Chapter 72 - Gathering at the Primordial Settlement
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 72 - Gathering at the Primordial Settlement

Gray Forest Mountain Range, Tifa Mine:

Inside the dull-gray mine illuminated by magic light, thousands of sword-wielding Level 105 Elemental Golems laid motionlessly in front of a metal door measuring several dozen meters in height.

If one looked carefully at these Elemental Golems, one would find that they were coated with anti-magic metal, which granted them superb resistance to magical attacks. Meanwhile, due to the nature of golems, the Elemental Golems also possessed superb physical resistance.

Most importantly, every one of these Elemental Golems was a Great Lord. With several thousand of them gathered together, even a team of several thousand ordinary experts would have a tough time going up against them. Yet, now, these Elemental Golems had lost to merely a team of 500 players.

"As expected of an Primordial Demon Court's guards. I didn't think they could form a Super Gravity Domain when gathered in groups of one hundred," a one-eyed man carrying a greatsword on his back said as he kicked the Elemental Golem before him. Then, he turned to the beautiful and curvaceous woman beside him and said, "Thankfully, we have you leading the team, Goddess Rue. If it weren't for your Frostflame Domain counteracting their Super Gravity Domain, we would've had much greater difficulty getting to the Primordial Demon Court this time."

When the one-eyed man spoke up to this point, many of the surrounding people also turned to look at the beauty wearing a red robe and wielding a crystalline staff, their faces filled with admiration and reverence. This was because this beauty was none other than God's Domain's famous Frostflame Goddess, Cleansed Rue. Not only was she a Vice Guild Leader in the first-rate Guild Hundred Flower Palace, but she was also one of the top 100 experts in the God's Domain Experts List.

Ranking within the top 100 might not seem like anything special, but it should be noted that the Secret Pavilion only recorded 1,000 players on the God's Domain Experts List. Moreover, even the weakest player on this list was at Tier 5. Thus, anyone capable of ranking within the top 100 was a top-tier Domain Realm expert.

Meanwhile, in response to the one-eyed man's flattery, Cleansed Rue simply kept her staff away and indifferently said, "Even without my Frostflame Domain, nothing can go wrong here with you around, One-eyed Ghost."

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