Chapter 57 - The Sky Is Falling
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"Not interested, are you?" Seemingly having expected Shi Feng's answer, Gu Yiren smiled and said, "I'm sure you have many partners you can trade with, Instructor Shi, so you don't necessarily have to trade with us. However, I can assure you that we are your best option. It is especially true around this time."

"I know what you mean." Nonchalantly, Shi Feng said, "Since you managed to find out about this matter, other people can naturally do so as well. However, those people wouldn't necessarily be as amiable as you, right?"

"I'm glad that you are an understanding person, Instructor Shi." Without hiding anything, Gu Yiren said, "I'll get straight to the point, then. The training method you have in your possession is extraordinary, Instructor Shi. Once news of it gets out, even Soulfire won't dare to get involved with it, let alone Jin Hai University. Meanwhile, once the various superpowers start to take action, what you'll be faced with isn't a transaction offer but a one-sided offering instead. If handled poorly, you might even get struck down into the abyss.

"However, if you trade with us now, we will help you fend off all of these problems. You can even return to your previous Guild Leader position. Moreover, with our support, Shadow will also become your possession. This is a win-win solution for both of us."

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At this point, Gu Yiren was adamant in obtaining the complete version of Shi Feng's exercise. Even though this exercise could only help players reach the Refinement Realm according to their understanding, it was still plenty astonishing to the various superpowers. After all, nurturing a player to the Refinement Realm wasn't an easy task as factors such as luck and talent played an important role. Otherwise, the various superpowers would've long since been flooded with Refinement Realm experts.

Meanwhile, if he could acquire this Refinement exercise, both he and Tao Yuwei would instantly become high-level executives in World Dominators and acquire resources unimaginable to them before. They might even gain access to the legendary Upper Zone.

"Thank you for your concern, Guild Leader Gu, but I am still uninterested in your offer," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "If you really wish to trade, it will cost you 500 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid!"

"Five hundred?! Are you insane?!" Tao Yuwei subconsciously raised her voice when she heard Shi Feng's demand.

It was impossible to find S-rank Nutrient Fluids on the open market. Although they were privately traded for one million Credits per bottle, even the various superpowers could only acquire a limited amount from the various major corporations. Meanwhile, this amount wasn't even enough to satisfy the various superpowers' internal needs.

Even though she and Gu Yiren were regarded as top-tier talents in World Dominators, they could only exchange for five bottles per year or ten bottles in total. Yet, Shi Feng was asking for 500 bottles! This was daylight robbery!

"If you don't have that many, there's nothing I can do to help you," Shi Feng said, shrugging. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

He wasn't against selling his exercise if he could get a sufficient amount of S-rank Nutrient Fluids in exchange. After all, all this exercise did was lower the bar for players to reach the Refinement Realm. It didn't mean that anyone who practiced it could reach the Refinement Realm.

"You…" Tao Yuwei grew even more furious after hearing Shi Feng's response. She was a top-tier genius in World Dominators. Never had she suffered such humiliation before!

"Since you aren't interested in trading, we will be taking our leave first, Instructor Shi. But if you change your mind in the future, feel free to contact me at any time," Gu Yiren said. Unlike Tao Yuwei, he did not get angry over Shi Feng's response. On the contrary, he politely bid goodbye to Shi Feng and dragged Tao Yuwei out of the villa with him.

Meanwhile, after leaving the villa, Tao Yuwei glared at Gu Yiren in dissatisfaction and asked, "Why did you stop me just now, Senior Brother? I was only trying to teach him a lesson! Otherwise, he'll really think that he's amazing and that he can trade with us as equals!"

"Teach him a lesson?" Gu Yiren rolled his eyes at Tao Yuwei. Then, he looked back at the villa with a heavy expression and said, "If I didn't stop you just now, you would've most likely gotten into big trouble by now…"

"Is he that strong?" Tao Yuwei asked skeptically as she looked at the fearful expression on Gu Yiren's face.

She had conducted a thorough investigation into Shi Feng's history, so she knew he was merely an ordinary person. He did not have any background or powerful experts supporting him. His performance was also extraordinarily mediocre throughout the ten years he spent in God's Domain. She had even looked into Shi Feng's friends and knew that all of them were ordinary people.

Moreover, because Shi Feng had failed to receive systematic training when he was young, even after receiving training resources from Shadow later down the line, his physical fitness was only on the level of first-rate athletes. She would need only one punch to topple such a person.

"You know that I've always had a sharp intuition," Gu Yiren said. "It is precisely because of my sharp intuition that Teacher chose to take me under his wing. Teacher says that I am extremely gifted when it comes to mental strength. Teacher has even taught me a few meditation techniques that have helped develop my mental strength greatly."

Tao Yuwei silently nodded to Gu Yiren's words. She was aware that Gu Yiren possessed a sharp intuition. Because of his sharp intuition, Gu Yiren had managed to come in fourth place during the rookie test. In comparison, she only managed to come in tenth.

"My perception of experts is also different from other people. In my eyes, some experts are like household cats, while some are like hungry wolves and lions. However, when I looked at Shi Feng before, I couldn't sense anything from him. He felt no different than a tree in my perception. If I hadn't seen him talking, I would've even suspected that he wasn't alive. But the moment you tried to take action…" Gu Yiren paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point. Then, the fear on his face intensified as he continued in a slightly trembling voice, "Do you know what I felt?"

"What? A tiger? Or is it a monster brandishing its claws?" Tao Yuwei grew curious when she saw Gu Yiren's fear intensifying.

She knew that Gu Yiren could express the threat he perceived from his opponents in various forms. Meanwhile, if his opponent's threat level manifested in the form of household pets such as cats and dogs, it meant that his opponent was merely an ordinary Refinement Realm expert or a half-step master in the real world, individuals incapable of posing any significant threat to him.

However, if the opponent's threat level manifested as a wolf, it was almost certain that the opponent was a martial arts master in the real world. In the case of lions and tigers, these manifestations were reserved for top-tier martial arts masters.

"I didn't perceive any animal or monster," Gu Yiren said, shaking his head.

"That proves he isn't anything, then," Tao Yuwei said, feeling a little speechless.

Ignoring Tao Yuwei's words, Gu Yiren turned around and looked at his junior sister. Then, he took a deep breath and whispered, "Instead, what I perceived was the sky falling…"

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