Chapter 47 - Zero Wing's Membership Slots
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 47 - Zero Wing's Membership Slots

Upon hearing Lin Yaoyue's question, Galaxy Past couldn't help but turn his gaze to Shi Feng. He, too, was concerned about this issue.

While Galaxy Past might not know how strong Zero Wing was exactly, he had seen Shi Feng's prowess with his own two eyes.

One sword to shake a Dragon!

This was a frightening battle record that only four other people could accomplish in God's Domain. Meanwhile, every one of these four people was an existence the various Super Guilds feared.

Just this point alone was more than enough reason for him to join Zero Wing's alliance. Not to mention, there was even the benefit of being able to exchange for the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique.

If he could get a bunch of his companions to join Zero Wing, it would become a lot easier to accumulate contributions in Zero Wing.

"One!" Seeing the expectant gazes the two people were giving him, Shi Feng slowly said, "Each of you will have only one invitation slot. Moreover, the people you invite must be at the Refinement Realm at the very least. If the invited player wishes to have an invitation slot, they need to reach the Flowing Water Realm first.

"Depending on the combat standards of the invited players, you will also receive a corresponding amount of points. Zero Wing's points will follow the value of God's Domain's Coins, with one point equalling one Gold Coin. You will receive 1,000 points for Refinement Realm experts, 3,000 points for Flowing Water Realm experts, and 10,000 points for Void Realm experts. If you manage to invite a Domain Realm expert, not only will you receive 50,000 points, but you will also receive an additional invitation slot. If you yourself reach the Domain Realm, you will also receive an additional invitation slot."

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to have Lin Yaoyue and Galaxy Past invite as many people as possible so that Zero Wing could grow strong quickly. However, rapid development would only lead to Zero Wing's early destruction with his current strength and resources. Moreover, after experiencing the world after the many sub-worlds of God's Domain gained free access to each other, he knew that numbers would only be important during the early phase. Later down the line, it was quality that mattered.

Hence, Shi Feng planned to raise his requirements this time and develop Zero Wing into a true alliance of experts. He would develop Zero Wing into an organization similar to Demon's Gate, an assassination organization feared by even the bigshots of the various sub-worlds.

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