Chapter 40 - Who Is He?
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When the Winter of Eternal Night descended, everyone immediately saw a snowy-white lotus flower blooming around Shi Feng, the sight beautiful and transcendental.

A Bronze Combat Technique?!

Galaxy Past's expression turned unprecedentedly grave when he saw this snowy-white lotus.

Combat techniques in God's Domain could be differentiated into various ranks. Meanwhile, ranked above advanced combat techniques were Bronze Combat Techniques, and combat techniques of this rank were so rare that even most Tier 5 experts didn't possess one.

However, so long as a Tier 5 expert managed to acquire a Bronze Combat Technique, their combat power would instantly skyrocket to the peak of Tier 5. It wouldn't even matter even if they only had average equipment standards.

The reason for this was because Bronze Combat Techniques provided players with the strength to transcend tiers. This remained true even for Tier 5 existences.

I have to block it!

When Galaxy Past saw the gigantic lotus flower moving toward him, he promptly let out a shout as he used the Tier 3 Legacy Berserk Skill Savage God's Howl.

Suddenly, an illusory behemoth appeared around Galaxy Past as his Basic Attributes doubled. The space surrounding him also began to shatter, looking as if it couldn't withstand the new source of power that dwelled within his body. Then, after activating his Berserk Skill, Galaxy Past promptly brandished his saber against the approaching lotus flower.

Advanced Combat Technique, Sky Breaker!

All of a sudden, several blades of light shot out from Galaxy Past's saber before merging to form a gigantic saber that crashed into the lotus flower.


A deafening boom shook the area within a thousand yards of the battlefield. The trembling ground and spreading shockwaves could even be felt by the spectating players standing over a hundred yards away. In addition, the grassland within a 100-yard radius of the collision had also transformed into barren land, and the ground had sunk by more than ten meters...

"I don't think even top-tier Tier 4 play

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