Chapter 73 - Stop That Lunatic!
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After resting for around ten minutes, Cleansed Rue and One-eyed Ghost gathered everyone to enter the Primordial Demon Court. However, before they could enter, they heard the sound of footsteps coming from the cavern entrance.

Immediately, the members of both Guilds turned toward the source of the footsteps and saw a team of nearly 300 players led by a cloaked man entering the cavern. Walking beside the cloaked man was a beautiful woman, and this woman was none other than Su Qianliu.

"Why are they here?"

"Didn't already give up on partnering with our two Guilds?"

"Did they regret their decision?"

The members of Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall began a quiet discussion among themselves as they looked at Su Qianliu's group.

"What is Su Qianliu trying to do, Big Sis Rue? Didn't she already terminate our partnership?" Rain Song, the female Knight carrying a round shield and a one-handed axe on her back, asked.

"They should be planning on raiding the Primordial Demon Court by themselves by the looks of it," Cleansed Rue said.

"They want to raid it themselves?" Song Rain couldn't help but blink her eyes in disbelief when she heard Cleansed Rue's answer. "Are they stupid?"

Although the Primordial Demon Court was only a Trial Dungeon, its raid difficulty was more than double that of Hell Mode Team Dungeons of the same level. Moreover, unlike Hell Mode Team Dungeons, the loot players could acquire from an Primordial Demon Court was highly dependent on the evaluation they received, and the loot's quality would be reduced significantly if players couldn't achieve a high evaluation.

The Primordial Demon Courts' raid evaluation was split into five ranks: D, C, B, A, and S. The difficulty of achieving a higher rank increased exponentially, and players would need to score at least a B-rank evaluation for a high evaluation. This was also why their two Guilds had dispatched their best players to raid the Primordial Demon Court.

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Yet, now, Su Qianliu was trying to raid the Primordial Demon Court with her adventurer team that didn't even reach the standard of well-known adventurer teams.

(TL/N: ordinary -> well-known -> top adventurer team)

"Maybe they came prepared," Cleansed Rue said as she moved her gaze from Su Qianliu to Shi Feng. "Although I don't know who that Swordsman is, the fact that he managed to get Su Qianliu to join him must mean that he is strong."

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