Chapter 56 - Secret Discovered
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"Why is he here?"

Shi Feng was a little surprised when he saw the white-clad young man in the holographic display. He hadn't really interacted with Gu Yiren before. Even before he reincarnated, he had only learned of the other party through reading the files Lan Hailong gave him.

According to those files, Gu Yiren had passed World Dominators's internal member trial when he was 17. There had been over 100,000 rookie players partaking in the trial back then. Among them, there were plenty of talented young men and women who could easily get into top-tier schools. Yet, out of the 30 rookies World Dominators recruited, Gu Yiren managed to come in fourth place.

After joining World Dominators, Gu Yiren's growth accelerated even further. By 20, he had already become a vice commander in World Dominators's main force.

It should be known that even the minimum requirement to become a vice commander of one of World Dominators's frontline teams was to be a Tier 4 Refinement Realm expert. The requirement to become a vice commander in World Dominators's main force was even higher. If Gu Yiren were to join a first-rate Guild, he would instantly be made into an Elder-level executive or possibly even a Vice Guild Leader.

Currently, due to Gu Yiren being Shadow's Guild Leader, many people have ignored the fact that he was only 21 years old this year. At that age, he would only be a fourth-year student in university. However, compared to Wu Xiaoxiao, the God's Domain Academy's current star, Gu Yiren was definitely superior. Honestly, with Gu Yiren's standards, having him serve as a second-rate Guild's Guild Leader was somewhat of an overkill.

"Can we have a talk, Instructor Shi?" Gu Yiren's holographic image asked.

"Sure, come in," Shi Feng said. Then, he had the smart housekeeper open the front door.

When Gu Yiren entered the first-floor living room, Shi Feng noticed that the other party didn't come alone. Instead, there was a beautiful girl dressed like a secretary standing behind Gu Yiren.

"It seems I've underestimated the importance Shadow holds in World Dominators's eyes. To think it would send two top-tier talents to oversee a mere second-rate Guild…" Shi Feng murmured to himself, feeling a little surprised when he saw the girl dressed like a secretary.

Even though the girl looked like she was only 20 years old, her physique was already at the half-step master standard. Even in the entire Jin Hai University's God's Domain Academy, nobody was capable of rivaling this girl in terms of physique.

Moreover, judging by the way she carried herself and the level of alertness she showed, the girl was probably at the Flowing Water Realm already.

A 20-year-old Flowing Water Realm expert was an existence only the various superpowers could reliably produce. Such an existence wasn't something the various first-rate powers of God's Domain could hope to produce.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Shi Feng's soft mutterings, the girl, Tao Yuwei, couldn't help but look at Shi Feng in surprise and caution.

Ever since Tao Yuwei arrived in Jin Hai City, she had disguised herself as Gu Yiren's secretary, and not even Lan Hailong, Shadow's president[1], knew of her actual identity. In everyone's eyes, she was nothing but an ordinary secretary. Nobody in the city had yet to realize that she, too, was one of World Dominators's top-tier geniuses.

Yet, now, less than three seconds after she stepped into this living room, Shi Feng, the former Guild Leader of Shadow, had effortlessly seen through her disguise. This situation was inconceivable no matter how she thought about it.

"Hahaha! You truly do have great eyes, Instructor Shi! No wonder why a genius like Wu Lingling insists on having you as her instructor!" Gu Yiren openly acknowledged Shi Feng's words. "As you've surmised, this person beside me is Tao Yuwei. She is my junior sister and similarly a vice commander of World Dominators's main force."

Unfazed by this revelation, Shi Feng got straight to the point and asked, "So, what business do you have with me?"

"Join us. Or, more specifically, return to Shadow. I will give you the position of Vice Guild Leader and let you manage all of Shadow's affairs. What do you think?" Gu Yiren asked with a smile. "Of course, I will handle the explanation on Lan Hailong's side. He shouldn't have any qualms with my decision."

"That easily?" Shi Feng smiled. "Don't I need to do something?"

"Of course, there is a price. However, it is a simple price to pay for you," Gu Yiren said, chuckling. Then, he earnestly said, "So long as you hand over the complete version of your training method—the exercise you taught to Wu Lingling and the others—you can continue being Shadow's Guild Leader. Yuwei and I won't remain in Shadow forever, so it is only a matter of time before you get the position back. We can even help you secure Shadow if you want. At that time, Lan Hailong will only be president in name. You will have the final say in Shadow."

When Gu Yiren spoke up to this point, Tao Yuwei's eyes briefly sparkled.

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Before investigating Wu Lingling, they assumed that Wu Lingling was a rare talent in Jin Hai City. They had even made plans to recruit Wu Lingling into World Dominators. However, after investigating deeper into Wu Lingling, they discovered that the girl wasn't as excellent as they thought. Specifically, Wu Lingling didn't use to be as excellent as they thought.

However, everything changed on the day Wu Lingling took her enrollment test. Wu Lingling, who should've only received an A-rank evaluation for her enrollment test originally, had unexpectedly received an S-rank evaluation.

It might be fine if Wu Lingling was the only person to have made such a sudden improvement. However, after they looked deeper into the matter, they discovered something shocking—every student who participated in Shi Feng's brief training session had their evaluations increased by one rank.


In only a few short hours, every one of Shi Feng's students had raised their evaluations by one rank!

In the eyes of ordinary powers, they would probably only find this situation to be amazing and nothing more. However, it was a completely different story for the various superpowers.

The feat of helping someone make visible improvements to their combat standards in a matter of a few hours was something even the various superpowers could not accomplish. It didn't matter even if the person in question had only gone from the Trial Tower's fifth-floor early stage to the fifth-floor middle stage.

At most, the various superpowers could help bona fide top-tier geniuses achieve such rapid improvement. If a person only had average talent, even the best training methods the various superpowers could offer couldn't help this person make visible improvements in only a few hours.

Moreover, Wu Lingling's subsequent performances were even more astonishing. Not only did she single-handedly win the freshman competition, but her combat standard had even reached the fifth floor's late-stage already at the time of the competition!

It should be known that the freshman competition was held the day after the enrollment test. Meanwhile, the increase in the difficulty of the Trial Tower's challenges grew greater and greater the higher one climbed. So, the amount of time one needed to pass each stage would also increase exponentially.

Wu Lingling's rate of improvement simply defied common sense! Compared to Wu Lingling, the various superpowers' top-tier geniuses were nothing but a joke!

Afterward, they had secretly hired some of the Academy's freshmen to challenge Qin Wuchen, Xiao Yuheng, and the other students under Shi Feng to a spar. Meanwhile, they found that every one of Shi Feng's students had displayed far superior combat standards than what they previously displayed in their enrollment test. Qin Wuchen, in particular, had already reached the fifth-floor middle-stage standard.

It should be known that Qin Wuchen had only scored an A-rank evaluation in his enrollment test. Yet, he had already caught up with Gu Tong, who was publicly recognized as a genius. Not to mention, even Gu Tong had only reached the fifth floor's middle stage recently.

After racking their heads over this situation, the only explanation Gu Yiren and Tao Yuwei could come up with for this astonishing situation was the exercise Shi Feng had taught to Qin Wuchen and the others.

Meanwhile, after coming to this conclusion, the two of them had secretly tried to mimic the exercise. However, even after mimicking the nine movement sets perfectly, they failed to experience any benefits from the exercise. This meant that there must be a secret to this exercise that they weren't aware of and that blindly copying the movements was useless. In that case, if they wished to obtain the complete version of the exercise, they would have to get it from Shi Feng's hands.

However, after hearing Gu Yiren's words, Shi Feng simply smiled and asked, "What if I refuse?"

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[1]president: Changed Lan Hailong's position from director to president. (Change made on 7th January 2022)

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