Chapter 58 - You Brought This Onto Yourself
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 58 - You Brought This Onto Yourself

"The sky fell?"

Tao Yuwei scratched her head, failing to understand Gu Yiren's point.

"This is also my first time coming across such a situation," Gu Yiren said with a bitter smile. "All I know is that the moment you tried to take action, I got the feeling that the sky was falling, and an indescribable sense of death filled the living room."

"Are you sure nothing's wrong with your mind, Senior Brother?" Tao Yuwei asked when she saw Gu Yiren's abnormal behavior.

Shi Feng was nothing more than a Tier 3 player during his peak. Even if he used to be Shadow's Guild Leader, Shadow was only a second-rate Guild. In the eyes of the various superpowers, Shi Feng was nothing more than an insignificant ant.

Yet, now, Gu Yiren was describing Shi Feng as if he was someone amazing. Those unaware of Gu Yiren's abilities might even think that he had gone crazy.

"Anyway, we should be more careful of Shi Feng," Gu Yiren said. "Don't forget that he managed to see through your strength with just a glance. He isn't as simple as he looks. However, I have already told this matter to Teacher, and Teacher has said that he will make a trip here soon. It wouldn't be late for us to teach Shi Feng a lesson at that time."

"Teacher is coming here in person?" Tao Yuwei's eyes lit up when she heard Gu Yiren's words. "That's wonderful! We'll see how Shi Feng continues behaving arrogantly at that time!"

Their teacher was a legendary individual in World Dominators. If their teacher visited Jin Hai City, Shi Feng would have to hand over the complete version of the Refinement Realm exercise even if he didn't want to.

Meanwhile, inside Shi Feng's villa, after Gu Yiren and Tao Yuwei left, Shi Feng quietly stood by the window and took an extra look at Gu Yiren.

It seems I have underestimated the superpowers of this world. I didn't think he would notice my intentions of attacking just now. Shi Feng's face took on a slightly serious look as he watched Gu Yiren and Tao Yuwei driving away in their car. I'll have to raise my physical fitness as quickly as possible.

On an individual level, Shi Feng did not see Gu Yiren and Tao Yuwei as a threat at all. Even if his body was in poor shape right now, he could still beat the two of them effortlessly. After all, he had been a neutralizing grandmaster and a mental strength grandmaster during his previous life. Few people could match him even in the Upper Zone.

While his current physique might be terrible, the skills he honed during his previous life remained. He would have no problems defeating even internal force masters in his current state. Not to mention, neither Gu Yiren nor Tao Yuwei was an internal force master.

However, Gu Yiren's arrival had also served as a wake-up call for Shi Feng. He would probably have a tough time going up against the various superpowers' old monsters. After all, the difference in physical fitness between them was far too massive. It wasn't a gap that could be easily bridged using techniques alone.

Hence, he needed to improve his physical fitness as quickly as possible. At the very least, he needed to reach the half-step master standard. If he could accomplish that, he would be able to deal with most problems he would encounter.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng reluctantly put on his jacket and drove his car to Jin Hai University. He had to admit that being a teacher was truly a tedious job…

However, this was the most reliable way Shi Feng could think of to acquire S-rank Nutrient Fluids.

It was true that he had many things he could use to trade with the various superpowers, with many of these things being even better than the exercise Gu Yiren and Tao Yuwei sought. However, all transactions were established based on equality. He would simply be seeking an early death if he tried to trade with the various superpowers without having sufficient strength.

Jin Hai University, God's Domain Academy, Teaching Block No.3:

Although classes had only started officially yesterday, many of the Academy's well-known instructors were busy conducting special training with their apprentices outside of the Academy's campus, so they didn't have time to hold classes at all. Even so, students still flooded the teaching block.

When Shi Feng entered Teaching Block No.3, he found himself looking at many instructors fighting over the available classes in the lobby.

What's going on?

Teaching Block No.3 had over 200 classrooms. Yet, now, only a few were left. Moreover, all of the remaining classrooms were super-large classrooms. Not even one small classroom remained available right now.

The teaching block's super-large classrooms were unique compared to the other classrooms available. Apart from being able to accommodate 400 people, the super-large classrooms also had state-of-the-art technology that allowed occupants to connect their God's Domain IDs and conduct virtual battles and guidance inside the classroom. Only, apart from senior instructors, other instructors wouldn't usually touch these classrooms.

The reason for this was simple—these super-large classrooms were simply too expensive to rent. An instructor would have to fork out 30,000 points to hold one lecture in a super-large classroom. It was simply impossible for junior and intermediate instructors to recoup such a hefty cost.

While Shi Feng was feeling surprised, a tall and robust man approached him. Meanwhile, this man was none other than Luo Tiancheng.

"Why, if it isn't Instructor Shi!" Luo Tiancheng exclaimed with a smile as he looked at Shi Feng. "What's wrong? Can't find a classroom? Well, I guess that's normal after the recent announcement. With the opportunity to visit the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters presented to them, anyone would at least try to compete for it.

"If you didn't know, the Secret Pavilion has recently announced that it is letting more students and instructors visit its branch headquarters. So, apart from the senior instructors, our Academy is also letting five other instructors to take part in the tour. Meanwhile, these five instructor slots would be granted to the top five performing instructors today. Moreover, junior instructors can even get promoted to intermediate instructors depending on their performances.

"Of course, while you might be Student Wu Lingling's instructor, you won't receive any special treatment, Instructor Shi. If you want to participate in the tour, you'll have to compete for these top five positions just like everyone else. After all, a student's excellence and a teacher's excellence shouldn't be confused with each other. Only through holding classes can an instructor adequately display their strength.

"Otherwise, instructors who only have luck to rely on would only bring shame to our Jin Hai University if they visited the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters. Don't you think so, Instructor Shi?"

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"That's right." Shi Feng nodded. Then, he looked at Luo Tiancheng with conviction in his eyes, saying, "What you say is very much correct. Such a method of selection will allow the Academy to best demonstrate the standard of its instructors. I didn't think our Academy would be so generous to its instructors."

Originally, Shi Feng had been pondering how he could quickly get promoted to an intermediate instructor. Now, he wouldn't have to worry about this problem anymore.

After saying so, Shi Feng promptly chose to rent a super-large classroom via the classroom reservation board in the lobby. Then, he went upstairs and made his way to the classroom he rented.

A super-large classroom?! Is he nuts?! Luo Tiancheng was momentarily dumbfounded when he saw that Shi Feng had rented a super-large classroom. However, a moment later, he turned to look at Shi Feng's departing figure and sneered, thinking, You brought this onto yourself! Let's see how you'll enter the top five after this crazy stunt!

Had Shi Feng chosen to borrow a classroom from the other instructors, he might have had a chance to compete for the top five instructor spots. After all, he had students such as Wu Lingling, who didn't care about spending large amounts of points. If he managed to rope in one or two more idiots into his exorbitant class, it was entirely possible for him to rank among the top five.

However, by choosing a super-large classroom, Shi Feng had put himself at a deficit of 30,000 points right off the bat. In this situation, it'd be a miracle if he could even earn enough points to cover his expenses, let alone compete for the top five instructor slots.

Not to mention, it wasn't even certain if Wu Lingling would continue attending Shi Feng's classes. After all, Wu Xiaoxiao had no intentions of letting Shi Feng remain as Wu Lingling's instructor.

While Luo Tiancheng was secretly snickering and getting ready to head to his classroom, a loud commotion suddenly occurred at the teaching block's entrance. Subsequently, a silver-haired girl and a petite-looking girl entered the building. Meanwhile, these two girls were none other than Wu Xiaoxiao and Wu Lingling.

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