Chapter 41 - Its Name Is Zero Wing
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 41 - Its Name Is Zero Wing

"Yalin, should we inform Elder Heart now? If Black Flame is from that side, I'm afraid we won't have the qualifications to handle this matter," Lin Yaoyue said, reminding her friend, who was still in a daze, of the severity of the situation.

If the man known as Black Flame really came from that side, his value would be unimaginable. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that matters involving him were already outside their authority.

According to the information they got from Mysterious Moon, the overall standard of Outerworld players was generally stronger than the players in their God's Domain. In addition, these Outerworld players also surpassed them in terms of training efficiency by a large margin.

If they could join forces with an Outerworld power, they might be able to raise the strength of their Guild members by a large margin. It might even be possible to instantly elevate the Guild's rank by one whole level.

However, this still wasn't the most important point.

Rather than training methods, what was crucial to the various powers of their God's Domain was the Outerworld's material resources.

According to investigative reports, Outerworlds had many precious resources not available in their God's Domain. While these resources were deemed worthless by these Outerworlds, they would become incredibly valuable when put in their God's Domain. Some of these resources could even provide players with significant help in improving their personal strength.

Meanwhile, seeing how abnormally strong Black Flame was, there was no way he would be a nobody in the Outerworld he came from. He might even have a massive power backing him.

If this was the case, the person known as Black Flame was no different than a mountain of endless treasures to them. All forces in God's Domain would go crazy for him.

It should be known that even after the World Passage had opened, players still couldn't freely travel between the two linked worlds of God's Domain.

Setting aside the various travel restrictions, just the resistance put up by the

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