Chapter 74 - Success and Failure
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"Dammit! We were still a step too late!" When Rain Song saw Su Qianliu and the others rushing into the portal, she couldn't help but curse as she gripped her axe tightly. "Lunatics! What a bunch of lunatics!!"

A Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court!

This was something they had never even heard of.

The Primordial Demon Court's Normal Mode was already plenty challenging for most experts. In the case of Hard Mode, even after their two Guilds had joined hands, they would still face extreme difficulty in obtaining a high evaluation.

Now that the Primordial Demon Court before them had its difficulty changed to Hell Mode, it'd probably be impossible for anyone to clear it with a high evaluation for one month.

One whole month!

There was no doubt that the Primordial Demon Court's existence would get exposed during this long period. At that time, the various superpowers would definitely flock to this place, and neither their two Guilds nor Su Qianliu's group would benefit from the Primordial Demon Court…

At this time, other than Rain Song, Nature Hall's One-eyed Ghost also wore a grim expression on his face. While staring at the portal Su Qianliu had disappeared into with a cold gaze, he said, "Good! Very good! As expected of someone capable of making a name in the Black Dragon Empire!"

If the Primordial Demon Court's difficulty was only changed to Hard Mode, their team could still cope with it one way or another. While their chances of obtaining a high evaluation wouldn't be 100%, they should still have around a 60% chance of succeeding.

However, it was a different story for Hell Mode. He had no confidence that their team could score a high evaluation in a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court. After all, even in normal Team Dungeons, the difficulty gap between Hard Mode and Hell Mode was massive. This gap would only be even more significant in Primordial Demon Courts.

Meanwhile, players would be subjected to a one-week Cooldown when challenging the Primordial Demon Court. If they failed to receive a high evaluation after clearing it, they'd have to wait for one whole week before they could try again.

Many variables could occur in one week in the current Miniature Ancient World.

"What should we do now, Big Sis Rue?" Rain Song asked as she turned toward Cleansed Rue. "Now that those lunatics have activated the Primordial Demon Court's Hell Mode, should we still move according to plan and go inside?"

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"We'll wait!" Cleansed Rue said as she stared at the black skull above the teleportation portal. "Although they've messed up our plans with this move, it isn't necessarily a bad thing for us. While the Primordial Demon Court's difficulty has indeed been increased, this is the first time a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court has appeared in God's Domain. If we can succeed in raiding it, we'll probably get an astonishing harvest. I have already contacted the Guild for reinforcements. I believe it won't be long before the higher-ups send more Tier 5 experts to help us."

Upon hearing Cleansed Rue's words, Rain Song quickly came to a realization as she exclaimed, "That's right! How could I forget about this!"

Risks and opportunities came hand-in-hand. This was an unchanging law in God's Domain.

Just like Cleansed Rue stated, having a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court appear wasn't necessarily a bad thing for them. On the contrary, if they could raid it successfully, the benefit they could reap from it would definitely exceed their imaginations.

"As expected of you to notice this detail, Goddess Rue," One-eyed Ghost said, his grim expression suddenly changing into a carefree one. Then, he lightly chuckled and continued, "Su Qianliu might have thought that she was creating trouble for us, but she failed to realize that all she did was to give us even more benefits."

It was true that neither of their Guilds could field a team rivaling the various superpowers' main force. However, if their two Guilds worked together and concentrated their top combatants into a single team, they could match the various superpowers' main force. After all, the number of Tier 5 experts their two Guilds possessed was only slightly inferior compared to the various superpowers. Unless Tier 6 God-ranked experts were involved, their two Guilds would remain mostly even with the various superpowers.

"Everyone, listen up! Seal this cavern with an Advanced Barrier immediately!" One-eyed Ghost commanded as he looked at the other Nature Hall members present. "From now onward, nobody is allowed to enter or leave this place until our reinforcements arrive! So long as Su Qianliu's team dies out of the Dungeon, use the Death Lock Scroll on them immediately!"

Unlike Team Dungeons, players were prohibited from using Magic Scrolls inside Primordial Demon Courts. For this reason, Primordial Demon Courts were much harder to raid than the average Team Dungeon.

The inability to use Magic Scrolls naturally meant that players couldn't use Return Scrolls to leave an Primordial Demon Court. In this situation, there were only two ways players could exit the Dungeon: die or clear the Dungeon. Apart from these two methods, there were no other ways for players to exit an Primordial Demon Court.

"Yes, sir!"

Immediately, both Nature Hall's and Hundred Flower Palace's members started setting up Advanced Barriers around the cavern. With these barriers in place, even Tier 4 players would have difficulty entering or leaving the cavern.

After seeing several barriers go up around the cavern, One-eyed Ghost looked toward the teleportation portal, a cold glint flashing in his eyes as he thought to himself, Let's see if you'll still be as tough once you come out of the Dungeon!

Meanwhile, Cleansed Rue couldn't help but shake her head and sigh when she noticed the killing intent One-eyed Ghost radiated. Although she didn't know what had caused Su Qianliu to take such a crazy action, there was no question that Su Qianliu had angered their two Guilds. After all, neither of their two Guilds had initially planned on dispatching many Tier 5 experts into the Miniature Ancient World. This situation had foiled many of their plans, and they'd have to halt and reorganize their plans.

Right now, even if she chose not to take action against Su Qianliu, One-eyed Ghost definitely wouldn't let Su Qianliu get away. He might even hunt down Su Qianliu's team until they all deleted their accounts. After all, this wasn't the first time One-eyed Ghost had done such a thing…

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