Chapter 51 - Zero Wing's Outer Member
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 51 - Zero Wing's Outer Member

Ancient God's Blood?! Am I dreaming?!

Galaxy Past's eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at the strand of Ancient God's Blood stored in the crystal vial in Shi Feng's hand.

In the current era where Gods had gone into seclusion, it was incredibly rare to come across even the possession of normal Gods. Meanwhile, Ancient Gods were the most ancient existences among Gods, and the possessions of Ancient Gods were incredibly rare even during the ancient era, let alone the modern era. It was especially true for an Ancient God's precious blood.

At this time, even the knowledgeable Hidden Soul was shocked and confused by the strand of Ancient God's Blood before her.

Compared to Galaxy Past, Hidden Soul had a much more extensive information network in God's Domain. Hence, she knew that there were only a few Ancient God's possessions that had been found in the current God's Domain. She also knew the identity of these items, but none of them was as precious as the Ancient God's Blood. Even in the other God's Domains she visited, she had never heard of anything like the Ancient God's Blood.

However, just when Hidden Soul and Galaxy Past were about to ask about the Ancient God's Blood's authenticity, a terrifying Divine Might suddenly descended upon the room once more. Immediately, both Hidden Soul and Galaxy Past fell flat to the floor again, neither of them able to put up any resistance…

Meanwhile, the origin of this Divine Might was none other than the strand of purple-gold blood inside the crystal vial.

Seeing the two people before him falling to the floor once more, Shi Feng returned the Ancient God's Blood into his bag and said, "You've experienced the Divine Might this thing radiates for yourself now. Meanwhile, its effects are what I just told you. It can strengthen a player's Mana Body once, but to what extent depends on the player using it. At most, it can strengthen a Mana Body up to the Epic rank."

"This thing, no, this Ancient God's Blood…" After struggling to stand up again, Hidden Soul asked Shi Feng, "Can Zero Wing's outer members exchange for it?"

Hearing Hidden Soul's question, Galaxy Past, who remained lying on the floor, perked up his ears in interest. After all, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested in obtaining an Epic Mana Body. Otherwise, he wouldn't have abandoned his original level and achievements to restart his progress in the Miniature Ancient World.

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"Yes," Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw Hidden Soul's interest toward the Ancient God's Blood. "Are you interested in joining Zero Wing now?"

During Shi Feng's previous life, Hidden Soul was one of the Flower of Seven Sins' seven commanders. Back then, her strength ranked at the very top even in the Greater God's Domain.

Although Shi Feng didn't know why Hidden Soul would suddenly become a former commander of the Flower of Seven Sins in this life, it'd be a huge loss if he let her slip out of his grasp. After all, not only was Hidden Soul a Domain Realm expert, but she was even someone who had already taken the next step in the Domain Realm. Even if she wasn't as strong as she was in her previous life, she could still be regarded as a first-rate God-ranked expert in the Greater God's Domain.

It should be known that Shi Feng's current physique in the real world was terrible. The state of his mind was also dragged down because of his poor physique. In a fight of pure skill, he would be no match for Hidden Soul whatsoever. Hence, if he could recruit Hidden Soul into Zero Wing, it'd help him significantly.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested," Hidden Soul said after taking a deep breath. Then, she turned to Galaxy Past, who had just stood up, and earnestly said, "I will remember the favor you've done for me this time. As per our agreement, I will work together with you to earn points from now on."

"It's great that you're willing to join," Galaxy Past said with a happy smile. "I guess we are allies now."

"Okay. Since you wish to join, here's the contract," Shi Feng said, nodding as he passed the Magic Contract he prepared beforehand to Hidden Soul. Then, he turned to Galaxy Past and continued, "Since you invited a Domain Realm expert this time, you will receive 50,000 Zero Wing Points and one additional invitation slot."

After saying so, Shi Feng took out two lists from his bag and handed them to the two people before him.

"These are the items outer members can exchange. There is also a list of tasks and items you can use to acquire points. Take a look at them yourselves."

After acquiring the Mana Protection Crystals, Shi Feng had drawn up an item exchange list and task list to help create a positive development cycle for Zero Wing while also ensuring that things didn't get out of his control.

Currently, Zero Wing offered three services as an alliance. The first service was the exchange of Zero Wing Points for items. The second service was the acquisition of points through tasks. The third service was the acquisition of points through item exchanges. As calculating and managing points was a relatively easy task, Shi Feng could leave it to the hotel's NPC receptionist, Blakeana.

So expensive… Galaxy Past was flabbergasted when he saw the list of items available for exchange.

Currently, there were only three items available for exchange.

The first item was the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. It cost 40 million points, significantly less than his previous predictions. Even so, exchanging for the technique wouldn't be an easy task. After all, 40 million points were equivalent to 40 million Gold. It was a significant sum of money that even the various superpowers would need some time to accumulate.

The second item on the list was the Ancient God's Blood. It cost 10 million points to exchange. If converted to Coins, it was an amount that would take a top-tier first-rate Guild like the Star Alliance a significant amount of time to exchange. Although it was still incredibly expensive, it was far less unattainable than the Holy Annihilation Technique.

The third item up for exchange wasn't exactly an item. Instead, it was an opportunity to receive pointers. Each opportunity cost one million points. Although this was an astronomical price to pay for mere guidance, it was a worthwhile exchange if one could receive some inspiration when stuck at a bottleneck.

However, the biggest problem here wasn't the cost of these items. Instead, the main problem was the lack of methods Shi Feng provided to acquire points.

Currently, there was only one task on the task list, and that was to guide players. They would receive 500,000 points if they could help an appointed player reach the Refinement Realm, 2,000,000 points for reaching the Flowing Water Realm, and 5,000,000 points for reaching the Void Realm.

While the rewards of this task might seem lucrative, helping a non-Refinement Realm player reach the Refinement Realm was easier said than done. It was a process highly dependent on luck, and the process could take anywhere from several days to several years. It was even more so for the Flowing Water Realm and Void Realm.

Apart from tasks, the only other method of acquiring points was trading in items. Currently, there were only three items they could exchange for points.

The first item was Seven Luminaries Crystals, something which all powers in God's Domain needed. One unit of Seven Luminaries Crystal could be traded for 5,000 points. In Coins, that was the current market rate for Seven Luminaries Crystals. Only, nobody would trade one unit of Seven Luminaries Crystal for 5,000 Coins.

The second item was the Holy Sword Broken Steel. It was one of the Famed Swords in God's Domain, and it could be exchanged for 10 million Zero Wing Points. The amount of points Shi Feng offered far exceeded the actual value of the Holy Sword. However, Broken Steel was currently in a mighty expert's possession. Even if said expert was no longer using the Holy Sword, it wouldn't be easy to get it off his hands…

The third item was Legendary materials such as Dragon Fangs, Dragon Claws, Dragon Scales, etc. Each material could be exchanged for 5,000 points. The price could also be considered reasonable. However, such materials typically came from Dragons or Inferior Dragons, so obtaining them would be very challenging.

"If you wish to trade in items for points, you can do it with me here or Blakeana at the front desk," Shi Feng said. "If you wish to receive pointers, you will have to wait until I am present in the Candlelight Hotel."

Afterward, Hidden Soul and Galaxy Past discussed something privately with each other. Then, Hidden Soul chose to accept the teaching job while Galaxy Past logged out of the game immediately. Evidently, Galaxy Past planned to mobilize the Star Alliance to acquire some of the items on the item exchange list.

"Mr. Black Flame, how many players can I teach at a time for this teaching task?" Hidden Soul asked after giving the matter some thought.

"You can teach at most five players at a time," Shi Feng explained. "You also can't change your students unless they reach one of the three milestones."

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to teach his students himself. However, he simply had too many things to do now that he had just established Zero Wing. Not to mention, he had just gained a Domain Realm expert like Hidden Soul. It'd be a huge waste not to make proper use of her expertise.

"Do I instruct them in God's Domain?" Hidden Soul asked another question.

"That's right." Shi Feng nodded. "However, you must keep everything about yourself a secret from these people. All you need to do is instruct them."

"That won't be a problem. I'll keep my cloak on at all times," Hidden Soul answered without hesitation. "Can I start now, then?"

As a former commander of the Flower of Seven Sins, keeping secrets was her forte. Although she didn't know why Shi Feng wasn't doing the teaching himself, she understood that some questions were best left unasked. It was especially true when the questions involved Zero Wing, a Guild capable of offering items such as the Ancient God's Blood and God Legacies for exchange.

"I'm afraid you'll have to wait in the hotel for a bit," Shi Feng awkwardly said. "I still need to contact the relevant people."


Hidden Soul readily agreed with Shi Feng's arrangement and went downstairs to wait. Meanwhile, Shi Feng hurriedly logged out of the game.

God's Domain Academy, advanced training hall:

At this time, a tall young woman with silver hair and a frosty expression walked out of the advanced reaction tester. Then, she looked at the robust man standing beside the tester and coldly said, "What did you say? Lingling became a junior instructor's student?!"

"Mhm. That Instructor Shi used to be the Shadow's Guild Leader, but he was dismissed because of some matters. I don't know what he said to Student Wu Lingling, but she adamantly insists on getting taught by him…" Luo Tiancheng hastily replied, his body shuddering involuntarily when subjected to the silver-haired girl's cold gaze. However, he did not feel the slightest bit angry even when faced with the silver-haired girl's rude questioning. On the contrary, he behaved respectfully in front of her. It was especially true after he saw the result displayed on the advanced reaction tester.


Originally, the basic reaction tester the Academy possessed would only have evaluations of Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent, and Perfect.

However, after receiving a capital injection from various corporations, the Academy had introduced an advanced reaction tester to the advanced training hall. The tester was set to the standards of the various superpowers, and the tester similarly had five evaluation ranks: B-rank, A-rank, S-rank, SS-rank, and SSS-rank.

However, achieving a B-rank evaluation in the advanced reaction tester was even more difficult than achieving a Perfect evaluation in the basic reaction tester. The advanced reaction tester's testing criteria were so stringent that even some Refinement Realm experts could only score an A-rank evaluation, which was also Wu Xiaoxiao's best score previously.

Yet, after leaving the Academy for training for a short period, Wu Xiaoxiao was now able to achieve an S-rank evaluation! It was simply astounding!

"She wants only him to teach her?" Wu Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes on Luo Tiancheng. Then, she grabbed her jacket from the nearby bench and coldly said, "I know what you're up to, Luo Tiancheng. Don't think that I can't see that you're trying to sow discord. Even so, that man should think twice if he thinks he can delude Lingling. I want to see what kind of abilities he has to dare boast about teaching Lingling!"

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