Chapter 74 - Success and Failure
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"Dammit! We were still a step too late!" When Rain Song saw Su Qianliu and the others rushing into the portal, she couldn't help but curse as she gripped her axe tightly. "Lunatics! What a bunch of lunatics!!"

A Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court!

This was something they had never even heard of.

The Primordial Demon Court's Normal Mode was already plenty challenging for most experts. In the case of Hard Mode, even after their two Guilds had joined hands, they would still face extreme difficulty in obtaining a high evaluation.

Now that the Primordial Demon Court before them had its difficulty changed to Hell Mode, it'd probably be impossible for anyone to clear it with a high evaluation for one month.

One whole month!

There was no doubt that the Primordial Demon Court's existence would get exposed during this long period. At that time, the various superpowers would definitely flock to this place, and neither their two Guilds nor Su Qianliu's group would benefit from the Primordial Demon Court…

At this time, other than Rain Song, Nature Hall's One-eyed Ghost also wore a grim expression on his face. While staring at the portal Su Qianliu had disappeared into with a cold gaze, he said, "Good! Very good! As expected of someone capable of making a name in the Black Dragon Empire!"

If the Primordial Demon Court's difficulty was only changed to Hard Mode, their team could still cope with it one way or another. While their chances of obtaining a high evaluation wouldn't be 100%, they should still have around a 60% chance of succeeding.

However, it was a different story for Hell Mode. He had no confidence that their team could score a high evaluation in a Hell Mode Primordial Demon Court. After all, even in normal Team Dungeons, the difficulty gap between Hard Mode and Hell Mode was massive. This gap would only be even more significant in Primordial Demon Courts.

Meanwhile, players would be subjected to a one-week Cooldown when challenging the Primordial Demon Court. If they failed to receive a high evaluation after clearing i

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