Chapter 50 - Frightening Zero Wing
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 50 - Frightening Zero Wing

"Stop! Soul!"

Galaxy Past panicked when he saw Hidden Soul dashing into the room with her short sword drawn. Although he had long since known that Hidden Soul was a crazy woman, he didn't think that she would try to test Shi Feng's strength as soon as they met.


Hidden Soul was a true maniac!

However, ignoring Galaxy Past's words, Hidden Soul promptly vanished from Galaxy Past's vision and perception. The standard of her footwork and body technique were leagues ahead of Zhuo Yalin's.

It's over…

Galaxy Past fell into despair when he saw Hidden Soul vanishing. Originally, he had wanted to rely on Hidden Soul to help him earn points at a quicker rate. Yet, now, Hidden Soul had ended up trying to assassinate Shi Feng. There was no way he could salvage the situation now.

Hidden Soul was labeled as a death god in God's Domain because she could kill almost anyone within ten steps of her. Even Tier 6 God-ranked experts were at risk of death if they weren't careful.

It should be known that there was a gigantic gap in Basic Attributes between Tier 5 and Tier 6 players. So, it was almost impossible for a Tier 5 player to assassinate a Tier 6 player.

Although Hidden Soul had regressed to Tier 3 now, even Tier 4 experts were probably at risk of dying at her blade, let alone Tier 3 experts…

Just when Galaxy Past thought that he had ruined his partnership with Zero Wing, he suddenly heard a loud boom coming from inside the room. It sounded like something crashing to the ground. Upon hearing this sound, he hurriedly entered the room with a worried heart.

However, as soon as Galaxy Past entered the room, he was instantly dumbfounded.

How is this possible?!

Currently, inside the spacious living room, Galaxy Past saw Shi Feng quietly sitting on the living room sofa while Hidden Soul's body lay paralyzed on the living room carpet. At a glance, it looked like something heavy was pressing down on Hidden Soul's body, and no matter how much she struggled, she couldn't break free from her current state…

This outcome far exceeded Galaxy Past's expectations, and his mind had difficulty processing this situation.

In a situation where both Hidden Soul and Shi Feng were at Tier 3, not only did Hidden Soul fail to assassinate Shi Feng, but judging by the current situation, it would seem that she didn't even manage to lay a finger on Shi Feng…

However, after observing this scene for less than half a second, Galaxy Past suddenly felt an unbearably heavy pressure acting on his body, causing him to instantly collapse to the ground. At the same time, he also felt his mind being assaulted by a frighteningly powerful mental attack.

Divine Might?!

Galaxy Past grew even more shocked after falling to the ground.

As a Tier 5 player, he would often come into contact with items belonging to Gods. Hence, Divine Might was something he was incredibly familiar with.

Yet, the Divine Might he was familiar with felt incredibly foreign right now.

Divine Might was usually used to refer to the mental deterrence created by Gods. It was something unique to Tier 6 Gods, Tier 6 God-ranked experts, and possessions of Gods.

Meanwhile, the Divine Might that covered the room right now was so terrifyingly powerful that he felt as if a true Tier 6 God was standing before him.

Such frightening Divine Might simply wasn't something Tier 3 players could resist. The only thing they could do in this situation was to submit. Even Hidden Soul, someone who had assassinated Tier 6 God-ranked experts before, was no exception.

Yet, despite being enveloped by this same Divine Might, Shi Feng remained seated on the sofa nonchalantly, his behavior making it seem as if the Divine Might in the room did not exist at all…

"Oh, right, I forgot that the Divine Might in this room hasn't fully dissipated yet." Shi Feng was a little surprised when he saw the two people collapsed on the ground before him. Then, he quickly snapped out of his daze and apologized, "Sorry. I was handling something just now. I think it'll be a while longer before this Divine Might disappears completely."

It was indeed tough for players to resist Divine Might before reaching Tier 5 or higher. Not to mention, the Divine Might the Mana Protection Crystals radiated belonged to that of Ancient Gods.

It was also because of this reason that unless one could resist an Ancient God's Divine Might, one couldn't even extract the Ancient God's Blood stored inside Mana Protection Crystals.

Meanwhile, there existed mental techniques for players in God's Domain to resist things such as Divine Might. Only, such mental techniques weren't commonly seen in God's Domain. However, once this God's Domain gained access to the Greater God's Domain, learning such mental techniques would become a basic requirement.

He was handling something?

Galaxy Past suddenly felt his mind freezing. He couldn't even begin to imagine what item Shi Feng was handling to fill this room with such frightening Divine Might.

However, after some time had passed, the Divine Might in the room had gradually disappeared, just like Shi Feng said it would. Meanwhile, Hidden Soul had also stood up, her eyes filled with fighting spirit and wariness as she looked at Shi Feng.

"Hidden Soul, stop messing around!" Galaxy Past, who was still stuck on the ground, shouted hurriedly when he noticed Hidden Soul's expression.

"Hidden Soul? Sin of Pride?"

Shi Feng was a little surprised when he looked at the woman standing before him.

He was well acquainted with Hidden Soul during his previous life. He had even teamed up with the other party for an expedition before.

However, it was precisely because of his familiarity with Hidden Soul that he found it hard to believe that the cloaked woman before him was the same Hidden Soul he knew of.

Although Hidden Soul's impressive body remained the same, the aura she currently radiated felt completely different.

During his previous life, the Hidden Soul he knew of was an outstanding woman with individual strength so strong that she could fight Divine Heart Carbet, one of Demon's Gate's Nine Great Experts, to a standstill. Yet, now, the current Hidden Soul felt like a crazed, hungry wolf, her body radiating a cold and violent aura.

"That's right! I'm the former Sin of Pride, Hidden Soul!" Hidden Soul did not refute Shi Feng's words. However, when she mentioned the words "Sin of Pride," a hint of bitterness briefly appeared on her face. Then, she quickly reverted to her normal state, a hint of fear subconsciously appearing in her eyes. "I was skeptical when Galaxy Past told me you were powerful before. After all, resisting a Dragon's attack only proves that your attacks are strong. It is an entirely different matter for combat standards."

Unlike Galaxy Past, who had only come across Divine Might radiated by items belonging to Gods, she had fought actual Tier 6 Gods before. So, she knew what a Tier 6 God's Divine Might felt like. Hence, she knew that the Divine Might she just experienced didn't come from a Tier 6 God, but a much more ancient and powerful being instead.

Faced with such a powerful Divine Might, even a Half-step Tier 6 God-ranked expert like herself was rendered powerless. Yet, Shi Feng had behaved nonchalantly while subjected to this same Divine Might. If she hadn't personally witnessed this scene for herself, she wouldn't have believed it.

"Now that you've seen me in person, what do you think of my combat standard?" Shi Feng asked with a smile.

"You are very strong!" Hidden Soul readily admitted. "At the very least, your combat standard ranks within the top ten of the people I know."

"Top ten?" Shi Feng wasn't particularly surprised by Hidden Soul's appraisal. Then, he asked, "So, may I know the purpose of your visit?"

"To join Zero Wing. Honestly, I've been on the fence on this matter originally, which is why I decided to come here in person to see if Zero Wing can help me. But after seeing you, I think the likelihood of that happening is low," Hidden Soul bluntly stated. "I've seen several experts of your caliber in other God's Domains, but none of the powers backing them can help me reach Tier 6."

The strength of an expert could reflect the foundation of the power they belonged to. This was also why she wanted to test Shi Feng by launching a sneak attack on him.

However, while Shi Feng had displayed extraordinary Concentration standard and willpower, his combat standard wasn't any better than the monsters she had come across. At most, he was on par with them.

"So, does this mean you don't plan on joining Zero Wing?" Shi Feng asked as he looked at Hidden Soul.

"That's right." Hidden Soul nodded.

Upon hearing Hidden Soul's response, Galaxy Past, still stuck lying on the floor, immediately grew nervous. If Hidden Soul refused to join Zero Wing, it'd be tough for him to find another Domain Realm expert. After all, he couldn't randomly invite any Domain Realm expert he knew since he needed to take the Star Alliance's benefit into account. In Hidden Soul's case, she could already be considered an independent player. Even if she joined Zero Wing, it wouldn't disadvantage the Star Alliance in any way.

However, just when Hidden Soul was about to leave, Shi Feng suddenly smiled and said, "If you were to ask for anything else in this God's Domain, Zero Wing might have trouble fulfilling your request. However, if your request is only to reach Tier 6, Zero Wing can help you with that."

"Is what you say true?" Hidden Soul couldn't help but turn to Shi Feng, her eyes burning with passion.

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Honestly, she was already in despair over trying to reach Tier 6. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come to the Miniature Ancient World seeking an opportunity.

"Of course." While scrutinizing Hidden Soul's expression, Shi Feng said, "There are two main conditions players need to fulfill if they wish to reach Tier 6. The first condition is to have sufficient control and understanding over Mana. The second condition is to have Concentration at the Tier 6 standard. You have clearly fulfilled the first condition already, so the reason why you've failed to reach Tier 6 thus far is because of your lacking Concentration.

"Meanwhile, the reason why your Concentration has failed to reach the Tier 6 standard is also simple. A strong body requires a strong mind. Likewise, a strong mind requires a strong body. I can see that your Mana Body is at the Peak Gold standard, and its Completion Rate is also very high. Normally, you should've long since reached Tier 6. Yet, the fact that you haven't reached it shows that your mental state is incredibly unstable, so you need an even stronger body to compensate for it."

"What you say is true. It is also the reason why I came to the Miniature Ancient World." Hidden Soul was not at all fazed by Shi Feng's words. After all, these were all things she had long since known about. "I've already tried challenging the Colosseum, but my limit is the Peak Gold standard. My Completion Rate is also at 100%. I can't make any further progress unless I can obtain a God Legacy. However, the rarity of God Legacies goes without saying. Even if someone manages to obtain one, there is no way they will sell it to me. Does Zero Wing have God Legacies available?"

"God Legacies?" Hearing Hidden Soul's question, Shi Feng thought of a few God Legacies that should be undiscovered yet as of now. Then, he shook his head and said, "We do have a few, but as you've said, they are incredibly valuable. They are not things an outer member should think of obtaining."

Zero Wing has God Legacies?

Galaxy Past couldn't help but lift his head and look at Shi Feng upon hearing Shi Feng's words. If Zero Wing had God Legacies available for exchange, then Zero Wing's strength was far more frightening than he initially thought.

"They're available for exchange?"

At this moment, even Hidden Soul was a little stunned. She could tell that Shi Feng wasn't boasting or lying through his tone and facial expression. In that case, how strong must a Guild be to have the leeway to offer God Legacies for exchange?

"You shouldn't go thinking about those things right now," Shi Feng said, chuckling when he noticed Hidden Soul's fiery gaze. "I've already said that they're not things an outer member can obtain. You can only use other methods if you wish to reach Tier 6."

"Other methods?" Hidden Soul grew curious.

"That's right. While a God Legacy is indeed your best option, it isn't irreplaceable," Shi Feng said, smiling. Then, he took out a strand of Ancient God's Blood from his bag and said, "Ancient God's Blood, an item that can push your Mana Body to the next level!"

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