Chapter 55 - Growth
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Candlelight Hotel, underground training room:

Along with the appearance of several bundles of light, Wu Xiaoxiao and the others quickly reverted to their original state, shock and confusion coloring their faces as if they had experienced the same dream.

One person!

In a situation where everyone was at Level 101 and geared in Epic Weapons and Equipment at most, they didn't even know how they lost to Hidden Soul, let alone clashing against her.

Meanwhile, all of this ended in an instant…

What kind of monster is she?! After snapping out of her daze, Wu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but look at Hidden Soul in shock. Even the training camp's head instructor doesn't have strength like this. Could she be a God-ranked expert?

The various superpowers would typically have Tier 5 experts lead their training camps. Meanwhile, when participating in Crimson Emperor's training camp for top-tier geniuses, Wu Xiaoxiao had the fortune of meeting Blue Gown, a legendary individual from Crimson Emperor.

The Glorious Saint Blue Gown was once one of the top three geniuses in Crimson Emperor. After becoming a Vice Guild Leader in Crimson Emperor, she even became one of the Twelve Sacred Knights in God's Domain.

Now that so many years had passed since Blue Gown had made these achievements, she had already become one of the top-ranking players in the A-League. Although she had never reached Tier 6, few under Tier 5 could be her match.

Yet, despite Blue Gown being such a strong individual, Wu Xiaoxiao felt that Blue Gown couldn't even hold a candle to the mysterious cloaked woman before her right now. The two were standing on completely different levels.

However, Wu Xiaoxiao quickly shook her head and denied the possibility of Hidden Soul being a God-ranked expert. No matter how she thought about it, there was no way a Tier 6 God-ranked expert would come to the Miniature Ancient World. Moreover, she didn't think that Shi Feng, the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild, could be acquainted with a Tier 6 God-ranked expert.

Even so, Wu Xiaoxiao still couldn't help but wonder how Shi Feng had managed to get acquainted with such a powerful expert.

"Have you six been sleeping in God's Domain all these years? If I were to score your combat standards, I would give the best among you only five out of one hundred points, while the rest of you won't receive more than three points. To make things worse, all six of you only have mediocre talent," Hidden Soul said, her eyes filled with frustration when she looked at Wu Xiaoxiao and the others.

She had originally thought that Shi Feng would surprise her with amazing geniuses. Now, though, it would seem that she was thinking too much. Shi Feng had simply found a few trustworthy players to train in the Miniature Ancient World.

"Mediocre talent? Five points?"

Qin Wuchen and the others couldn't help but look at Wu Xiaoxiao and Wu Lingling when they heard Hidden Soul's evaluation. They felt that Hidden Soul was joking with them.

After all, Wu Lingling was currently regarded as the God's Domain Academy's number one genius. Even the Academy's current Four Heavenly Kings wouldn't be a match for Wu Lingling when they were still in their freshman year.

As for Wu Xiaoxiao, not only was she a publicly acknowledged top-tier genius in God's Domain, but she was also only half a step away from entering the Professional League's A-League. It should be known that the A-League was a stage where many of God's Domain's apex experts fought. Anyone capable of setting foot on this stage was a famous bigshot in God's Domain.

Yet, despite Wu Xiaoxiao being such a talented expert, Hidden Soul had written her off as worthless…

"Instructor… My big sister…definitely isn't…"

At this time, even Wu Lingling couldn't help but want to refute Hidden Soul's evaluation. She wasn't doing this for her own sake. Instead, she sincerely thought that her elder sister was a true genius.

"You don't need to defend me, Lingling." Wu Xiaoxiao reached out and interrupted Wu Lingling. "What this instructor said is true. My talent is nothing special among the rookies the various superpowers are nurturing. In fact, my talent doesn't even reach the average standard."

Wu Xiaoxiao was not the slightest bit surprised by Hidden Soul's evaluation.

If it was before Wu Xiaoxiao had participated in Crimson Emperor's special training, she would've most likely tried to refute Hidden Soul's evaluation. However, after seeing the various superpowers' and first-rate Guilds' rookie talents, she came to understand one thing—her talent was truly mediocre.

It was also because Wu Xiaoxiao came to understand this that she wanted to let Wu Lingling partake in Crimson Emperor's special training even more. This was because her little sister was much more talented than her.

Despite having only enrolled in the God's Domain Academy recently at 17, Wu Lingling had already mastered Formless Steps, a top-tier basic combat technique. Her talent could be considered rare even among Crimson Emperor's young geniuses.

If Wu Lingling could receive Crimson Emperor's priority training, Wu Xiaoxiao was confident that her little sister's future achievements would far surpass hers.

"Not bad. At least you're self-aware of your weaknesses," Hidden Soul said, a rare smile appearing on her face. "Since you know you are mediocre, you need to work even harder if you want to become strong in the future. What you six need to do next is simple: fight me. You will pass when one of you manages to last more than a move against me. We will begin the real training once you pass."

After saying so, Hidden Soul vanished from everyone's sights and mental perception once more.

"Not good! Spread out immediately!"

Wu Xiaoxiao promptly activated her Berserk Skill when she saw Hidden Soul disappearing. Then, she cast a magic barrier around herself.

Tier 3 Spell, Water Barrier!

Unfortunately, even though Wu Xiaoxiao had reacted quickly, she saw a dilapidated short sword cutting at her before her Water Barrier could even finish taking shape. Then, her vision darkened, and her body collapsed to the ground.

Moreover, Wu Xiaoxiao wasn't the only one who had collapsed. Wu Lingling and the others had also collapsed to the ground simultaneously…

"Your response was good this time. It's a pity that your reactions are still too slow," Hidden Soul said as she reappeared in front of everyone once more. Then, she shouted, "Again!"

Ten times… Twenty times… Thirty times…

As if entering a cycle of death, Wu Xiaoxiao and the others got slaughtered by Hidden Soul one time after another. The entire process could be summed up as Wu Xiaoxiao and the others trying to escape as soon as they got resurrected.

However, even after exhausting all of their strategies, Wu Xiaoxiao and the others were still met with death. At best, they had managed to delay their deaths by 0.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, along with their repeated deaths, Wu Xiaoxiao and the others also came to understand the horror of Hidden Soul.

Rather than a monster, it would be more appropriate to call Hidden Soul a god of death!

They would die as soon as she laid eyes on them!

In the meantime, inside one of the villas[1] of the Qingzhu Villa District, Shi Feng leisurely took out a bottle of A-rank Nutrient Fluid from the fridge and drank it. Then, he started doing the nine movement sets he had taught to Wu Lingling and the others. Only, the breathing technique he used in conjunction with this exercise was completely different, and its complexity was many times greater.

After completing one repetition, Shi Feng approached the fridge again, grabbed another bottle of A-rank Nutrient Fluid, and emptied the bottle's contents into his stomach.

As expected, the recovery effect of A-rank Nutrient Fluids is lacking. I can only complete the Body Strengthening Technique twice a day. Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile when he looked at his trembling fists. At this rate, it'd take me at least a year or two to get my physical fitness to the master standard.

The exercise he taught to Wu Lingling and the others was a simplified version of his Body Strengthening Technique. Meanwhile, the Body Strengthening Technique was a training method he developed after combining the training methods he had gathered from other sub-worlds.

The Body Strengthening Technique allowed him to train the muscles throughout his entire body, and it did so by enriching his body cells with oxygen and accelerating his metabolism. This, in turn, helped with improving his physique from all aspects, and these improvements would continue until his physical fitness reached the standard of a Henglian master. Even in the Greater God's Domain, the Body Strengthening Technique he created was extremely popular.

The only problem with the technique was the harm it did to the user's body. Normally, one would need the help of S-rank Nutrient Fluids to perfectly restore the damage caused by overloading the body.

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If Shi Feng had enough S-rank Nutrient Fluids to help him recover, he would only need one month to bring his physical fitness to the level of a Henglian master.

Just when Shi Feng was about to head to the God's Domain Academy for class after taking a short rest, the doorbell of his villa suddenly rang. Then, the house's smart housekeeper displayed the holographic image of a young man in front of Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, this young man was none other than Gu Yiren, one of World Dominators's internal experts and Shadow's current Guild Leader!

TL Notes:

[1]villa: I am changing Shi Feng's home from a mansion to a villa. I didn't really know there was a difference between the two back then.

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