Chapter 37 - Galaxy Past
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"Why is he here?!"

Both Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue were shocked and confused when Galaxy Past appeared among the Star Alliance's team.

Galaxy Past could be regarded as a legendary figure in God's Domain.

When he was in his thirties, he had made the decision to have the Star Alliance, which wasn't particularly well-known in the virtual gaming industry back then, tackle God's Domain using all of its available assets. Afterward, he had led the Star Alliance to prominence in the Star-Moon Kingdom, defeating several rival first-rate Guilds in the process and developing the Star Alliance into a top-tier first-rate Guild capable of competing against even super-first rate Guilds. Moreover, he had done so while refusing all investment offers made by powerful international corporations. Because of his feats, he became a bigshot known by all in God's Domain.

However, not long ago, Galaxy Past suddenly announced his retirement and handed his position to Purple Eye, another legendary individual coming from the Star Alliance and one of the top 16 contenders for the current Ten Saints League. Afterward, he vanished from the public scene, and nobody had heard from him ever since.

Yet, now, Galaxy Past had suddenly appeared in the wilderness here…

While Zhuo Yalin, Lin Yaoyue, and the other members of Mysterious Moon were shocked by Galaxy Past's sudden appearance, Galaxy Past shifted his attention away from the Dungeon's entrance and turned around. Then, he started slowly making his way toward Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue.

"It seems you two are Mysterious Moon's leaders this time around." After scrutinizing Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue for a moment, Galaxy Past praised, "Not bad. It seems Ol' Confused Heart's efforts these past years hadn't gone to waste if he managed to nurture geniuses like you two. Mysterious Moon won't have to worry about not having people to run it in the future."

"You jest, Guild Leader Galaxy," Zhuo Yalin replied humbly after composing herself. "We are still too weak to take on the great responsibility of leading the Guild. Elder Heart has always urged us to learn from Senior Purple Eye."

Hearing Zhuo Yalin's words, Lin Yaoyue lowered her head and kept silent, a bitter smile appearing on her face.

Although Elder Confused Heart was only Mysterious Moon's Great Elder and not the Guild Leader, his position in the Guild was the highest. Even the Guild Leader needed to treat Elder Confused Heart respectfully and carefully listen to his suggestions. This was because Elder Confused Heart was responsible for teaching most of the Guild's peak experts. Lin Yaoyue and Zhuo Yalin were also disciples of Elder Confused Heart.

Meanwhile, only apex experts such as Galaxy Past would be worthy of referring to the Great Elder as Ol' Confused Heart.

"I'm not the one responsible for teaching Purple Eye. I don't have that kind of ability, either. She has relied entirely on her efforts to reach her current strength," Galaxy Past said, shaking his head. Then, he let out a soft sigh as he continued, "If I had Ol' Confused Heart's teaching abilities, the Star Alliance wouldn't be stuck as just a first-rate Guild right now."

Zhuo Yalin remained silent in response to Galaxy Past's words.

It was just as Galaxy Past had said. If the Star Alliance could produce a sufficient number of peak experts, it would've long since become a super-first-rate Guild by now. After all, the Star Alliance currently had a God-ranked expert in its ranks. Meanwhile, this person was none other than the Star Alliance's current Guild Leader—Wind God Purple Eye!

After getting emotional for a moment, Galaxy Past suddenly put on a stern gaze as he said, "Alright, I've wasted enough time talking. The Star Alliance wants this Hell Mode Team Dungeon. However, I don't want others saying that I am bullying two little girls, so I will give you three chances to challenge me. So long as you can last three moves against me, the Star Alliance will give up on this Dungeon. Of course, if you don't wish to accept this challenge, I don't mind starting an all-out fight here, either."


Zhuo Yalin was at a loss for words when she heard Galaxy Past's words. The other Mysterious Moon experts standing behind Zhuo Yalin also grew silent.

If any other executive from the Star Alliance had said these words, they would've chosen to fight without hesitation. After all, everyone present was currently Tier 3. Even if there was a difference in combat standards, the difference in actual combat power wouldn't be significant.

However, it was an entirely different matter if Galaxy Past were the one saying these words…

Not only was Galaxy Past the Star Alliance's former Guild Leader, but he was also a Tier 5 apex expert during his peak. Even on the scale of the entire God's Domain, he could be considered a top-ranking expert.

Even if Galaxy Past had regressed to Tier 3 now, the strength he could exhibit would still be far beyond the imagination of ordinary experts. It was no exaggeration to say that he could single-handedly turn the tides of a battle involving thousands.

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"I can give you ten minutes to consider," Galaxy Past said. Then, after giving Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue one last look, he turned around and returned to his team to start preparing for the upcoming Dungeon raid. His behavior made it seem like he didn't care what choices Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue made.

Meanwhile, after Galaxy Past walked away, Lin Yaoyue looked toward Zhuo Yalin and whispered, "What should we do? Neither the Guild Leader nor Elder Heart is in the Miniature Ancient World. It doesn't matter whether we choose to fight one-on-one or as a group; we won't have any advantages either way…"

In Mysterious Moon, the Guild Leader and Elder Confused Heart were the only people who could win against Galaxy Past. Although the Guild had other apex experts, they would have difficulty even matching Galaxy Past, let alone defeat him.

Not to mention, these apex experts were elusive individuals. It was also highly unlikely that any of them had entered the Miniature Ancient World since that would mean restarting their progress from Tier 3. Unless an apex expert had great determination and willpower, they absolutely would not set foot into the Miniature Ancient World.

"Indeed, we don't have any advantages," Zhuo Yalin said, nodding. Then, a passionate fighting spirit appeared in her eyes as she continued, "However, we must still try and fight for this Team Dungeon!"

"Are you insane?!" Hearing her friend's words, Lin Yaoyue hurriedly said, "Our team can't afford to take on such a loss right now!"

The various powers that had entered the Miniature Ancient World were currently frantically developing their influence and increasing their levels. Meanwhile, for the sake of raiding the Hell Mode Team Dungeon this time, Mysterious Moon had already gathered most of its experts.

If all of these experts got killed and regressed to Level 100, it would become very difficult for them to catch up to the experts of other Guilds.

"How stupid do you think I am?" Zhuo Yalin couldn't help but smile when she saw the nervous look on Lin Yaoyue's face. "What I mean is that we should go for the one-on-one challenge. Even if we lose, it won't affect the big picture. Also, I will be taking one of the three spots. As for the two other spots, they'll go to whoever is willing to take up the challenge."

"I'll take up one as well, then," Lin Yaoyue said, gritting her teeth.

If they were on the main continent, she absolutely would not dare to challenge Galaxy Past. After all, a Tier 5 expert could kill them with the flick of a finger.

However, Galaxy Past had also regressed to Tier 3 now. She wanted to use this opportunity to see how much of a difference there existed between herself and an apex expert. Was it really true that she couldn't last even three moves?

"That's great! We can also use this chance to see who has improved more during this period!" Zhuo Yalin said with a smile.

Afterward, Zhuo Yalin brought up the remaining slot to the other team members, checking to see if there were any other volunteers. Then, in no time at all, a tall and robust Level 101 Berserker clad in Epic Set Equipment walked out of the crowd.

Meanwhile, when Zhuo Yalin announced her decision to challenge Galaxy Past to a one-on-one fight, the Star Alliance's members instantly exploded into rage.

"Are you really going to accept their challenge, Guild Leader?"

"That's right! They're merely a bunch of blind and ignorant brats! Who do they think they are to challenge you, Guild Leader?!"

"That's right, that's right! Let's just kill them all!"

The Star Alliance's core experts present voiced their dissatisfaction with Zhuo Yalin's decision one after another. Everyone in the Star Alliance respected and revered Galaxy Past. Even if Galaxy Past had withdrawn from the frontlines, he was still the Star Alliance's Guild Leader in everyone's eyes. Hence, seeing someone daring to challenge Galaxy Past angered them greatly.

"Enough! Be quiet!" Galaxy Past said sternly. "I was the one who suggested this challenge, so don't go blaming them. Also, I have already said many times that I am no longer the Guild Leader. Just call me Elder."

After getting reprimanded by Galaxy Past, the Star Alliance's members instantly fell silent. Nobody voiced their complaints and dissatisfaction anymore. Though, their eyes looked like they could kill when they looked at Zhuo Yalin and the others.

Meanwhile, when Zhuo Yalin walked into the clearing separating the two teams and sensed the burning gazes the Star Alliance's members were giving her, she couldn't help but smile bitterly as she thought to herself, Is there a need to react like that?

"You can make the first move, little girl," Galaxy Past said after entering the PvP site. Then, while watching Zhuo Yalin unsheath the two daggers hanging on the back of her waist, he shook his head and said, "You shouldn't have stepped forward first."

Zhuo Yalin was an Assassin, so the foremost thing she should do was understand her opponent. The more she understood her opponent, the higher her chances of executing a successful ambush.

It was especially important that she succeeded in ambushing a Berserker like him.

The Berserker was a heavy-armor class. Not only would an Assassin have a difficult time damaging a Berserker with their weapons, but so long as the Assassin's ambush got countered or resisted, the Assassin would fall into a passive state immediately.

Now that he had given Mysterious Moon three chances to challenge him, the optimal choice for Zhuo Yalin to make would be to have the other two challengers probe him first. Yet, Zhuo Yalin had chosen to step forward first.

"I know." Zhuo Yalin nodded. Her eyes brimming with fighting spirit, she said, "But I want to see how far I can go with my true strength!"

"Good! As expected of Ol' Confused Heart's disciple," Galaxy Past said in approval. "In that case, come at me!"

After saying so, Galaxy Past started walking closer toward Zhuo Yalin. However, he showed no intention of drawing his weapon at all.

Meanwhile, Zhuo Yalin didn't hold back even after seeing this, choosing to activate Stealth and the Tier 3 Shadow Split without hesitation. Not only did she vanish from everyone's vision, but she even split into three copies of herself while in stealth. Then, all three of her copies charged at the unarmed Galaxy Past from three different directions.

"Formless Steps! This little girl is quite skilled!"

Many of the Star Alliance's older generation experts were surprised when they noticed Zhuo Yalin disappearing from their perception completely.

As the Star Alliance's older generation experts, they had experienced countless battles throughout their career in God's Domain. They had naturally seen many Assassin experts as well. Hence, they knew that Assassins capable of erasing their presences completely were experts who had trained in Formless Steps to the extreme.

Formless Steps was one of God's Domain's most complicated top-ranking advanced combat techniques. Typically, only experts who had reached the Void Realm could master this combat technique. Meanwhile, Assassins could erase their presences completely while in Stealth after mastering this skill. This, in turn, would allow them to challenge even opponents that were much stronger themselves.

Has she mastered it already? Lin Yaoyue was also surprised and overjoyed to see Zhuo Yalin using Formless Steps.

Formless Steps!

This was one of Elder Confused Heart's strongest moves. He had successfully assassinated many apex experts by relying on this combat technique. Although Zhuo Yalin had only recently reached the Flowing Water Realm, now that she had mastered Formless Steps, she should have no problem withstanding three moves from Galaxy Past.

"What a pity…"

On the battlefield, Galaxy Past muttered softly after looking at his surroundings. Then, he took a sidestep and suddenly threw a punch behind him.

Tier 3 Skill, Mountain Splitter!

It was a Skill that increased one's Strength by 60% and doubled one's damage and destructive power for one attack.


Accompanied by an explosive sound, Zhuo Yalin's figure suddenly appeared behind Galaxy Past. Then, like a cannonball, her body flew across the air and landed 30 yards away. When she landed, her HP started plummeting rapidly, showing no signs of stopping even after reaching a critical level…

"How is this possible?!"

"He killed her in one hit?"

Mysterious Moon's experts gaped in shock when they saw Zhuo Yalin getting sent flying. Although they had long since known that Zhuo Yalin wasn't a match for Galaxy Past, they didn't think that Zhuo Yalin, one of the younger generation's geniuses cultivated by the Guild, would get killed in one hit…

While everyone was still in shock, Lin Yaoyue was the first to react as she hurriedly shouted, "Healers, save her quickly!"

Upon hearing Lin Yaoyue's words, the healers on Mysterious Moon's team promptly snapped out of their daze and started casting Healing Spells on Lin Yaoyue.

In God's Domain, even if players received damage that exceeded their HP threshold, so long as their HP did not reach zero, it was still possible to heal them using special Healing Spells. Meanwhile, the struck player could avoid death so long as the healers managed to outheal the damage dealt.

After several healing lights landed on Zhuo Yalin's body, her HP eventually stopped falling and settled at 1. Then, subsequent heals quickly brought her back to full HP. However, as Zhuo Yalin had already entered a heavily injured state, it would take some time before she could fully recover her combat power.

After recovering her HP, Zhuo Yalin slowly stood up and looked at Galaxy Past reluctantly, saying, "I lost…"

"Are you wondering why I can see through your Formless Steps so easily?" Galaxy Past asked, a smile appearing on his face when he saw the unreconciled look on Zhuo Yalin's face.

"Yes. My Formless Steps should've been perfect," Zhuo Yalin said, nodding.

Even if someone managed to see through her Formless Steps, it shouldn't be possible for them to strike directly at her defensive blindspot. Yet, Galaxy Past had done so without a shred of hesitation. His attack was so quick and precise that she didn't even have time to defend herself.

Shaking his head, Galaxy Past said, "Your Formless Steps might be good, but it is far from perfect. It was especially true when you were attacking. Your killing intent was too obvious, or should I say immature. You didn't try to package it at all. In my eyes, you might as well not have entered stealth."

"I didn't package my killing intent?"

Zhuo Yalin was rendered speechless when she heard Galaxy Past's words. Could something like killing intent even be packaged? Not to mention, it had already taken all of her focus to maintain Formless Steps. She couldn't afford to split her attention to do other things at all.

Galaxy Past did not continue explaining. Instead, he looked to the other members of Mysterious Moon and asked, "Alright, who's next?"

Even though Galaxy Past spoke in a calm and neutral voice, none of Mysterious Moon's members dared to step forward. Even Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but hesitate.

Even someone as strong as Zhuo Yalin had lost without knowing how, so how could any of them stand a chance against Galaxy Past?

Just when Mysterious Moon's members would forfeit the rest of the challenge, a cloaked man with a black longsword by his waist sighed softly before walking out of the crowd and asking:

"May I?"

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