Chapter 52 - Silver Witch
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Early morning, God's Domain Academy, sports field:

Although autumn had yet to arrive, the cooling wind persuaded many students to wear their sports jackets as they did their morning exercise. Some students chatted as they jogged around the field, while some did basic strength training. The lively atmosphere on the field was not at all inferior to that of the Academy's library.

"You finished the nine movement sets so quickly, Yu Heng!" Qin Wuchen exclaimed as he looked at Xiao Yuheng, who was covered in sweat and gasping for air.

"Amazing! You finished in just five minutes and thirty-three seconds! Didn't it take you seven minutes and fifty-two seconds to finish the whole exercise yesterday?" Wu Lingling said, her mouth gaping slightly as she looked at the time displayed on her stopwatch.

The nine movement sets Shi Feng taught them might seem simple, but after combining it with his special breathing method, every movement executed placed a huge strain on their bodies. It even felt like their hearts would explode when they did the exercise.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that completing one movement set was akin to running a thousand-meter lap. By the time they completed all nine movement sets properly, they would collapse to the ground in exhaustion. If they hadn't been training their bodies since young, they couldn't have completed even one repetition of the exercise at all.

"Hehe." After completing one repetition, Xiao Yuheng giggled as she looked at Qin Wuchen and Wu Xiaoxiao. Then, she cheekily said, "It's a secret!"

"That's mean of you, Yuheng. I even shared with you some of the basic techniques Instructor Shi taught me before," Wu Lingling said, puffing up her cheeks and pretending to be angry.

Although she had managed to shorten her time to three minutes and forty seconds after receiving Shi Feng's catered instructions, she was still far from reaching Shi Feng's requirement of three minutes. If she kept on training at her current pace, it'd take her at least three to five days to achieve the target.

"There's nothing I can do about it." Shrugging helplessly, Xiao Yuheng said, "Only I am suitable to use this method. It's impossible for other people."

"Only you can use it?" After hearing Xiao Yuheng's answer, Wu Lingling understood that Xiao Yuheng wasn't trying to monopolize the secret. Instead, there should be some special reason involved. Feeling a little frustrated, she said, "In that case, I'll probably have to attend another one of Instructor Shi's lessons before I can hit the three-minute mark."

Upon hearing Wu Lingling's words, Qin Wuchen looked at her aggrievedly and said, "Compared to Yuheng, you're the more ruthless one, Wu Lingling. You wiped out all the points of so many instructors. Now, the rest of us have no choice but to buy points at a higher price from the seniors. Even then, I only managed to secure enough points to attend one lesson thus far."

Previously, after learning that they needed to pay 6,000 points to attend Shi Feng's classes, they had tried to purchase points from the other instructors. Yet, when they tried to do so, every instructor they asked responded by saying they had already sold all of their spare points to Wu Lingling.

That was more than 80,000 points they were talking about!

Meanwhile, due to Wu Lingling's antics, the rest of the class had no choice but to buy points from the seniors. However, even after asking every senior they could find, they only managed to gather enough for each person to have 6,000 points.

Hearing Qin Wuchen's words, Xiao Yuheng and the others nodded to express their agreement. Because of Wu Lingling's behavior, not only did they have a difficult time buying points, but the price of points had even inflated…

"Serves you right! Who told you guys to move so slowly?" Wu Lingling said and stuck out her tongue, a hint of pride on her petite face. She had spent all of her savings to acquire around 80,000 points. With this many points, she shouldn't have to worry about not having enough points for the next two months.

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"By the way, about the message Instructor Shi sent us, he wants the top five among us to head to God's Domain's Candlelight Hotel for special training. What do you think Instructor Shi is planning on doing, Lingling?" Xiao Yuheng asked after catching her breath.

There was a reason why their whole class had suddenly come to the field early in the morning to exercise. It wasn't because they were diligent. Instead, it was because they were testing the time it took them to complete one repetition of Shi Feng's exercise and find the top five among them as per Shi Feng's instructions.

"I'm not sure," Wu Lingling said, shaking her head. "However, I suspect that it has something to do with the visit to the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters. The Academy has just informed the instructors that the Secret Pavilion has decided to increase the number of students allowed to visit its branch headquarters. Instructor Shi must've received news of this as well, so he's probably conducting special training in preparation for that. After all, there is bound to be a spar between academies once we reach there. We're going to have to fight for our academy's reputation."

"That's possible." Qin Wuchen nodded. "Thanks to the Four Heavenly Kings, our academy always managed to rank within the top eight of the Provincial Academy Competition. Although the visit to the Secret Pavilion this time won't involve all academies in the province, I heard that there will still be more than ten academies participating in the tour. It'd be disgraceful for our academy if we performed poorly in the spar."

An ordinary province would have around 70 or 80 God's Domain Academies, while larger ones would have over a hundred. For an academy in a third-tier city like Jin Hai City, it was amazing that their academy managed to rank within the top eight of the province in the past. After all, there was a significant difference between third-tier cities and first- and second-tier cities since the stronger a Guild was in God's Domain, the more likely they would have their headquarters set in high-tiered cities.

The fact that their academy managed to rank within the top eight despite this fact was proof of their strength. Naturally, they couldn't sully this reputation during their visit to the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters.

Subsequently, after everyone completed their test and decided on the top five of the class, the noisy sports field suddenly grew quiet. Confused by this situation, Wu Lingling and the others looked toward the sports field's entrance.

At this time, the crowd originally gathered at the sports field's entrance had taken the initiative to separate and open up a path. Meanwhile, every student standing amidst the crowd wore expressions of respect and admiration on their faces.

A short moment later, two people appeared on the opened path, one of them being Luo Tiancheng, a junior instructor of the Academy, and the other being a silver-haired girl.

"What?! That's Wu Xiaoxiao!"

"Senior Wu Xiaoxiao is back already?"

Qin Wuchen and the others promptly grew excited when they saw the approaching silver-haired girl.

Wu Xiaoxiao!

She was the number one genius of Jin Hai University's God's Domain Academy. At the same time, she was also the most talented student in the Academy's history. Even though she was still a student, she had already become the vice commander of Dazzle Wave's main force. At the same time, she was also only one step away from entering the Professional League's A-League, and she was known as the Silver Witch among God's Domain's new generation of experts.

Because of Wu Xiaoxiao's presence, Jin Hai University managed to rank within the top five out of all the province's God's Domain Academies these past few years. Otherwise, even with the Four Heavenly Kings' presence, Jin Hai University probably couldn't even rank within the top ten.

"Why are you here, Big Sis?" Wu Lingling obediently walked up to and greeted her sister. "Shouldn't you be out training?"

"The special training is already over." When Wu Xiaoxiao saw her cute little sister, her expression softened significantly. "My initial plan was to come and see you after the results of my training are out, but do you think I can sit still after learning that you became the student of a junior instructor?"

Hearing Wu Xiaoxiao's words, Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but sneer. Now that Wu Xiaoxiao had made a personal appearance, it wouldn't matter what Shi Feng did. Wu Lingling would definitely be changing instructors now.

"You're overthinking things, Big Sis." Wu Lingling understood where her elder sister was coming from, so she explained, "Instructor Shi's teaching standard is incredible. I'm confident he is in no way inferior to the Academy's senior instructors."

"Let's hope that's the case," Wu Xiaoxiao said, paying no heed to her little sister's words. "Can I meet with your instructor now?"

"You want to meet with Instructor Shi?" After thinking for a moment, Wu Lingling said, "Instructor Shi isn't at school right now. If you want to meet him, you'll have to do so in the Miniature Ancient World."

"I just so happen to be in the Miniature Ancient World. I'll go online in a moment, so take me to him," Wu Xiaoxiao said, her tone allowing no objections. "If I deem him inadequate, you must transfer under my instructor."

"Alright, then. But you mustn't behave rashly," Wu Lingling said. She knew that she couldn't change her elder sister's mind with words alone, so she had no choice but to agree with her elder sister's demand for now.

Wu Xiaoxiao nodded.

Afterward, Wu Lingling and the other top five students of the class made their way back to the Academy's dormitory and logged into God's Domain.

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