Chapter 52 - Silver Witch
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Early morning, God's Domain Academy, sports field:

Although autumn had yet to arrive, the cooling wind persuaded many students to wear their sports jackets as they did their morning exercise. Some students chatted as they jogged around the field, while some did basic strength training. The lively atmosphere on the field was not at all inferior to that of the Academy's library.

"You finished the nine movement sets so quickly, Yu Heng!" Qin Wuchen exclaimed as he looked at Xiao Yuheng, who was covered in sweat and gasping for air.

"Amazing! You finished in just five minutes and thirty-three seconds! Didn't it take you seven minutes and fifty-two seconds to finish the whole exercise yesterday?" Wu Lingling said, her mouth gaping slightly as she looked at the time displayed on her stopwatch.

The nine movement sets Shi Feng taught them might seem simple, but after combining it with his special breathing method, every movement executed placed a huge strain on their bodies. It even felt like their hearts would explode when they did the exercise.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that completing one movement set was akin to running a thousand-meter lap. By the time they completed all nine movement sets properly, they would collapse to the ground in exhaustion. If they hadn't been training their bodies since young, they couldn't have completed even one repetition of the exercise at all.

"Hehe." After completing one repetition, Xiao Yuheng giggled as she looked at Qin Wuchen and Wu Xiaoxiao. Then, she cheekily said, "It's a secret!"

"That's mean of you, Yuheng. I even shared with you some of the basic techniques Instructor Shi taught me before," Wu Lingling said, puffing up her cheeks and pretending to be angry.

Although she had managed to shorten her time to three minutes and forty seconds after receiving Shi Feng's catered instructions, she was still far from reaching Shi Feng's requirement of three minutes. If she kept on training at her current pace, it'd take her at least three to five days to achieve the target.


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