Chapter 39 - Sword Technique! Sword's Orbit!
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 39 - Sword Technique! Sword's Orbit!

"Get serious?"

"What bold words!"

"That's right! He only dodged the Guild Leader's punch by instinct! He would've long since died if the Guild Leader got serious!"

Although Shi Feng did not speak loudly, everyone present was a Tier 3 expert. They could hear him loud and clear even from over a hundred yards away with their senses and physique.

Meanwhile, the Star Alliance's experts promptly rose to a clamor upon hearing Shi Feng's question.

In the opinions of the Star Alliance's experts, Shi Feng must've relied on luck to dodge Galaxy Past's punch. After all, the difference in Basic Attributes between the eight-piece Blood Dragon Set and the Secret-Silver ranked starter's equipment was more than double.

Faced against Galaxy Past's Tiger Transformation, even the peak experts in the Professional League's A-League would have an extremely difficult time dodging it. After all, Galaxy Past was only half a step away from reaching the legendary tier. His ability to perceive and predict the movements of Void Realm experts had already reached the extreme.

In comparison, Shi Feng was merely a nobody using starter's equipment. In a situation where his Basic Attributes were vastly inferior to Galaxy Past, luck was the only reasonable explanation for his success in dodging Galaxy Past's attack.

"A fluke?"

Zhuo Yalin was also surprised and confused when she looked at Shi Feng.

In her opinion, it was simply impossible to dodge Galaxy Past's attack that had been empowered by Tiger Transformation. Even if Shi Feng was an expert capable of achieving an S-rank evaluation in the Colosseum's Epic Challenge, she didn't think he could evade Galaxy Past's attack. It was especially true when he was only geared in starter's equipment.

While a commotion was happening outside the PvP area, Galaxy Past suddenly smiled.

"Good! Very good! It's been a long time since I met an expert like you!" Galaxy Past said, a hint of fighting spirit appearing in his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. "Although I don't know whether luck was involved just now, you are now qualified for me to get serious."

After saying so, Galaxy Past moved his finger around at the empty space before him. He had obviously called out his system interface and was doing something with it.

A moment later, a massive saber appeared in Galaxy Past's hand, the weapon matching his height.

The saber had a snowy-white body made out of a special type of crystal. Just the weapon's emergence had caused the surrounding temperature to plummet.

Meanwhile, the instant Galaxy Past held onto the saber, the intensity of the aura he radiated also increased significantly. Now, he felt more like a humanoid beast than a player, and everyone present felt an invisible pressure bearing down on them.

"It's Ice Roar!"

"Madness! This is madness! He actually brought a Famed Saber to the Miniature Ancient World?! Can anyone even match him now?!"

When Mysterious Moon's members saw the greatsword in Galaxy Past's hand, every one of them felt their sanity falling a little.

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During God's Domain's ten years of operation, players didn't just pay attention to the various experts in the game. They had also made various ranking lists for the various weapons that existed in God's Domain. Among them were lists for Famed Swords, Famed Sabers, etc. Every list had 100 entries, and the lists recorded weapons beneath the Legendary rank.

Meanwhile, any weapon capable of making these lists was unquestionably a weapon with powerful Basic Attributes and heaven-defying abilities that could drastically increase its wielder's combat power. Some weapons could even allow their users to transcend tiers.

Meanwhile, Ice Roar was ranked 83 in the ranking list for Famed Sabers. It was also known as the River Sealer.

Although Ice Roar was only an Epic Weapon, its combat effects were not the slightest bit inferior to Fragmented Legendary Weapons. It was a godly weapon that one couldn't even acquire even after offering up an entire Guild Town.

Upon seeing Ice Roar, Zhuo Yalin's expression instantly turned grave. Only experts who had reached her caliber would understand just how terrifying an expert like Galaxy Past could become if he had a weapon like Ice Roar. It wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that he would become invincible among Tier 3!

Meanwhile, after holding onto Ice Roar's hilt, Galaxy Past casually swung the massive saber.


Immediately, a dazzling energy blade cut through the air and flew up to 50 yards away, transforming the grassy plain in its path into an icy plane…

Afterward, Galaxy Past looked toward Shi Feng and proudly said, "Alright! Receive my second move!"

After saying so, Galaxy Past raised Ice Roar and swung it at Shi Feng, who stood less than 15 yards away.

Similar to before, Galaxy Past's slash had generated another energy blade. However, unlike the one before, this energy blade continuously distorted its shape and altered its trajectory mid-flight, making it impossible for others to predict its trajectory.

Advanced Combat Technique, Curved Light!

Then, when Shi Feng was evading the energy blade, Galaxy Past suddenly stepped forward and rapidly rotated his body.

Tier 3 Legacy Skill, Frenzied Gale!

Immediately, Galaxy Past transformed into an icy tornado that devoured all life around him.

How is this possible?! Zhuo Yalin's mouth widened slightly when she saw Galaxy Past transforming into an icy tornado. It's actually a fusion technique!

Combat techniques in God's Domain were different from Skills and Spells. So long as players successfully learned a combat technique, they could use it repeatedly without having to wait for a Cooldown. Moreover, the power of a combat technique was in no way inferior to the average Skill and Spell.

However, the downside of combat techniques was the significant Stamina and Concentration consumption. The expenditure was so significant that first-rate experts would exhaust themselves just by using an ordinary combat technique, while Refinement Realm experts would barely be able to use an advanced combat technique.

As for fusing combat techniques with Skills and Spells, that was a feat even most peak experts had trouble accomplishing. However, so long as one could accomplish this feat, not only would the power of their Skills and Spells increase drastically, but their Skills and Spells would also carry some of their combat technique's properties. These results could easily allow expert players to transcend tiers.

"The Guild Leader is finally getting serious! Let's see how that kid dodges the Guild Leader's attack now!"

"The Guild Leader can clash with even Mythic monsters using his ice tornado. The move even has a wide AOE of 50 yards. There's no way that kid can evade the Guild Leader's attack."

The Star Alliance's members grew excited when they saw Galaxy Past transforming into an icy tornado. At this moment, they could already foresee the moment Shi Feng got shredded to death.

Meanwhile, inside the PvP area, Shi Feng finally unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night after seeing the approaching icy tornado.

"That's not a bad move, but it is still not enough to kill me," Shi Feng calmly commented while he leisurely brandished his longsword.

Sword Technique! Sword's Orbit!

Suddenly, a galaxy of stars formed around Shi Feng. Then, when the icy tornado was about to hit Shi Feng, it suddenly veered past him, landing not a single hit on him.

When the icy tornado eventually disappeared, the battlefield had also transformed into a river of ice. However, contrary to everyone's expectations, Shi Feng remained standing on the battlefield. Moreover, the area within five yards of him did not contain even a single speck of frost…


"This can't be!"

"I must be dreaming!"

Everyone couldn't help but rub their eyes in doubt when they saw this scene, their minds refusing to believe the reality before them.

"You… How did you…"

At this moment, even Galaxy Past was flabbergasted when he saw Shi Feng coming out of his attack unscathed. Never did he imagine such an outcome would occur. However, before Galaxy Past could speak his mind, Shi Feng suddenly raised the Winter of Eternal Night and said:

"Now that I've received your attack, it's time you received mine!"

After saying so, Shi Feng swung down his sword.

Sword Technique, Sword's Transmigration!

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