Chapter 38 - Fair Fight
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"Who is he?"

"He doesn't seem like someone from Mysterious Moon; there's no Guild Emblem on him."

"Since you're not someone from Mysterious Moon, what are you making trouble for?! Get lost! Do you really think just anyone will have the qualifications to challenge our Guild Leader?"

The Star Alliance's members were enraged when they looked at the young man who had walked out of the crowd, many of them having the urge to just charge forward and kill him immediately.

"Who is he?"

"Did our Guild have such a member?"

Meanwhile, Mysterious Moon's members were confused when they looked at the cloaked young man.

"Mr. Black Flame!"

Zhuo Yalin immediately recognized the cloaked young man when she saw the other party. He was none other than Shi Feng, the person whom she had invited to help raid the Hell Mode Team Dungeon this time.

"Black Flame?" Lin Yaoyue also turned to look at Shi Feng when she heard Zhuo Yalin's words. Then, a look of surprise appeared in her eyes as she asked, "Is he that expert you were talking about?"

At this time, although Shi Feng was wearing a Black Cloak to hide his information, the cloak didn't do much to hide the shape of his easily-recognizable starter's equipment. Lin Yaoyue found it hard to believe that an expert capable of scoring an S-rank evaluation in the Colosseum's Epic Challenge would still be using starter's equipment even until now.

It should be known that any Tier 3 expert who had spent some time playing God's Domain could easily acquire a Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment when entering the Miniature Ancient World.

"Mhm, it's him." Zhuo Yalin nodded, a hint of excitement appearing in her eyes. "We finally have a chance now!"

"A chance?" No matter how Lin Yaoyue looked at Shi Feng, the latter did not seem like an expert at all. So, she couldn't help but doubt her friend's judgment. "Are you sure? He's still using starter's equipment, while Galaxy Past is using the eight-piece Blood Dragon Set. That set is labeled as one of the nine strongest Level 100 Epic Set Equipment in Hundred Flow City. Just the boost it provides to the Strength Attribute is enough to let a Tier 3 player rival Tier 4 players…"

Lin Yaoyue wouldn't have doubted Shi Feng's abilities if he was at least geared in an eight-piece Epic Set Equipment like Zhuo Yalin. Suppose that was the case, they might have a small chance of winning.

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But starter's equipment versus the Blood Dragon Set?

There was already an insurmountable difference in just the Basic Attributes the two provided.

An ordinary expert geared in the Blood Dragon Set could beat up even a Refinement Realm expert in Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, let alone someone geared in Secret-Silver starter's equipment.

Upon hearing Lin Yaoyue's concerns, Zhuo Yalin also finally noticed the state of Shi Feng's equipment. Suddenly, her confidence wavered as she hesitantly said, "It should be fine…"

Meanwhile, when Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue were conversing with each other, Shi Feng had also arrived in front of Galaxy Past.

"Not bad. You are a very courageous young man," Galaxy Past said, smiling as he examined Shi Feng. "You say that you want to challenge me, but can you represent Mysterious Moon?"

"I'll need to ask," Shi Feng said. He honestly wasn't sure whether Mysterious Moon would let him represent it. So, he turned to Zhuo Yalin and asked, "Miss Nightingale, can I fight on behalf of Mysterious Moon?"

"If you are willing, Mysterious Moon won't have any problems with it, Mr. Black Flame," Zhuo Yalin said, nodding.

"Good! Since Mysterious Moon doesn't have any problem, I don't have any problems with it, either," Galaxy Past said when he saw Zhuo Yalin nodding. Then, he returned his gaze to Shi Feng and said, "Young man, I won't bully you as a senior, so you can make the first move."

"No need. Let's just have a fair fight," Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Honestly, Shi Feng felt rather complicated facing Galaxy Past, who was talking to him from the perspective of a senior.

The Zero Wing Guild Shi Feng created during his previous life had clashed with the Star Alliance on many occasions. However, later on, Zero Wing had already grown to a state where the Star Alliance couldn't even hope to match. So, whether it was the Star Alliance or Galaxy Past, both had long since faded out of Shi Feng's vision.

Now that Shi Feng was meeting with Galaxy Past again, he couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity.

Even if the current Galaxy Past did not know him, Shi Feng still found it a rare opportunity to meet someone familiar in this foreign world.

At this time, apart from the Hell Mode Regional Dungeon, a larger part of the reason why Shi Feng had stepped forward was to see how strong Galaxy Past had become after fighting in God's Domain for ten years.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Shi Feng's words, the Star Alliance's members couldn't help but laugh.

"Hah! He really thinks he can fight with the Guild Leader!"

"Even Nightingale with her eight-piece Set Equipment had fallen after receiving one punch from our Guild Leader, so how dare he utter such bold words while clad in starter's equipment?!"

"That's right! The Guild Leader is too soft-hearted! If he fights fairly, those people probably wouldn't even know how they died!"

The Star Alliance's members ran their mouths one after another, their words causing Mysterious Moon's members to feel angry and ashamed. This was because everything the Star Alliance's members said was true. If even Zhuo Yalin, the Third Legion's vice commander, couldn't last more than a punch against Galaxy Past, anyone else who challenged Galaxy Past would probably suffer an even more miserable fate. So, Mysterious Moon's members had no choice but to keep quiet in this situation and pray that Shi Feng wouldn't lose too miserably.

"Okay!" Galaxy Past looked at Shi Feng in admiration when he heard the other party asking for a fair fight. "Let me see if you can make me give you a fair fight, then!"

After saying so, Galaxy Past leaped into the air and threw a punch at Shi Feng.

Tier 3 Legacy Skill, Tiger Transformation!

Immediately, Galaxy Past's body increased in size, his height reaching four meters. The intensity of the aura he radiated also soared, transforming from a calm sea into a violent storm that threatened to devour all life. His fist had even transformed into a tiger claw the size of a boulder.

When Galaxy Past's fist fell, even the space around it had started cracking. It was as if his punch was bringing down the entire sky with it. It was an attack that could neither be dodged nor blocked!

"It's over…" Zhuo Yalin's complexion paled when she saw Galaxy Past's attack.

Tiger Transformation was one of the Skills Galaxy Past was known for. Not only did the attack have a wide AOE, but it also had astonishing destructive power. Moreover, the Skill even doubled its user's Strength during the attack. One could say that it was a mini Berserk Skill. When used against an opponent with weaker Basic Attributes, the Skill could achieve a crushing victory.

Most importantly, Galaxy Past's actions were simply too fast to keep up with.

Even with her standards, she had failed to react immediately when Galaxy Past had launched his attack. She reacted to his attack only after he had activated Tiger Transformation and his fist was falling. If she were standing in Shi Feng's shoes, it would've already been too late for her to do anything. In such a situation, the only thing she could do was watch as Galaxy Past's fist came for her…


Accompanied by a deafening boom, a shockwave spread across the battlefield, covering a radius of several hundred yards. Within several dozen yards of the shockwave's epicenter, dust and dirt were also sent flying over a dozen meters into the air.

"Hahaha! He's a goner for sure!"

"Serves him right for behaving so arrogantly! Even Mysterious Moon's healers won't be able to save him now!"

"The Guild Leader is too serious. He's only going up against a newbie, yet he even brought out Tiger Transformation. I guess that kid got a worthwhile death."

The Star Alliance's members started chatting merrily when they looked at the dust clouds surrounding the battlefield. They were not surprised by this outcome at the slightest.

As for Mysterious Moon's members, their expressions turned very gloomy. It was especially true for Zhuo Yalin.

It was another one-hit knockout….

While Mysterious Moon's members were shaking their heads and sighing, the dust on the battlefield also gradually settled. However, to everyone's surprise, they could faintly see two figures standing among the dust clouds.

"How is this possible?!"

"He didn't die?"

Everyone was shocked when Shi Feng's figure appeared among the dust clouds.

At this time, not only was Shi Feng still standing, but he didn't even lose a single point of his HP. As for Galaxy Past, he had missed his punch and created a crater several meters deep beside Shi Feng.

"Did the Guild Leader miss his attack?"

"That shouldn't be the case! With the Guild Leader's strength, he wouldn't miss even if he closed his eyes!"

The Star Alliance's members were greatly surprised by this scene. None of them could make sense of the situation.

Meanwhile, Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue were even more confused by this situation, their minds failing to understand how Galaxy Past had missed his attack.

At this moment, out of everyone present, only Galaxy Past looked at Shi Feng with a serious gaze. Unlike everyone else, he knew that he didn't mess up his attack just now. Instead, Shi Feng had preemptively dodged his attack.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the instant he started moving, Shi Feng had seemingly already seen through his attack trajectory and dodged to the side ahead of time. Moreover, he had failed to get a hold of Shi Feng's evasive trajectory…

Godspeed Response?


These thoughts surfaced in Galaxy Past's mind one after another.

However, Shi Feng seemingly paid no heed to his extraordinary evasion as he looked at Galaxy Past and asked calmly, "Can you get serious now?"

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