Chapter 71 - Primordial Demon Court
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 71 - Primordial Demon Court

The Book of Ends stored in the Fire Dragon Empire's library recorded some information on Primordial Demon Gods.

The Primordial Demon Gods were a race that used to rival Dragons, and the race was only second to the God race.

Yet, as powerful as they were, the Primordial Demon Gods had suddenly vanished from God's Domain within a span of less than a year, leaving behind only descendants with trace bloodlines.

Meanwhile, it was also because of the Primordial Demon Gods' disappearance that God's Domain's primordial era came to an end.

However, only after gaining access to the Greater God's Domain did Shi Feng understand part of the reason why the Primordial Demon Gods had disappeared from God's Domain.

The Primordial Demon Gods had touched upon God's Domain's forbidden technologies!

Meanwhile, these forbidden technologies laid slumbering in the various Primordial Demon Courts, and they were the main reason why the Greater God's Domain's various powerhouses had desperately searched for Primordial Demon Courts. After all, some of these powerhouses had only managed to gain their achievements and status in the Greater God's Domain thanks to the forbidden technologies they acquired from Primordial Demon Courts.

During Shi Feng's previous life, due to his sub-world lacking knowledge about the Primordial Demon Courts, they hadn't put much importance on exploring and exploiting the various Primordial Demon Courts found. As a result, when they gained access to the Greater God's Domain, the various Outerworld powers had severely oppressed them, and they had very nearly lost their sub-world and their spot in the competition between parallel worlds…

Shi Feng never thought that he would come across a Primordial Demon Court so quickly in this life. So, how could he not be excited by this piece of news?

"The reason why I managed to attract so many investors was mainly because of this Primordial Demon Court," Su Qianliu said, sighing. "The value of a Primordial Demon Court goes without saying. It is especially true when it is located

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