Chapter 42 - Zero Wing's Foundation?
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 42 - Zero Wing's Foundation?

"An affiliated power?"

Galaxy Past and Lin Yaoyue were stunned when they heard Shi Feng's words. Then, complicated emotions appeared on their faces.

If the person saying these words to them wasn't Shi Feng, the representative of Zero Wing, but a representative of some other superpower instead, their answers would've told this person to get lost without hesitation.

Although there were many first-rate Guilds in God's Domain, it didn't mean that they were weaklings. A typical first-rate Guild would have control over a hundred major cities or more. Top-tier first-rate Guilds would even have control over an entire medium-sized kingdom. Hence, first-rate Guilds were by no means pushovers. It was especially true for their two Guilds. They were confident that their respective Guilds could become a super-first-rate Guild and join the ranks of God's Domain's superpowers in the future.

At that time, apart from the Five Great Super Guilds, there would be no other existence that their two Guilds would be afraid of offending.

Thus, asking their two Guilds to become affiliated powers was nothing but a joke.

After pondering in silence for a moment, Lin Yaoyue took a deep breath and said in a neutral tone, "I'm afraid I do not have the authority to give you an answer right now, Mr. Black Flame. I will have to discuss your offer with my superiors first."

"I'm afraid I will also have to discuss it over with my Guild's current Guild Leader," Galaxy Past said, nodding in agreement with Lin Yaoyue.

"Do you think that my condition is a little too brazen?" Shi Feng wasn't surprised when he heard Galaxy Past and Lin Yaoyue rejecting his offer. Chuckling, he said, "Don't be so quick to shoot down my offer. I understand the pride you have for your respective Guilds. After all, a first-rate Guild is only one step away from joining the ranks of superpowers. I'm guessing that your respective Guilds aren't even afraid of ordinary superpowers right now, much less becoming an affiliated power to one."

Galaxy Past and Lin Yaoyue remained silent as they looked at Shi Feng, evidently agreeing with what Shi Feng had just said.

"Since you wish to consider, take your time doing so," Shi Feng said. "However, before that, I plan to show you Zero Wing's foundations. How about making a decision after that?"

"May I know how you plan to display it, Mr. Black Flame?" Galaxy Past asked curiously.

Lin Yaoyue also nodded her head, her eyes looking at Shi Feng with curiosity.

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