Chapter 44 - The Fifth Person?
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"The Dragon's injured!"

"He managed to injure a Tier 4 Dragon? Is he even human?"

Everyone gasped when they saw the dark golden blood flowing down from Schwartold's claw, their minds having a hard time believing this situation.

Looking at Shi Feng suspended in mid-air, Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but ask Galaxy Past, "If Black Flame can injure a Tier 4 Dragon at Tier 3, he should be on par with those legendary individuals. Right, Guild Leader Galaxy?"

"No, I'm afraid that even those legendary individuals are incapable of accomplishing such a feat," Galaxy Past said, shaking his head after snapping out of his daze. "I think only those four are capable of doing something like this."

Those regarded as legends in God's Domain were God-ranked experts who had accomplished many miraculous feats and possessed astonishing battle records. However, Galaxy Past had never heard of anyone ever managing to injure a Tier 4 Dragon while they were only at Tier 3.

"Those four?"

When Lin Yaoyue heard Galaxy Past's analysis, a deep sense of awe and yearning also appeared in her eyes.

If one were to try and decide who was the strongest among the many God-ranked experts in God's Domain, it would only lead to an endless and inconclusive argument. However, if one were to point out which God-ranked experts shouldn't be provoked at any costs, it would have to be those four God-ranked experts.

Unlike other God-ranked experts, those four were the real deal. They were existences capable of holding their ground against Tier 6 Gods all by themselves.

The strength of Tier 6 Gods was undisputed in God's Domain.

Even creatures as strong as Dragons had no choice but to submit in front of Gods. This was because any random God possessed the strength to transcend tiers. They were not existences that ordinary Dragons could hope to match.

Meanwhile, it was also because of the existence of these four God-ranked experts that the Five Great Super Guilds wouldn't dare to call themselves the strongest even if all five of them banded together. Only, this was a secret only known to a small number of people. Typically, only the executives of first-rate powers and superpowers would know about this secret. As for everyone else, they recognized the Five Great Super Guilds as the strongest powers in God's Domain.

Now that Shi Feng had displayed strength on par with those four, Lin Yaoyue had no choice but to start reconsidering Shi Feng's previous offer.

At this moment, though, Shi Feng wasn't faring as well as everyone thought as he faced the Bronze Dragon before him.

Sure enough, Holy Devour isn't something that can be used at Tier 3. I'll be drained of Concentration and Stamina if I use it a few more times, Shi Feng thought, a bitter smile appearing on his face as he looked at his trembling arm.

Originally, Shi Feng had only planned to display Lightshadow's effects to let Galaxy Past and Lin Yaoyue become aware of the existence of such a special Mana usage method. After all, there was a significant difference even among Mana Techniques.

In the case of the average Mana Technique, it could only increase a player's combat power to a certain extent and help players familiarize themselves with the basic principles of Mana. However, in the case of powerful Mana Techniques, not only could they allow players to transcend tiers, but they could also improve players' control over Mana drastically.

Meanwhile, even stronger Mana Techniques would be the ones created by Saints. Not only could these Mana Techniques allow players to thoroughly grasp the basic operating principles of Mana, but they could also grant players the opportunity to master a Law.

The Holy Annihilation Mana Technique was something the Heavenly Blue Saint had created. Mana Techniques of such caliber were extraordinarily rare even among the many worlds of God's Domain Shi Feng had visited during his previous life.

Meanwhile, so long as players perfectly mastered a Mana Technique, they could create countless copies of the technique's manual and share it with others, just like combat techniques. Only, achieving perfect mastery over a Mana Technique was very challenging. Even among Tier 6 God-ranked experts, few could achieve such a feat. However, as luck would have it, Shi Feng had perfectly mastered the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. So, he could make as many copies of Holy Annihilation's manual as he wanted. This was also why he was confident in negotiating with the Star Alliance and Mysterious Moon.

However, Shi Feng felt that he had just incurred a huge loss.

Not only did he fail to let Lightshadow's effects shine, but he had even used Holy Devour, something that he shouldn't be using at Tier 3. To make matters worse, even after using Holy Devour, he had only managed to push back the Bronze Dragon and nothing more.

There isn't much time left. It seems I have no choice but to go for broke. After taking a look at Radiant Night's remaining duration, Shi Feng shouted in the team chat, "Guild Leader Galaxy! Ten seconds! I can only hold the Boss for ten seconds!"

Only ten? Galaxy Past was surprised when he heard Shi Feng's words. He didn't think that Shi Feng could only pin down the Bronze Dragon for such a short time. However, after thinking it over, he felt this was a reasonable outcome. After all, it was already unbelievable that Shi Feng could hold off a Tier 4 Dragon for ten seconds using only starter's equipment. Immediately, Galaxy Past responded, "Okay! Since that's the case, we'll go all out as well!"

"Destroying all pillars in ten seconds?! How is that even possible?!"

When Lin Yaoyue looked at the stone pillars located around the courtyard, she couldn't help but feel that the time Shi Feng had given them was too short.

There were three stone pillars in the courtyard, and every one of them had a magic barrier protecting them. Moreover, based on the structure of the barriers, she could tell that these barriers were created by Tier 4 defensive magic arrays. Attacks under Tier 4 would do little to no effect against them.

Moreover, even if their team could launch attacks at the Tier 4 standard, they still needed to deplete the Mana reserves of these barriers. In other words, they needed to overcome three Tier 4 defensive magic arrays in the short time of ten seconds.

It should be known that even the weakest Tier 4 defensive magic array would need over a hundred Tier 4 attacks to deplete.

Currently, Galaxy Past was the only person on the team capable of launching Tier 4 attacks. No matter how Lin Yaoyue looked at it, there was no way Galaxy Past could destroy three Tier 4 defensive magic arrays in ten seconds.

"Just leave it to us, little girl. Once we start charging for the pillars, all you need to do is dump as many AOE Spells on the pillars as you can," Galaxy Past said with a confident smile.

Lin Yaoyue grew even more confused after hearing Galaxy Past's words. She couldn't understand what the other party planned to do. However, she still nodded and said, "That won't be a problem. However, AOE Spells don't differentiate between friend and foe. Don't blame me if you get hurt."

"Don't worry. We've long since gotten used to such matters," Galaxy Past said nonchalantly. Then, he looked at the eight Refinement Realm experts behind him and said, "Alright, let's begin!"

Hearing Galaxy Past's words, the eight Refinement Realm experts from the Star Alliance smiled bitterly. Then, they each took out a blood-red crystal from their bags and started chanting an incantation.

As soon as the eight Refinement Realm experts were done chanting, blood-red magic arrays started appearing around Galaxy Past. Then, a massive amount of Mana flooded Galaxy Past's body, causing his aura to increase in intensity rapidly.

A battle array! Lin Yaoyue was dumbfounded when she saw this scene.

Battle arrays were incredibly rare in God's Domain as they allowed a group of players to share their Mana and increase their combat power significantly.

However, the various large Guilds treated battle arrays as their trump cards. No Guild would take out their battle array for use without an important reason. Even though she was a reserve executive of Mysterious Moon, she had never gotten the opportunity to personally see a battle array in action. After all, battle arrays were Consumables that would disappear after use. There was no way Guilds would use such precious items to raid a Dungeon.

Before Lin Yaoyue could recover her senses, Galaxy Past had already transformed into an afterimage as he dashed straight for the nearest stone pillar. His speed was so fast that even Tier 3 experts had a hard time catching him with their eyes.


Meanwhile, the instant Galaxy Past started charging for one of the pillars, the Bronze Dragon in the air also let loose an angry roar. Evidently, Schwartold had realized Galaxy Past's intentions.

"Don't even think of getting away from me!"

However, Shi Feng naturally wouldn't allow Schwartold to interrupt Galaxy Past. Immediately, he sent another Holy Devour smashing into the Bronze Dragon.

Meanwhile, seeing the dazzling torrent of flames appearing once more, Schwartold hurriedly dismissed his thoughts of stopping Galaxy Past and swiped its tail at the flames. It dared not receive the full brunt of Shi Feng's attack with its body at all.


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Subsequently, intense shockwaves shook the entire castle, and the space above the courtyard transformed into a dark void.

Good! I nearly thought I was a goner!

Galaxy Past breathed a deep sigh of relief when he saw Shi Feng successfully stopping the Bronze Dragon. Then, he promptly started brandishing his saber against the magic barrier in front of him.

One slash!

Two slashes!

Three slashes!

Four slashes!

Advanced Combat Technique, Sky Breaker!

Four energy blades converged into one before smashing into the magic barrier, the powerful attack instantly reducing the barrier's defensive properties by a large margin.

"Attack it quickly!" Galaxy Past hurriedly shouted upon seeing the magic barrier weakening.

Heeding Galaxy Past's command, Lin Yaoyue and the other magical class players, who had already finished chanting the incantation for a large-scale Combination Spell, promptly released their Spell at the weakened magic barrier.


After just one hit, the weakened magic barrier started cracking slowly. Then, after this phenomenon continued for two seconds, the magic barrier disappeared, and the stone pillar it protected transformed into dust.

In the meantime, Galaxy Past had already arrived in front of the second stone pillar and executed another Sky Breaker against the magic barrier before him. Seeing this, Lin Yaoyue started double-casting without hesitation and bombarded the weakened magic barrier with a series of Spells.

Five seconds later, the second stone pillar also turned to dust.

"Despicable intruders! You have angered me!"

Along with the second pillar's destruction, Schwartold's anger also reached its peak. Immediately, he flapped his wings and soared higher into the sky, having no intention of getting entangled with Shi Feng any longer. Then, after putting a hundred yards between himself and Shi Feng, he opened his mouth.

As soon as the Bronze Dragon opened his mouth, time in the surrounding area had seemingly stopped for a moment. Then, all Mana within the area disappeared into the Bronze Dragon's mouth, the absence of Mana causing everyone to feel uncomfortable and suffocated.


The Bronze Dragon let loose an angry roar. Then, a destructive beam of light that was as bright as the sun shot out of the Bronze Dragon's mouth.

"Not good! It's a Dragon Breath!"

"That's cheating! Why is his Dragon Breath's preparation time so short?!"

Everyone fell into despair when they saw the descending beam of light.

Dragon Breath was the strongest attack a Dragon was capable of using. It was stronger than even Draconic Spell. Meanwhile, the Dragon Breath used by a Tier 4 Dragon could instantly destroy an entire city. It simply wasn't something that a bunch of Tier 3 players could stop.

At this time, Shi Feng also wore a grave expression on his face. Immediately, he swung the Winter of Eternal Night horizontally and activated World of Frost.

Afterward, with Shi Feng as the center, the temperature within a 500-yard radius instantly plummeted. Then, nine massive frost swords appeared out of thin air, the presence of these swords causing the surrounding space to tremble.


With a pale complexion, Shi Feng manipulated the nine frost swords and executed Lightshadow with all nine of them.

"He fused a Mana Technique with a Skill?! How is this possible?!"

When Lin Yaoyue and the others saw Shi Feng using Lightshadow with all nine frost swords, they were so shocked that they had even forgotten about their fear of the oncoming Dragon Breath.

It was common knowledge that Mana Techniques were special means of manipulating Mana. In essence, Mana Techniques were the same as Skills and Spells. The only difference was that Mana Techniques did not rely on magic arrays to take form. Hence, it should be impossible to use Mana Techniques in conjunction with Skills and Spells. At most, players could use Mana Techniques with Support Skills and Spells that buffed their combat performance indirectly.

Yet, now, Shi Feng was using Mana to manipulate Mana, achieving a true fusion between Mana Technique and Skill.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions rang out in the sky as the frost swords clashed with the Dragon Breath one after another. Meanwhile, along with the destruction of each frost sword, the power of Schwartold's Dragon Breath also grew weaker and weaker. By the time the seventh frost sword had disappeared, Schwartold's Dragon Breath had also faded out of existence.

At the same time as Shi Feng successfully stopped the Dragon Breath, Galaxy Past and the others had also destroyed the last stone pillar, which, in turn, caused the Bronze Dragon in the sky to transform into dust with a reluctant expression…

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