Chapter 54 - This Person Is a Monster!
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 54 - This Person Is a Monster!

"Has this person always been here?" Qin Wuchen couldn't help but ask the others through the team chat when he saw the cloaked woman sitting on the sofa.

Players would have their five senses enhanced significantly after reaching Tier 3. Meanwhile, thanks to the combat experience he had racked up during his journey to Tier 3, he would always subconsciously spread out his senses wherever he went to familiarize himself with his surroundings.

Yet, before the cloaked woman spoke up, he had failed to notice her presence even at the slightest. This situation was simply astonishing.

"She shouldn't be, right?" Xiao Yuheng said hesitantly.

"No, she should've been there the entire time," Wu Xiaoxiao said, shaking her head. Then, in a wary tone, she continued, "It's just that she has hidden her presence very well, and none of us managed to notice her before she spoke up.'

Upon hearing Wu Xiaoxiao's analysis, everyone immediately grew cautious of the cloaked woman.

An expert capable of coming so close to them without their notice was without a doubt a huge threat to them. After all, there were many Red Players in God's Domain, and a large portion of them were crazy players who PKed solely for fun. It would be an absolute nightmare if such a player targeted them.

When Wu Xiaoxiao saw the cloaked woman standing up and approaching them, she took the initiative to ask, "May I know what business you have with us, Ma'am?"

"Mr. Black Flame assigned me to teach you," Hidden Soul, the cloaked woman, said. Then, she glanced at Wu Lingling's ID of Whimsical Wind and continued in a slightly surprised tone, "Your ID matches, but why are there six of you? Whatever. Six is even better. You lot, come with me."

"Is Instructor Black Flame not in the hotel?" Wu Lingling asked. Although Shi Feng had previously stated in his message that someone would be helping them train in God's Domain, they didn't come here just to train this time.

"Instructor Black Flame?" Hidden Soul was surprised once more. She didn't think that Shi Feng had taken in students

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