Chapter 44 - The Fifth Person?
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"The Dragon's injured!"

"He managed to injure a Tier 4 Dragon? Is he even human?"

Everyone gasped when they saw the dark golden blood flowing down from Schwartold's claw, their minds having a hard time believing this situation.

Looking at Shi Feng suspended in mid-air, Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but ask Galaxy Past, "If Black Flame can injure a Tier 4 Dragon at Tier 3, he should be on par with those legendary individuals. Right, Guild Leader Galaxy?"

"No, I'm afraid that even those legendary individuals are incapable of accomplishing such a feat," Galaxy Past said, shaking his head after snapping out of his daze. "I think only those four are capable of doing something like this."

Those regarded as legends in God's Domain were God-ranked experts who had accomplished many miraculous feats and possessed astonishing battle records. However, Galaxy Past had never heard of anyone ever managing to injure a Tier 4 Dragon while they were only at Tier 3.

"Those four?"

When Lin Yaoyue heard Galaxy Past's analysis, a deep sense of awe and yearning also appeared in her eyes.

If one were to try and decide who was the strongest among the many God-ranked experts in God's Domain, it would only lead to an endless and inconclusive argument. However, if one were to point out which God-ranked experts shouldn't be provoked at any costs, it would have to be those four God-ranked experts.

Unlike other God-ranked experts, those four were the real deal. They were existences capable of holding their ground against Tier 6 Gods all by themselves.

The strength of Tier 6 Gods was undisputed in God's Domain.

Even creatures as strong as Dragons had no choice but to submit in front of Gods. This was because any random God possessed the strength to transcend tiers. They were not existences that ordinary Dragons could hope to match.

Meanwhile, it was also because of the existence of these four God-ranked experts that the Five Great Super Guilds wouldn't dare to call themselves the strongest even if all five of them banded together. Only, this was a sec

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