Chapter 43 - One Sword to Shake the Ages
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 43 - One Sword to Shake the Ages

When Shi Feng swung the Winter of Eternal Night, an illusory sword measuring over a dozen meters long suddenly appeared. Then, the illusory sword created a dark trail in the air as it descended toward the oncoming dragon claw, the constantly extending spatial tear making it seem as if the sky was being cleaved in half.


Accompanied by a deafening boom, spatial cracks appeared all around the courtyard.

Immediately afterward, a shockwave spread across the courtyard, the shockwave so strong that everyone standing outside the courtyard's entrance had stumbled backward. Even Galaxy Past, a player as strong as a Tier 4 Mythic monster, had to take half a step back before he managed to stabilize his body…

Was he not serious during our previous fight?

Galaxy Past was shocked when he saw the state of the courtyard.

Although Galaxy Past dared not say that he was the strongest Tier 5 player before coming to the Miniature Ancient World, he still considered himself one of the top-ranking Tier 5 experts in God's Domain back then. Now that he had entered the Miniature Ancient World with the Blood Dragon Set and Famed Saber Ice Roar, he felt he should be an invincible existence here. Even if there was someone stronger than him, the gap in strength between them should be limited. An example would be how Shi Feng was only slightly stronger than him even after relying on a powerful Bronze Combat Technique.

However, what was up with this situation?

Right now, Shi Feng had not only shattered space with one move, but he had even forcibly stopped a Tier 4 Dragon's attack!

This was no longer at the level of just being "slightly" stronger. Shi Feng was already standing in a completely different dimension.

Is this the Mana Technique he spoke of? Lin Yaoyue was also dumbfounded by this scene.

She had seen experts using Mana Techniques before, and the power of these Mana Techniques went without saying. The boost in power a Mana Technique provided could practically rival a Tier 4 Berserk Skill. However, even the strongest Mana Technique she knew of could not let a Tier 3 player contend against a Tier 4 Dragon.

Dragons were existences regarded as invincible among opponents of the same tier. Even Domain Realm experts would need to have an advantage of at least one tier to go up against a Dragon of the same level. Meanwhile, experts capable of going up against Dragons of the same tier were regarded as legendary individuals in God's Domain.

When everyone was in shock, a figure flew out of the shattered space in the courtyard's center and landed around 20 yards away.

As expected of a Tier 4 Dragon. It still has such power even though it is already dead. Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile as he looked at his trembling hands and humming weapon. It seems this is the limit of this move.

Lightshadow was the first of three parts of the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique that the Heavenly Blue Saint Eliadi was known for. Even though Lightshadow was only the weakest out of the three parts, it still surpassed the standard of the Mana Techniques used by ordinary Tier 6 Gods. Not only did one require an extremely powerful physique to use Lightshadow, but one would also need an incredibly high Concentration standard.

Under normal circumstances, a Tier 3 player should be incapable of executing Lightshadow perfectly. However, thanks to his Legendary Mana Body and Winter of Eternal Night, Shi Feng managed to turn the impossible possible.

Unfortunately, even with the complete Lightshadow at his disposal, Shi Feng still didn't have enough strength to go up against a Tier 4 Dragon. After only one exchange, not only did he get sent flying, but he had also lost around one-third of his HP. In other words, he would be killed after receiving three more normal attacks from Schwartold.

Before Shi Feng could finish lamenting his weakness, Schwartold suddenly flapped its wings and soared into the air. Then, it raised its claw once more and started gathering Mana around it. Evidently, the Bronze Dragon planned to use a Skill or Spell this time instead of a normal attack…

"Not good! That's the Tier 4 Draconic Spell, Meteor!" Lin Yaoyue's complexion paled when she saw the magic arrays forming around Schwartold's claw.

Draconic Spells were a type of ancient magic that surpassed the magic found in modern God's Domain. Under the same tier, the power of Draconic Spell far surpassed that of ordinary magic. The cast time was also much shorter. Draconic Spell was one of the reasons that made Dragons invincible among opponents of the same tier.

Meanwhile, among Tier 4 Draconic Spell, Meteor was a large-scale destruction Spell capable of obliterating an area of several hundred yards in one hit…

"It's over… There's no way we can run away in time…"

"How can this be?!"

Everyone's expressions turned ugly when they looked at the Bronze Dragon in the air.

Draconic Spell of the destruction variety wasn't just capable of destroying physical objects. After the Spell's power reached a certain extent, it could even destroy souls, which also included the souls of players.

If they got hit by Schwartold's Meteor now, even if their souls didn't get erased, their souls would still enter a heavily injured state. They would most likely be prohibited from logging into God's Domain for at least half a month if that happened.

If they were still on the main continent, they wouldn't have minded losing half a month's worth of progress. However, now that everyone was desperately fighting for resources in the Miniature Ancient World, losing half a month's worth of progress would create an insurmountable gap between them and the experts of other Guilds.

At this time, even Galaxy Past couldn't help but smile bitterly at this situation.

He had originally come with the goal of spectating. He didn't think he would end up getting dragged into such a mess. This would become a huge loss for the Star Alliance.

However, when everyone was quietly waiting for death to claim them, Shi Feng suddenly shouted in the team chat, saying, "Guild Leader Galaxy, I'll pin down the Boss while you figure out a way to destroy those stone pillars!"

"Pin down the Boss? Didn't you try that already?"

Galaxy Past couldn't help but grow confused when he saw Shi Feng suddenly charging at the Bronze Dragon once more.

It was already a miracle that Shi Feng had managed to receive the Bronze Dragon's normal attack without dying previously. After all, Shi Feng was only geared in starter's equipment right now. There was no way Shi Feng could stand a chance against Tier 4 Draconic Spell.

It should be known that the legendary individuals who had managed to clash against Dragons of the same tier had done so while being fully geared in godly equipment. Had they repeated their feats using only Secret-Silver Equipment, they would've died ten times out of ten.

Not to mention, Shi Feng was currently one tier lower than the Tier 4 Bronze Dragon. Only death would await him if he tried to stop the Bronze Dragon's Tier 4 Draconic Spell with the move he used before.

"The move before might not work, but I still have another move I can try," Shi Feng said in a serious tone. "However, you need to move quickly. I won't be able to hold it down for very long."

He still has another move?

Galaxy Past was momentarily stunned. Then, just when he thought of dissuading Shi Feng, he saw Shi Feng leap into the air and stay suspended in mid-air…

"He's hovering?!"

"Isn't the flight ability only available at Tier 4?"

"Could it be a Tier 3 Skill or Spell?"

Everyone was once again shocked when they looked at Shi Feng hovering in the air.

"No, he's using his Mana Domain to fly! Moreover, It's a complete Mana Domain!" Galaxy Past also felt flabbergasted by this situation. "Is he really human? How can he already use a complete Mana Domain at Tier 3?"

An Epic Mana Body?! Does he have an Epic Mana Body?! Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but rub her eyes and wonder if she was dreaming when she saw Shi Feng flying.

Unlike ordinary expert players, she knew that players would need to fulfill one condition if they wished to use a complete Mana Domain at Tier 3, and that was to have an Epic Mana Body! Something that even Tier 6 God-ranked experts dreamed of obtaining!


When everyone was in shock, Schwartold let loose an angry roar, seemingly dissatisfied with Shi Feng standing at the same height as him. In the blink of an eye, the magic arrays surrounding his claw finished forming, and he promptly smashed his claw down at Shi Feng.


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Seeing the descending claw, Shi Feng raised the Winter of Eternal Night once more. This time, though, he got into a stance for a horizontal slash instead of a vertical slash. Immediately afterward, both the Mana in the courtyard and the Mana in the void started gathering around the Winter of Eternal Night, the speed at which Mana gathered dozens of times faster than that of Schwartold's Meteor. The Mana vortex that formed had even taken on physical properties already.

"Second Sword, Holy Devour!"

Shi Feng swung his sword, summoning a torrent of blinding flames that brightly illuminated the entire courtyard, the flames devouring even space itself as they made their way toward the oncoming dragon claw.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The collision between the torrent of flames and the dragon claw was akin to a collision between two meteors. Flames instantly flooded the entire courtyard, and the entire sky had transformed into an empty void!

Meanwhile, after the flames in the void vanished, the Bronze Dragon in mid-air could be seen pushed back by half a step from its original position. Several scales had also fallen off its claw, and dark golden blood could be seen flowing from its wounds…

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