Chapter 53 - New Era
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Hundred Flow City, Candlelight Hotel:

Although the sun had already set and the only illumination on the main street came from magic street lamps, the number of players flooding the main street did not decrease in the slightest. Instead, they gathered at the bars and restaurants lining the street to talk and laugh about their harvests and encounters.

"Did you hear? Many superpowers are now planning to send a large number of experts into the Miniature Ancient World because of the World Passage's opening."

"I did. According to a friend of mine, this Miniature Ancient World of ours is very special. It seems to be located at the boundary between two God's Domains, and players from both God's Domains can enter this Miniature Ancient World. The only reason why we haven't met any players from the other God's Domain is because we start in different zones."

"That's right, but the information I heard is a little more specific. You guys know about the Boundary River Regional Dungeon, right? I heard that so long as we reach Level 120 and cross the Boundary River, we'll be able to reach the Miniature Ancient World's public training zone. There, players of both God's Domains won't be subjected to any penalties. We can even freely trade resources between the two God's Domains. This is definitely a good opportunity to get rich!"

"Nonsense! This is more than just an opportunity to make money! It's a chance for independent players like us to make it big in God's Domain! Unlike on the main continent, we get to have the same starting point as the various major powers! If we make good use of this opportunity and seize the public zone's resources and territory ahead of the major powers, we'll be set for life!"

"That's right! I've already gambled all of my life savings into the Miniature Ancient World! So long as I can get into the public zone ahead of the major powers, I'll be able to secure a plot of Land for sure! I bet the income I can generate won't be any lower than that of an imperial capital's golden Land!"

"I've decided! Other th

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