wu Lingling's present situation, he felt that the likelihood of that happening was high.

Currently, Wu Lingling behaved as if she were possessed as she adamantly insisted on remaining as Shi Feng's apprentice. She refused to change her mind no matter what others said to her.

However, if the Academy's brightest star and one of the Academy's prestigious senior instructors joined hands to exert pressure on Shi Feng, Shi Feng would have no choice but to abandon Wu Lingling lest he wanted to get isolated in the Academy.

Thinking up to this point, Luo Tiancheng grew a lot more spirited.

"How can I possibly refuse a request from Student Wu Xiaoxiao?" Instructor Qi was similarly surprised to see Wu Xiaoxiao greet him. Then, he happily said, "Ask away!"

"Can I buy some points from you, Instructor?" Wu Xiaoxiao said in slight embarrassment. "I spent most of my points at the advanced training hall previously, and I don't even have 10,000 points on me right now. Yet, my little sister refuses to lend me any points no matter what. May I know if you can sell me a couple hundred thousand points?"

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