Chapter 49 - Sin of Pride
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After seeing the cloaked woman enter the Candlelight Hotel, the middle-aged man couldn't help but grow worried as he looked at the ordinary-looking hotel before him.

Let's hope Mr. Black Flame didn't lie to me. Otherwise, this fierce woman will definitely turn the entire Star Alliance upside down… the middle-aged man prayed before following the cloaked woman into the hotel.

If Lin Yaoyue was present right now, she would definitely be greatly surprised. This was because the middle-aged man was none other than Galaxy Past, the Star Alliance's former Guild Leader and a Tier 5 apex expert during his peak. Yet, as strong as he was, Galaxy Past was actually behaving timidly around a woman. It was simply unbelievable.

However, only Galaxy Past knew just how frightening the woman he brought was. She was someone even the various superpowers feared.

Hidden Soul!

Hidden Soul was a legendary Assassin in God's Domain. At the same time, she was also one of the former commanders of the Flower of Seven Sins, God's Domain's strongest assassination organization.

A few years ago, Hidden Soul had killed even the Guild Leader of a Super Guild before. Back then, her achievement had shaken the entire God's Domain and propelled her to become a legendary individual known by all.

Although Hidden Soul had never managed to reach Tier 6 all these years, she was undoubtedly one of the trickiest players to deal with under Tier 6. It was especially true when the battlefield was set in the wilderness. She would become a death god with the cover the wilderness afforded her.

In the past, one Tier 6 Berserker God had even publicly expressed that Hidden Soul had nearly assassinated him out in the wild. Hence, even though Hidden Soul was only a Tier 5 player, no Tier 6 God-ranked expert dared to underestimate her.

If not for the sake of obtaining Zero Wing Points and one additional invitation slot, Galaxy Past definitely wouldn't have sought the help of Hidden Soul.

While Galaxy Past was inwardly praying, he suddenly noticed Hidden Soul stop moving abr

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