Chapter 41 - Its Name Is Zero Wing
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 41 - Its Name Is Zero Wing

"Yalin, should we inform Elder Heart now? If Black Flame is from that side, I'm afraid we won't have the qualifications to handle this matter," Lin Yaoyue said, reminding her friend, who was still in a daze, of the severity of the situation.

If the man known as Black Flame really came from that side, his value would be unimaginable. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that matters involving him were already outside their authority.

According to the information they got from Mysterious Moon, the overall standard of Outerworld players was generally stronger than the players in their God's Domain. In addition, these Outerworld players also surpassed them in terms of training efficiency by a large margin.

If they could join forces with an Outerworld power, they might be able to raise the strength of their Guild members by a large margin. It might even be possible to instantly elevate the Guild's rank by one whole level.

However, this still wasn't the most important point.

Rather than training methods, what was crucial to the various powers of their God's Domain was the Outerworld's material resources.

According to investigative reports, Outerworlds had many precious resources not available in their God's Domain. While these resources were deemed worthless by these Outerworlds, they would become incredibly valuable when put in their God's Domain. Some of these resources could even provide players with significant help in improving their personal strength.

Meanwhile, seeing how abnormally strong Black Flame was, there was no way he would be a nobody in the Outerworld he came from. He might even have a massive power backing him.

If this was the case, the person known as Black Flame was no different than a mountain of endless treasures to them. All forces in God's Domain would go crazy for him.

It should be known that even after the World Passage had opened, players still couldn't freely travel between the two linked worlds of God's Domain.

Setting aside the various travel restrictions, just the resistance put up by the local powers would become a huge limiting factor. After all, none of the two worlds' local powers would casually allow outsiders from entering their world and plundering the resources there. It was only natural that they would desperately fight to control the World Passage and protect their resources.

Seeing that Black Flame had managed to appear in the Miniature Ancient World despite this fact, it proved that Black Flame must have a secret path that allowed him to travel between different worlds of God's Domain. Meanwhile, the value of such a secret path went without saying.

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However, Mysterious Moon wasn't the only Guild that had discovered this matter thus far. There was also the Star Alliance, a Guild which was stronger than Mysterious Moon. If they handled this situation poorly, they would become the sinners of Mysterious Moon.

"No wonder he is using starter's equipment even though he has such astonishing skills! So this is the reason why?" At this time, Zhuo Yalin also came back to her senses. When she remembered the scene when she first saw Shi Feng, she felt that she had finally strung things together. Then, she nodded and said, "You're right. Although we still can't be sure if Black Flame is someone from that side, Guild Leader Galaxy's insight and experience make it unlikely that he will be wrong. I'll log off now and contact Elder Heart and the others. Before that, you must find a way to fight for this opportunity, Yaoyue!"

After saying so, Zhuo Yalin promptly logged out of the game, not daring to waste even a moment. In the meantime, Lin Yaoyue took a deep breath to calm her frantic heart. Then, she quickly walked up to Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was a little surprised by Galaxy Past's inquiry. He didn't think Galaxy Past would mistake him for a player from another God's Domain.

However, it made sense after he thought about it.

A nameless expert wearing starter's equipment had defeated a highly celebrated apex expert in God's Domain. No matter how one thought about it, there was no way such a situation could happen. Unless, of course, this nameless expert didn't originate from this world.

After letting out a sigh, Shi Feng looked at Galaxy Past and said, "With the current situation, I doubt you'll believe me even if I deny it, right?"

"You jest. I'm sure an expert like you is a man of your word. Moreover, you don't need to lie to me, right?" Galaxy Past said, smiling. However, even though he spoke as if he would believe Shi Feng regardless of Shi Feng's answer, the confidence and determination in his eyes said otherwise.

Seeing the look of determination on Galaxy Past's face, Shi Feng helplessly nodded and said quietly, "Okay, I admit that I am not from this world."

It was pointless for Shi Feng to explain himself and clear up Galaxy Past's misunderstanding. Rather than waste his time on such a futile effort, he might as well keep up the misunderstanding and make the best of the situation.

Shi Feng was well aware that a solo player couldn't progress far in God's Domain. If a player wished to climb to great heights, they would need the support of an organization. Even he, a former Tier 6 Sword God, was no exception.

Originally, Shi Feng had planned to develop his own force after he had developed his strength and foundation a little more. Now, though, he could just skip this process.

Meanwhile, Lin Yaoyue, who had just walked over, shuddered upon seeing Shi Feng nodding.

It's actually true?

An inexplicable sense of excitement filled Lin Yaoyue as she looked at Shi Feng's cloaked figure. However, she maintained a calm expression on her face, pretending as if she found this matter to be insignificant.

"I knew you couldn't be bothered to lie to me," Galaxy Past said. He, too, grew a little excited after hearing Shi Feng's affirmation. "I haven't had time to introduce myself before. I am Galaxy Past, the former Guild Leader of the Star Alliance, a first-rate power in this God's Domain. May I know which Outerworld power you come from, Mr. Black Flame?"

"Zero Wing," Shi Feng said, memories of his previous life suddenly surfacing in his mind. Then, after reminiscing for a brief moment, he added, "It's a relatively idle power. However, it is also the strongest power in the God's Domain I come from."

When talking about Zero Wing, Shi Feng's words exuded the pride and confidence of a superior. The emotions in Shi Feng's voice were so vivid that Galaxy Past could even feel the influence Zero Wing held in the God's Domain Shi Feng originated from.

The strongest power?!

Meanwhile, after hearing Shi Feng's statement, both Galaxy Past and Lin Yaoyue were secretly shocked. At the same time, the enthusiasm in their hearts also cooled down a little.

Neither of them had thought that Shi Feng would have such a huge origin. Originally, they had wanted to fight for trading rights with Shi Feng by relying on the influence and strength of their respective first-rate Guilds. However, all of their previous thoughts had become a joke at this moment.

If a Guild could call itself the strongest power in a God's Domain, one could easily imagine how frightening the strength and influence it held was.

It should be known that even if the current Five Great Super Guilds banded together, they wouldn't dare to call themselves the strongest power in God's Domain. Yet, Shi Feng had spoken without hesitation. Through this, they could tell that Zero Wing's strength in Shi Feng's world was undisputed.

It was also unlikely that Shi Feng would lie to them. After all, experts were prideful creatures. It was especially true for experts of Shi Feng's caliber. In addition, they were well-versed at reading people thanks to their experiences. Meanwhile, they could tell that Shi Feng wasn't lying when he said he came from the strongest power in his God's Domain.

In that case, how could the strongest power of an entire God's Domain possibly put first-rate Guilds like the Star Alliance and Mysterious Moon in its eyes?

"I know you want to trade with me, or rather, you want to make deals with the power behind me." Shi Feng smiled when he noticed the expressions of the two people before him turning a little ugly. "Unfortunately, the Guilds behind you do not have such qualifications. Even so, there's no need for you to be discouraged. Although the Guilds behind you aren't qualified to be equal trading partners, your Guilds have the chance to become an affiliated power. May I know if you two are interested?"

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