Chapter 49 - Sin of Pride
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After seeing the cloaked woman enter the Candlelight Hotel, the middle-aged man couldn't help but grow worried as he looked at the ordinary-looking hotel before him.

Let's hope Mr. Black Flame didn't lie to me. Otherwise, this fierce woman will definitely turn the entire Star Alliance upside down… the middle-aged man prayed before following the cloaked woman into the hotel.

If Lin Yaoyue was present right now, she would definitely be greatly surprised. This was because the middle-aged man was none other than Galaxy Past, the Star Alliance's former Guild Leader and a Tier 5 apex expert during his peak. Yet, as strong as he was, Galaxy Past was actually behaving timidly around a woman. It was simply unbelievable.

However, only Galaxy Past knew just how frightening the woman he brought was. She was someone even the various superpowers feared.

Hidden Soul!

Hidden Soul was a legendary Assassin in God's Domain. At the same time, she was also one of the former commanders of the Flower of Seven Sins, God's Domain's strongest assassination organization.

A few years ago, Hidden Soul had killed even the Guild Leader of a Super Guild before. Back then, her achievement had shaken the entire God's Domain and propelled her to become a legendary individual known by all.

Although Hidden Soul had never managed to reach Tier 6 all these years, she was undoubtedly one of the trickiest players to deal with under Tier 6. It was especially true when the battlefield was set in the wilderness. She would become a death god with the cover the wilderness afforded her.

In the past, one Tier 6 Berserker God had even publicly expressed that Hidden Soul had nearly assassinated him out in the wild. Hence, even though Hidden Soul was only a Tier 5 player, no Tier 6 God-ranked expert dared to underestimate her.

If not for the sake of obtaining Zero Wing Points and one additional invitation slot, Galaxy Past definitely wouldn't have sought the help of Hidden Soul.

While Galaxy Past was inwardly praying, he suddenly noticed Hidden Soul stop moving abruptly after entering the hotel.

Did something happen?!

Galaxy Past's heart thumped as he hurriedly stepped forward.

The instant Galaxy Past entered the Candlelight Hotel, he immediately felt his body brimming with energy and his mind becoming refreshed. At this moment, he even had the illusion that he had just woken up from a dream.

How can the Mana here be so dense?! Galaxy Past was filled with disbelief when he sensed the near-misty state of the Mana in the air.

Mana was the foundation of everything in God's Domain.

It was true that the Miniature Ancient World's environment rivaled that of ancient times, and the density of the ambient Mana here far surpassed that of the main continent. Meanwhile, this Mana density would be further amplified under the magic arrays of hotels.

However, compared to the environment found in other hotels, the environment in the Candlelight Hotel was on a whole other level. Specifically, there was a qualitative difference between the Mana in the Candlelight Hotel and the Mana in other hotels.

If players trained in such a Mana-rich environment, it would help significantly in improving their control over Mana.

"Not only is the Mana here dense, but it is also very stable. I can sense the operation of the magical elements much more clearly here," Hidden Soul commented, opening her eyes after carefully analyzing the Mana around her. "Even those Super Guilds will have a hard time letting an ordinary hotel gain such a Mana-rich environment. It seems you didn't lie to me."

"Of course. You've seen that battle video for yourself. You should know as well as I do that such an expert has never been seen in our God's Domain," Galaxy Past said with a hint of pride.

"Indeed. Out of the experts I know, none of them resemble him. The attack he used to injure the Bronze Dragon is especially something. Out of everyone in God's Domain, only those four could probably accomplish a similar feat. But there is no way those four would be so free as to come to this place," Hidden Soul said, nodding. However, she still held a skeptical attitude as she added, "But I still don't think that person and the Zero Wing that you spoke of can help me reach Tier 6."

Unlike Galaxy Past, Hidden Soul used to be the commander of the Flower of Seven Sins' Sin of Pride. She had free access to the Flower of Seven Sins' information network, which was only slightly inferior to the Secret Pavilion's information network. She even had the fortune of visiting other God's Domains linked to their God's Domain. Thus, the things she knew of far exceeded that of Galaxy Past.

The other God's Domains she visited were much stronger than their God's Domain. Yet, even the strongest powers in these God's Domains didn't have the foundation necessary to help her reach Tier 6.

This was because the cause of her inability to reach Tier 6 was no longer related to her combat standard.

Her combat standard had long since surpassed many Tier 6 God-ranked experts. The standard of her Mana control was even top-tier among Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Even if she were to fight Shi Feng, someone capable of butting heads with a Tier 4 Bronze Dragon, she was confident she could hold her ground and potentially kill him even. After all, combat with monsters was completely different from combat with other players.

Seeing Hidden Soul's confidence, Galaxy Past's confidence also started wavering a little. Even so, he still firmly said, "I understand, but isn't that why I called you here to verify it personally?"

Galaxy Past didn't know exactly how strong the Guild known as Zero Wing was. However, judging by the strength Shi Feng had displayed thus far, Zero Wing was definitely stronger than the current Five Great Super Guilds. After all, Zero Wing could afford to let a God-ranked expert like Shi Feng come to the Miniature Ancient World to restart his progress. This point alone was more than enough to prove Zero Wing's strength.

If a Guild wasn't overflowing with Tier 6 God-ranked experts, there'd be no way it would dare let a Tier 6 God-ranked expert retrain his account.

Since Zero Wing had so many Tier 6 God-ranked experts, it shouldn't be difficult to help Hidden Soul, whose combat standards surpassed ordinary Tier 6 God-ranked experts, reach Tier 6.

Amidst the conversation between Hidden Soul and Galaxy Past, Blakeana approached the two and asked, "Welcome to the Candlelight Hotel. May I know if you two need any help?"

"Hello, we wish to meet with Mr. Black Flame. May I know if he is in?" Galaxy Past asked, getting straight to the point.

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"Alright, please wait for a moment. I will notify the owner of your request," Blakeana said, nodding before contacting Shi Feng.

Second-floor advanced room:

After refining the Mana Protection Crystals for ten minutes, the three crystals gradually disintegrated in the magic array Shi Feng drew and revealed several strands of purple-gold blood. Then, as soon as these strands of blood were freed from their containers, they started rapidly absorbing the rich Mana in the room, depleting the room of Mana in just three seconds.

Meanwhile, after absorbing all that Mana, the purple-gold blood radiated an ancient Divine Might that filled the entire room.

Success! Shi Feng grew excited when he looked at the strands of purple-gold blood hovering and flowing before him. I can't believe I managed to extract twelve strands of Ancient God's Blood from just three crystals. Those Outerworld powers will probably die from envy if they learn of this.

While Mana Protection Crystals could be found in the Greater God's Domain, every crystal would involve a struggle between a group of Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Some Tier 6 God-ranked experts even sustained severe injuries during these struggles and required astronomical amounts of resources to recover. Hence, one could easily imagine the value of the Mana Protection Crystal.

Meanwhile, Mana Protection Crystals typically yielded only two strands of Ancient God's Blood, with larger ones yielding three strands at most.

Yet, Shi Feng had extracted four strands of blood from each Mana Protection Crystal, netting himself twelve strands in total.

Meanwhile, shortly after Shi Feng finished extracting the Ancient God's Blood, he suddenly received a call from Blakeana.

"Owner, two people have come to the hotel asking to meet you. They are a man and a woman. Do you want to meet them?" Blakeana asked.

"A man and a woman?" Shi Feng quickly stored the Ancient God's Blood away after hearing this. Then, he said, "Bring them here, then."

Shortly afterward, Blakeana knocked on the room's door.

"I've brought them here, Owner," Blakeana said from outside the door.

"You can head back to work. Have them enter on their own," Shi Feng said casually as he tidied up the Magic Crystal dust and remnant magic materials on the floor.

After hearing Shi Feng's words, Blakeana bowed slightly to Galaxy Past and Hidden Soul before returning downstairs by herself.

You want us to enter on our own? Let's see if you are as powerful as Galaxy Past says you are, then!

Hidden Soul smirked and unsheathed the tattered short sword she carried on her back when she heard Shi Feng's words. Immediately. Then, she abruptly opened the door and dashed inside, leaving behind an afterimage.

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