Chapter 38 - Fair Fight
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"Who is he?"

"He doesn't seem like someone from Mysterious Moon; there's no Guild Emblem on him."

"Since you're not someone from Mysterious Moon, what are you making trouble for?! Get lost! Do you really think just anyone will have the qualifications to challenge our Guild Leader?"

The Star Alliance's members were enraged when they looked at the young man who had walked out of the crowd, many of them having the urge to just charge forward and kill him immediately.

"Who is he?"

"Did our Guild have such a member?"

Meanwhile, Mysterious Moon's members were confused when they looked at the cloaked young man.

"Mr. Black Flame!"

Zhuo Yalin immediately recognized the cloaked young man when she saw the other party. He was none other than Shi Feng, the person whom she had invited to help raid the Hell Mode Team Dungeon this time.

"Black Flame?" Lin Yaoyue also turned to look at Shi Feng when she heard Zhuo Yalin's words. Then, a look of surprise appeared in her eyes as she asked, "Is he that expert you were talking about?"

At this time, although Shi Feng was wearing a Black Cloak to hide his information, the cloak didn't do much to hide the shape of his easily-recognizable starter's equipment. Lin Yaoyue found it hard to believe that an expert capable of scoring an S-rank evaluation in the Colosseum's Epic Challenge would still be using starter's equipment even until now.

It should be known that any Tier 3 expert who had spent some time playing God's Domain could easily acquire a Level 100 Dark-Gold Set Equipment when entering the Miniature Ancient World.

"Mhm, it's him." Zhuo Yalin nodded, a hint of excitement appearing in her eyes. "We finally have a chance now!"

"A chance?" No matter how Lin Yaoyue looked at Shi Feng, the latter did not seem like an expert at all. So, she couldn't help but doubt her friend's judgment. "Are you sure? He's still using starter's equipment, while Galaxy Past is using the eight-piece Blood Dragon Set. That set is labeled as one of the nine strongest Level 100 Epic Set Equipment in Hundred Flow City. Just the boost it provides to the Strength Attribute is enough to let a Tier 3 player rival Tier 4 players…"

Lin Yaoyue wouldn't have doubted Shi Feng's abilities if he was at least geared in an eight-piece Epic Set Equipment like Zhuo Yalin. Suppose that was the case, they might have a small chance of winning.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

But starter's equipment versus the Blood Dragon Set?

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