Chapter 48 - Primordial God's Blood
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 48 - Primordial God's Blood

Hundred Flow City, Candlelight Hotel:

After exiting the Teleportation Hall, Shi Feng hurriedly made his way to the hotel and slumped down to the ground with a pale complexion.

Sure enough, it's still too much for me to use it repeatedly. I'll probably have to refrain from combat for the next two days. Shi Feng breathed out a deep sigh when he looked at his trembling hands under his cloak. At the same time, he also felt glad as he thought, Thankfully, they didn't notice anything. It'd be a huge embarrassment, otherwise.

The Holy Annihilation Mana Technique was powerful, but its flaws were also evident. It placed too huge of a burden on the user's Stamina and Concentration, and it simply wasn't something players could use at Tier 3. Even using it at Tier 4 was pushing the envelope a little.

Shi Feng might have behaved normally when he fought against Schwartold, even going as far as to use Holy Devour to repulse the Bronze Dragon, but that was entirely because of his Legendary Mana Body and the Winter of Eternal Night's heaven-defying Skill. Otherwise, even if he managed to use Holy Devour, he wouldn't have been able to injure the Bronze Dragon. Instead, he would get smacked to death like a fly. Moreover, the burden Holy Devour placed on his body would've reached unimaginable levels, and it might have even injured his mind and soul.

If he hadn't achieved perfect mastery over the Holy Annihilation Technique long ago, the instant he executed his first Holy Devour, he would've probably lost consciousness already.

Even then, the few seconds he fought with the Bronze Dragon had nearly paralyzed him. His mind had also fallen into a weakened state, and he had only been holding on thanks to his strong willpower. In the end, he even had to go through the troublesome way of picking up his loot using his Mana Domain to protect his and Zero Wing's image.

Although I overexerted myself this time, judging by those two's reactions, they shouldn't doubt my words for the time being. When Shi Feng recalled the longing expressions Galaxy

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