Chapter 51 - Zero Wing's Outer Member
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 51 - Zero Wing's Outer Member

Ancient God's Blood?! Am I dreaming?!

Galaxy Past's eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at the strand of Ancient God's Blood stored in the crystal vial in Shi Feng's hand.

In the current era where Gods had gone into seclusion, it was incredibly rare to come across even the possession of normal Gods. Meanwhile, Ancient Gods were the most ancient existences among Gods, and the possessions of Ancient Gods were incredibly rare even during the ancient era, let alone the modern era. It was especially true for an Ancient God's precious blood.

At this time, even the knowledgeable Hidden Soul was shocked and confused by the strand of Ancient God's Blood before her.

Compared to Galaxy Past, Hidden Soul had a much more extensive information network in God's Domain. Hence, she knew that there were only a few Ancient God's possessions that had been found in the current God's Domain. She also knew the identity of these items, but none of them was as precious as the Ancient God's Blood. Even in the other God's Domains she visited, she had never heard of anything like the Ancient God's Blood.

However, just when Hidden Soul and Galaxy Past were about to ask about the Ancient God's Blood's authenticity, a terrifying Divine Might suddenly descended upon the room once more. Immediately, both Hidden Soul and Galaxy Past fell flat to the floor again, neither of them able to put up any resistance…

Meanwhile, the origin of this Divine Might was none other than the strand of purple-gold blood inside the crystal vial.

Seeing the two people before him falling to the floor once more, Shi Feng returned the Ancient God's Blood into his bag and said, "You've experienced the Divine Might this thing radiates for yourself now. Meanwhile, its effects are what I just told you. It can strengthen a player's Mana Body once, but to what extent depends on the player using it. At most, it can strengthen a Mana Body up to the Epic rank."

"This thing, no, this Ancient God's Blood…" After struggling to stand up again, Hidden Soul asked Shi Feng, "Can Zero Wing's outer members exchange for it?"

Hearing Hidden Soul's question, Galaxy Past, who remained lying on the floor, perked up his ears in interest. After all, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested in obtaining an Epic Mana Body. Otherwise, he wouldn't have abandoned his original level and achievements to restart his progress in the Miniature Ancient World.

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