Chapter 37 - Galaxy Past
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"Why is he here?!"

Both Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue were shocked and confused when Galaxy Past appeared among the Star Alliance's team.

Galaxy Past could be regarded as a legendary figure in God's Domain.

When he was in his thirties, he had made the decision to have the Star Alliance, which wasn't particularly well-known in the virtual gaming industry back then, tackle God's Domain using all of its available assets. Afterward, he had led the Star Alliance to prominence in the Star-Moon Kingdom, defeating several rival first-rate Guilds in the process and developing the Star Alliance into a top-tier first-rate Guild capable of competing against even super-first rate Guilds. Moreover, he had done so while refusing all investment offers made by powerful international corporations. Because of his feats, he became a bigshot known by all in God's Domain.

However, not long ago, Galaxy Past suddenly announced his retirement and handed his position to Purple Eye, another legendary individual coming from the Star Alliance and one of the top 16 contenders for the current Ten Saints League. Afterward, he vanished from the public scene, and nobody had heard from him ever since.

Yet, now, Galaxy Past had suddenly appeared in the wilderness here…

While Zhuo Yalin, Lin Yaoyue, and the other members of Mysterious Moon were shocked by Galaxy Past's sudden appearance, Galaxy Past shifted his attention away from the Dungeon's entrance and turned around. Then, he started slowly making his way toward Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue.

"It seems you two are Mysterious Moon's leaders this time around." After scrutinizing Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue for a moment, Galaxy Past praised, "Not bad. It seems Ol' Confused Heart's efforts these past years hadn't gone to waste if he managed to nurture geniuses like you two. Mysterious Moon won't have to worry about not having people to run it in the future."

"You jest, Guild Leader Galaxy," Zhuo Yalin replied humbly after composing herself. "We are still too weak to take on the great responsibility of leading the Guild. Elder Heart has always urged us to learn from Senior Purple Eye."

Hearing Zhuo Yalin's words, Lin Yaoyue lowered her head and kept silent, a bitter smile appearing on her face.

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