Chapter 53 - New Era
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Hundred Flow City, Candlelight Hotel:

Although the sun had already set and the only illumination on the main street came from magic street lamps, the number of players flooding the main street did not decrease in the slightest. Instead, they gathered at the bars and restaurants lining the street to talk and laugh about their harvests and encounters.

"Did you hear? Many superpowers are now planning to send a large number of experts into the Miniature Ancient World because of the World Passage's opening."

"I did. According to a friend of mine, this Miniature Ancient World of ours is very special. It seems to be located at the boundary between two God's Domains, and players from both God's Domains can enter this Miniature Ancient World. The only reason why we haven't met any players from the other God's Domain is because we start in different zones."

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"That's right, but the information I heard is a little more specific. You guys know about the Boundary River Regional Dungeon, right? I heard that so long as we reach Level 120 and cross the Boundary River, we'll be able to reach the Miniature Ancient World's public training zone. There, players of both God's Domains won't be subjected to any penalties. We can even freely trade resources between the two God's Domains. This is definitely a good opportunity to get rich!"

"Nonsense! This is more than just an opportunity to make money! It's a chance for independent players like us to make it big in God's Domain! Unlike on the main continent, we get to have the same starting point as the various major powers! If we make good use of this opportunity and seize the public zone's resources and territory ahead of the major powers, we'll be set for life!"

"That's right! I've already gambled all of my life savings into the Miniature Ancient World! So long as I can get into the public zone ahead of the major powers, I'll be able to secure a plot of Land for sure! I bet the income I can generate won't be any lower than that of an imperial capital's golden Land!"

"I've decided! Other than eating and going to the toilet, I'm spending all of my time playing!"

Many of the players drinking and dining by the roadside talked about the current status quo in the Miniature Ancient World with great enthusiasm. Some of these players even wore fanatic looks on their faces.

"Sis, is what they say true?" Wu Lingling, who had overheard the conversation of these players, asked as she looked at Wu Xiaoxiao with deep excitement and expectation in her eyes.

The current God's Domain could be described as a puddle of stagnant water. In fact, even the real world could be described as such. The various powers of God's Domain had long since divided all of the resources available in both worlds among themselves. There were no longer any fights for supremacy like during God's Domain's launch.

However, if the Miniature Ancient World was really as these players said, God's Domain would be ushering in a new and unprecedented era.

New experts would emerge, and old legends would reappear!

To members of the new generation like themselves, this was undoubtedly the best stage for them to shine.

After hearing Wu Lingling's question, Qin Wuchen and the others perked up their ears. It was especially true for Liu Yuechen and Lu Wuxuan. The two had struggled greatly to enter the top five of the class, and their test results were only a few seconds faster than the students ranked behind them. Yet, now, not only did they manage to rank within the top five of their class, but they even got to walk together with Wu Xiaoxiao, the Academy's biggest star. It was simply an unbelievable situation.

Meanwhile, as the vice commander of a top-tier first-rate Guild's main force, Wu Xiaoxiao naturally had access to more information than the average independent player and executives of small Guilds. So, it stood to reason that she should know more about the Miniature Ancient World.

"What they say is true," Wu Xiaoxiao said, a hint of fiery passion appearing on her icy face. "Currently, all of the new talents nurtured by the various powers are starting to grow restless because of the Miniature Ancient World. Here, they get to start from the same position as the older generation experts and have a fairer competition. Moreover, there are many more opportunities available in the Miniature Ancient World than on the main continent.

"This is also why I entered the Miniature Ancient World. Moreover, I can tell you now that the various superpowers are mass recruiting fresh talent right now. Some of them are even going as far as to nurture the talents of first-rate Guilds partnered with them. So, you guys must cherish this opportunity."

With the arrival of this new era, the various major powers placed unprecedented importance on rookie talents like themselves. Even the various superpowers were no exception. After all, the older generation experts would have most of their advantages wiped out when entering the Miniature Ancient World. Meanwhile, rookies like themselves had much greater growth potential. Their rate of improvement was also much faster compared to older generation experts, whose growths had already stagnated.

This was also why Wu Xiaoxiao had met with her little sister in such a hurry.

Luo Tiancheng thought that by stirring up trouble, he could make Wu Lingling become Instructor Qi's student. However, little did he know that Wu Xiaoxiao had never set her sights on Instructor Qi at all. Instead, her goal was to turn her little sister into a talent nurtured by a superpower.

Meanwhile, after hearing Wu Xiaoxiao's words, Qin Wuchen and the others promptly grew excited, their minds fantasizing about the possibility of clashing against the experts of legends.

"This is the Candlelight Hotel, Sis," Wu Lingling said as she pointed at the tattered, three-story hotel in front of her. Then, putting on a serious expression, she continued, "Let me make it clear first. You absolutely cannot mess around. I'll ignore you if you make Instructor Shi angry."

Wu Lingling knew of her elder sister's personality very well. Her elder sister was a brutally straightforward person, and her words would almost always put others into an awkward situation.

"You little girl!" Wu Xiaoxiao huffed grumpily when she heard her little sister's words. "It's only been a few days since you became his student, yet you're already prioritizing him over me?!"

"Do you promise or not?" Wu Lingling said, puffing up her cheeks.

"Fine, I promise you," Wu Lingling said, shaking her head helplessly. "However, if I find that he is lacking, you must leave with me."

"That won't be a problem." Wu Lingling nodded.

"Are you that confident in him?"

Wu Xiaoxiao was a little surprised to see her little sister agreeing to her demand so readily. She had been close to her little sister since young, so she knew that Wu Lingling had a stubborn personality. Once the girl had decided on something, it'd be nigh-impossible to change her mind. However, so long as she promised to do something, she would always keep her promise.

Originally, Wu Xiaoxiao had been thinking about how she could get her little sister to agree to her bet. Now, though, she didn't have to go through such troubles anymore.

Hearing her elder sister's words, Wu Lingling puffed up her chest and confidently said, "Of course. Even Big Sis Ziyou has nothing but praise for Instructor Shi's teaching standard."

"Ziyou?" Wu Xiaoxiao grew even more surprised after hearing Wu Lingling's words. She naturally knew of Chen Ziyou's standards. If Shi Feng managed to gain Chen Ziyou's acknowledgment, it meant that he indeed possessed some skill. However, Wu Xiaoxiao subsequently shook her head and said, "Alright, then. Lead the way."

Wu Xiaoxiao admitted that Chen Ziyou was a talented individual. Chen Ziyou's strength also went without saying. Before participating in Crimson Emperor's training, she would've needed a long time to beat Chen Ziyou in a fight.

However, that was no longer the case. Now, in a situation where they had similar Basic Attributes, levels, and tiers, Wu Xiaoxiao was confident she could beat Chen Ziyou in three moves.

Indeed. The superpowers of God's Domain were just that powerful.

The world of superpowers was something she could've never imagined before receiving priority training from Crimson Emperor.

Afterward, Wu Lingling led Wu Xiaoxiao into the Candlelight Hotel.

"Crap! Isn't the Mana density here a little too crazy?!"

"Is this the benefit of staying in a hotel in the Miniature Ancient World?"

Qin Wuchen and the others were shocked when they entered the hotel's lobby.

Mana was the foundation of everything in God's Domain, and a good Mana environment could provide significant benefits to players. Meanwhile, the density of the Mana inside the Candlelight Hotel was on a completely different level compared to the Mana outside.

After entering the Candlelight Hotel, they could feel their minds gaining unprecedented clarity. They even experienced the feeling of being omnipotence.

Interesting. The Mana density here is even comparable to some holy lands. Wu Xiaoxiao was shocked after carefully sensing the Mana inside the hotel.

In God's Domain, holy lands were considered the best place for players to train themselves. However, the various superpowers had already monopolized the holy lands on the main continent, and even most first-rate Guilds could only dream of visiting these places.

While Wu Xiaoxiao and the others were dazed, a low but pleasant voice suddenly entered their ears.

"You're finally here."

Everyone promptly turned toward the source of the voice upon hearing it. Then, they found themselves looking at a cloaked woman with a magnificent body sitting on a couch in the lobby.

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