Chapter 47 - Zero Wing's Membership Slots
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 47 - Zero Wing's Membership Slots

Upon hearing Lin Yaoyue's question, Galaxy Past couldn't help but turn his gaze to Shi Feng. He, too, was concerned about this issue.

While Galaxy Past might not know how strong Zero Wing was exactly, he had seen Shi Feng's prowess with his own two eyes.

One sword to shake a Dragon!

This was a frightening battle record that only four other people could accomplish in God's Domain. Meanwhile, every one of these four people was an existence the various Super Guilds feared.

Just this point alone was more than enough reason for him to join Zero Wing's alliance. Not to mention, there was even the benefit of being able to exchange for the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique.

If he could get a bunch of his companions to join Zero Wing, it would become a lot easier to accumulate contributions in Zero Wing.

"One!" Seeing the expectant gazes the two people were giving him, Shi Feng slowly said, "Each of you will have only one invitation slot. Moreover, the people you invite must be at the Refinement Realm at the very least. If the invited player wishes to have an invitation slot, they need to reach the Flowing Water Realm first.

"Depending on the combat standards of the invited players, you will also receive a corresponding amount of points. Zero Wing's points will follow the value of God's Domain's Coins, with one point equalling one Gold Coin. You will receive 1,000 points for Refinement Realm experts, 3,000 points for Flowing Water Realm experts, and 10,000 points for Void Realm experts. If you manage to invite a Domain Realm expert, not only will you receive 50,000 points, but you will also receive an additional invitation slot. If you yourself reach the Domain Realm, you will also receive an additional invitation slot."

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to have Lin Yaoyue and Galaxy Past invite as many people as possible so that Zero Wing could grow strong quickly. However, rapid development would only lead to Zero Wing's early destruction with his current strength and resources. Moreover, after experiencing the world after the many sub-worlds of God's Domain gained free access to each other, he knew that numbers would only be important during the early phase. Later down the line, it was quality that mattered.

Hence, Shi Feng planned to raise his requirements this time and develop Zero Wing into a true alliance of experts. He would develop Zero Wing into an organization similar to Demon's Gate, an assassination organization feared by even the bigshots of the various sub-worlds.

Part of the reason why Demon's Gate was feared was because it had nine experts with the strength to solo kill Tier 6 Gods. However, what made the various bigshots truly fear Demon's Gate was when the organization had destroyed an entire sub-world. Back then, news of the matter had shaken the many sub-worlds, and Demon's Gate's existence instantly became taboo among the many sub-worlds. Nobody dared to offend Demon's Gate even at the slightest.

"One point equals one Gold Coin? That's a generous invitation bonus," Galaxy Past muttered in surprise. Then, in a disappointed tone, he continued, "But I'd rather have a smaller reward and more invitation slots instead…"

Lin Yaoyue also nodded slightly when she heard Galaxy Past's mutterings.

Receiving 1,000 Gold's worth of Zero Wing Points just for recruiting a Refinement Realm expert was certainly a generous reward. After all, at the current market rate, 1,000 Gold was worth 100,000 Credits. That was already enough money to cover an ordinary family's living expenses for a year. Not to mention, after the Miniature Ancient World was released, the price of Coins was continuously rising.

In the Miniature Ancient World, where using low-quality equipment was out of the question, players could get a relatively good Level 100 Epic Weapon with 1,000 Gold. That would increase an expert player's strength significantly.

However, for executives of first-rate Guilds like themselves, Zero Wing's invitation slots were much more important than the invitation rewards.

If there wasn't an invitation limit, they could invite many experts and companions to join them in completing Zero Wing's tasks and acquiring points. They would also have an easier time communicating with their allies. After all, Zero Wing's contract explicitly prohibited them from sharing Zero Wing's secrets with outsiders.

Now that they could only invite one player each, they would have to carefully consider whom to use their invitation slot on. By their most conservative estimates, a Mana Technique as powerful as the Holy Annihilation Technique should be worth 50 million points at the very least. After all, a Peak Legacy typically sold for 10 million Gold on the main continent, which was already enough to empty the working capital of an ordinary first-rate Guild. Meanwhile, 50 million Gold was an astronomical sum that neither the Star Alliance nor Mysterious Moon possessed…

The only fortunate matter was that they could exchange for the Holy Annihilation Technique as soon as they had enough Zero Wing Points. In comparison, they wouldn't be able to purchase a Peak Legacy even if they had the money to do so.

"If you want to acquire more invitation slots, you will have to think of ways to improve yourselves," Shi Feng said, a faint smile appearing on his face when he saw the bitter faces on Galaxy Past and Lin Yaoyue. "Now that you've signed the contract, if you wish to acquire points, exchange for resources, or invite your companions into the Guild, you can do so at Hundred Flow City's Candlelight Hotel. However, I advise you to consider who you use your invitation slot on since points won't be so easy to come by. With that said, I will be taking my leave now."

After saying so, Shi Feng extended his arms in the direction of Schwartold's loot. Immediately afterward, three items radiating a purplish-golden hue flew into Shi Feng's hand.

At a glance, anyone could tell that these three items were extraordinary. Their value was most likely second to only the Peak Legacies dropped. However, nobody present had any qualms with Shi Feng claiming these three items. On the contrary, they felt that it was only right that he did so. After all, a God-ranked expert's service wasn't something one could normally buy with just three items from a Tier 4 Dragon's loot.

After obtaining the three items, Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll for Hundred Flow City and activated it, showing no intentions of staying for even a moment longer.

"He left already?" Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but feel a little disappointed when she saw Shi Feng disappearing from the Dungeon. She would benefit immensely if she could receive even a little bit of guidance from a God-ranked expert. The progress she could make wouldn't be something she could achieve with just hard work alone.

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"Do you really think God-ranked experts have a lot of time on their hands?" Galaxy Past said, rolling his eyes at Lin Yaoyue. "Experts of their caliber have many things they need to consider and deal with. The volume of work they have on their plates is not something we can hope to imagine. The fact that a God-ranked expert is willing to spend so much time talking to us can already be considered a rare opportunity, so stop being greedy. Right now, what you should be thinking of is who you are going to invite."

Thanks to his many interactions with Purple Eye, who was now a Tier 6 God-ranked expert, Galaxy Past knew exactly how busy a Tier 6 God-ranked expert was. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that even a second of their time was incredibly precious.

The reason was that players would get to touch upon some of the true secrets of God's Domain after reaching Tier 6. Meanwhile, the things they did and the considerations they had to make were no longer restricted to only the world they lived in. Instead, their focus was on a much wider world.

However, what Galaxy Past did not know was that Shi Feng's swift departure wasn't due to any of the reasons he assumed. Instead, Shi Feng had left because he had exhausted both his Stamina and Concentration after overusing Holy Devour, and he was in urgent need of rest.

Meanwhile, after hearing Galaxy Past's reminder, Lin Yaoyue quickly decided who she should invite.

Obtaining Zero Wing Points, is it? I should discuss it properly with Yalin.

Lin Yaoyue didn't intend on notifying the Guild regarding Zero Wing's invitation this time. Instead, she planned to tell only Zhuo Yalin and have her friend join Zero Wing secretly. After all, Shi Feng had only mentioned Zero Wing's matter to her and Galaxy Past. Everyone else on the team was excluded from the conversation.

Meanwhile, after all was said and done, Lin Yaoyue and Zhuo Yalin were only reserve executives in Mysterious Moon. Although they would receive priority for resources in the Guild, it didn't mean they would receive the best resources available.

Lin Yaoyue was certain that should she tell this matter to the Guild Leader or Elder Confused Heart, they would undoubtedly take her slot away. Once that happened, it would take ages before she could earn another slot to invite Zhuo Yalin into Zero Wing.

Subsequently, after the Star Alliance's and Mysterious Moon's members disbanded the team and left the Dungeon, Galaxy Past chose to log out of the game immediately.

This trip to the Miniature Ancient World wasn't a waste after all! If I have this Mana Technique, I'm sure my strength will rise to the next level! When Galaxy Past stepped out of his virtual gaming cabin and rewatched the footage he recorded of Shi Feng's fight with the Bronze Dragon, he couldn't help but grow ecstatic. Points! I need to get more points!

After rewatching Shi Feng's battle video a few times, Galaxy Past promptly called up his contact list on his quantum watch. Then, he scrolled to the very bottom of the list and clicked on the name he had rarely ever contacted. Although fear briefly appeared in his eyes when he clicked on this name, he eventually chose to call this person still.

Since he could gain one additional slot by inviting a Domain Realm expert, it'd be a waste to invite anyone weaker!

"Galaxy Past? What's an old man like you calling me for?" the lithe figure that appeared above Galaxy Past's quantum watch said, her voice full of contempt. "I don't remember us being familiar with each other."

"It is true that we aren't familiar. However, Miss Soul, I have a proposition that you will definitely be interested in!" Galaxy Past said. Even when faced with the other party's arrogance, he did not get angry in the slightest. On the contrary, he met the other party's arrogance with a smile.

This was because the other party was Hidden Soul, one of the former commanders of the infamous Flower of Seven Sins!

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