Chapter 71 - Primordial Demon Court
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The Book of Ends stored in the Fire Dragon Empire's library recorded some information on Primordial Demon Gods.

The Primordial Demon Gods were a race that used to rival Dragons, and the race was only second to the God race.

Yet, as powerful as they were, the Primordial Demon Gods had suddenly vanished from God's Domain within a span of less than a year, leaving behind only descendants with trace bloodlines.

Meanwhile, it was also because of the Primordial Demon Gods' disappearance that God's Domain's primordial era came to an end.

However, only after gaining access to the Greater God's Domain did Shi Feng understand part of the reason why the Primordial Demon Gods had disappeared from God's Domain.

The Primordial Demon Gods had touched upon God's Domain's forbidden technologies!

Meanwhile, these forbidden technologies laid slumbering in the various Primordial Demon Courts, and they were the main reason why the Greater God's Domain's various powerhouses had desperately searched for Primordial Demon Courts. After all, some of these powerhouses had only managed to gain their achievements and status in the Greater God's Domain thanks to the forbidden technologies they acquired from Primordial Demon Courts.

During Shi Feng's previous life, due to his sub-world lacking knowledge about the Primordial Demon Courts, they hadn't put much importance on exploring and exploiting the various Primordial Demon Courts found. As a result, when they gained access to the Greater God's Domain, the various Outerworld powers had severely oppressed them, and they had very nearly lost their sub-world and their spot in the competition between parallel worlds…

Shi Feng never thought that he would come across an Primordial Demon Court so quickly in this life. So, how could he not be excited by this piece of news?

"The reason why I managed to attract so many investors was mainly because of this Primordial Demon Court," Su Qianliu said, sighing. "The value of an Primordial Demon Court goes without saying. It is especially true when it is located in the Miniature Ancient World. Those investors naturally know this as well. However, you should also know that exploiting an Primordial Demon Court isn't an easy task. You can't even get past the entrance without sufficient strength.

"So, the joint exploration of the Primordial Demon Court was listed as one of the conditions in the partnership contract. In exchange for funding our Guild, we will have to share the Primordial Demon Court's harvests with those corporations. At the same time, those corporations will be sending the main force of the first-rate Guilds they have shares in to help us in exploiting the Primordial Demon Court. After discussion, we settled for a 70-30 split in their favor. I already signed the contract and told them the Primordial Demon Court's location yesterday. They have even scouted out the area already. If we renege on the contract now, they can simply remove us from the equation and monopolize the Primordial Demon Court for themselves. They also have the strength to do that…"

"You should've told us sooner if you found an Primordial Demon Court, Qianliu!" Blackie said with a pained expression.

The Miniature Ancient World had only been open for a few days, so it meant that Su Qianliu had only discovered the Primordial Demon Court not long ago. They could've secretly monopolized the Primordial Demon Court if she had told them about her discovery earlier.

Hearing Blackie's words, Firecloud said in dissatisfaction, "What can we do about it? How were we supposed to know about your potential? Now that things are already like this, if we want to acquire the Primordial Demon Court's resources, we will have no choice but to accept their investment. They will only get 49% of the Guild's shares, anyway. We still hold the right to make decisions with 51% of the shares."

Upon hearing Firecloud's words, Su Qianliu and Blackie looked toward Shi Feng for a decision.

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If they accepted the investment, not only would they receive ample funding, but they could also acquire the Primordial Demon Court's resources. The only problem was that they would have to give away a significant portion of the Guild's shares. Even so, they would still hold the right to make decisions in the Guild.

However, if they refused the investment, they'd have nothing to do with the Primordial Demon Court anymore…

"I don't plan on accepting any investments," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "I already stated clearly that I do not wish for Zero Wing to be put under any restrictions. Even a possible restriction is unacceptable."

"I guess we'll have to give up on the Primordial Demon Court, then," Su Qianliu said, finding this situation a pity.

She understood Shi Feng's personality. Since Shi Feng had said that he wouldn't accept any investments, he definitely wouldn't be accepting them.

The Primordial Demon Court was something her adventurer team had discovered by luck. Originally, she thought it would become their capital to establish a Guild in the Miniature Ancient World. Yet, now, it had become the possession of those major corporations…

Hearing Shi Feng's decision, the members of Su Qianliu's adventurer team couldn't help but lower their heads and sigh as well.

The Primordial Demon Court was a treasure trove that even the various superpowers would fight for. Yet, now, they had given one away with nothing to show for…

"Give up? Who said we are giving up?" Shi Feng couldn't help but roll his eyes when he heard Su Qianliu's words. Then, in a serious tone, he said, "Since we were the ones who discovered the Primordial Demon Court, it naturally belongs to us!"

"But… Those corporations have already dispatched their teams," Su Qianliu said awkwardly. "I talked about this with them during our meeting just now. Originally, we would be heading for the Primordial Demon Court after we were done talking with you, Guild Leader…"

"..." Blackie was rendered speechless by Su Qianliu's words. He didn't think that Su Qianliu would act so decisively.

At this time, Happy Snow's eyes suddenly flashed with inspiration as she suggested, "How about we explore the Primordial Demon Court with them without telling them about our plans first?"

"You wish," Firecloud said, shaking his head and smiling as he looked at Happy Snow's scheming expression. "Do you take these corporations for fools? They've already listed all of the preventive measures in the contract. Their teams will be holding onto the loot we get during the exploration. Only after the Guild they've invested in is fully established will they hand our portion of the loot to us, or rather to the Guild…"

"Tell me it isn't true, Big Sis Qianliu," Happy Snow said as she looked at Su Qianliu in dismay.

Nodding, Su Qianliu said, "That is indeed the case. There are over a billion Credits involved, after all. Those corporations also place significant importance on the Primordial Demon Court's items."

"Doesn't that mean we won't get anything?" Happy Snow asked in frustration.

"You don't have to do all these unnecessary things." Looking at Su Qianliu, Shi Feng said, "Just tell them that our partnership contract is dissolved."

"What about the Primordial Demon Court, then?" Su Qianliu asked.

"We will go over there now and reclaim it, of course," Shi Feng said. Then, he scanned the experts belonging to Su Qianliu's adventurer team and continued, "You guys are already prepared, right?"

Exploring an Primordial Demon Court was indeed a challenging task. However, it wasn't so challenging that a first-rate power couldn't raid it. Meanwhile, it should be known that everyone present was a first-rate expert at the very least. If they set aside the difference in equipment, there was only a small difference between the strength of their team and a first-rate power's main force.

Su Qianliu also took a look at everyone present. Although their current team was no match for the teams those corporations organized, they weren't without a fighting chance. So, after gritting her teeth, she said, "Okay, I'll go tell them now."

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