Chapter 43 - One Sword to Shake the Ages
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 43 - One Sword to Shake the Ages

When Shi Feng swung the Winter of Eternal Night, an illusory sword measuring over a dozen meters long suddenly appeared. Then, the illusory sword created a dark trail in the air as it descended toward the oncoming dragon claw, the constantly extending spatial tear making it seem as if the sky was being cleaved in half.


Accompanied by a deafening boom, spatial cracks appeared all around the courtyard.

Immediately afterward, a shockwave spread across the courtyard, the shockwave so strong that everyone standing outside the courtyard's entrance had stumbled backward. Even Galaxy Past, a player as strong as a Tier 4 Mythic monster, had to take half a step back before he managed to stabilize his body…

Was he not serious during our previous fight?

Galaxy Past was shocked when he saw the state of the courtyard.

Although Galaxy Past dared not say that he was the strongest Tier 5 player before coming to the Miniature Ancient World, he still considered himself one of the top-ranking Tier 5 experts in God's Domain back then. Now that he had entered the Miniature Ancient World with the Blood Dragon Set and Famed Saber Ice Roar, he felt he should be an invincible existence here. Even if there was someone stronger than him, the gap in strength between them should be limited. An example would be how Shi Feng was only slightly stronger than him even after relying on a powerful Bronze Combat Technique.

However, what was up with this situation?

Right now, Shi Feng had not only shattered space with one move, but he had even forcibly stopped a Tier 4 Dragon's attack!

This was no longer at the level of just being "slightly" stronger. Shi Feng was already standing in a completely different dimension.

Is this the Mana Technique he spoke of? Lin Yaoyue was also dumbfounded by this scene.

She had seen experts using Mana Techniques before, and the power of these Mana Techniques went without saying. The boost in power a Mana Technique provided could practically rival a Tier 4 Berserk Skill. However, even the strongest Mana Technique she knew of could not let a Tier 3 player contend against a Tier 4 Dragon.

Dragons were existences regarded as invincible among opponents of the same tier. Even Domain Realm experts would need to have an advantage of at least one tier to go up against a Dragon of the same level. Meanwhile, experts capable of going up against Dragons of the same tier were regarded as legendary individuals in God's Domain.

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