Chapter 36 - Godslayer
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"Why are you suddenly asking about this matter, Student Ziyou?" Luo Tiancheng asked, growing curious after hearing Chen Ziyou's question.

Gu Tong, too, was bewildered, failing to understand why Chen Ziyou would ask such a strange question.

Shi Feng was merely a Tier 3 player. No matter how one looked at it, he wasn't suited to serve as the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild. It was especially true now that Shadow had gone under World Dominators's wing.

If Shadow allowed a Tier 3 player to continue serving as its Guild Leader, it would probably become a joke to everyone.

Seeing the confusion in Luo Tiancheng's eyes, Chen Ziyou explained, "It's nothing. I just think that Instructor Shi is very strong. Even if he couldn't remain as Shadow's Guild Leader, he should have no problems taking on the position of an Honorary Elder. Yet, now, he is working as an instructor in the Academy. So, I couldn't help but find it puzzling."

"Strong? Shi Feng?" Luo Tiancheng laughed. "You must love your jokes, Student Ziyou. While I admit that Shi Feng is talented, to say that he is very strong is a joke. Also, it is as you've said: with his current strength, he is indeed worthy of becoming an Honorary Elder or even a Vice Guild Leader. However, he failed to see the changing times and cherish the opportunity Director Lan gave him."

"Is that really the case?" Chen Ziyou was a little surprised to hear Luo Tiancheng's words.

"That's right!" Luo Tiancheng nodded. Then, in a slightly envious tone, he said, "If I were him, I would've long since gone to beg Director Lan. I would be satisfied with even a Vice Guild Leader position. At the very least, I would still hold real authority within the Guild, and it is a much more comfortable position than a junior instructor."

Hearing Luo Tiancheng's words, Chen Ziyou couldn't help but give the other party a strange look. She had a feeling that Luo Tiancheng must be joking with her.

An internal force master was an existence even the various first-rate Guilds would fight to recruit. Yet, Shadow, a second-rate Guild, had driven one away without hesitation. She really couldn't understand what was going through the heads of Shadow's shareholders.

Moreover, even crazier was that Luo Tiancheng wanted an internal force master to go and beg Lan Hailong. Even the directors of the various first-rate Guilds wouldn't dare to do such a thing!

However, Chen Ziyou didn't think too much over this matter. This was Shadow's problem, after all. It had nothing to do with her. Next, she looked at Luo Tiancheng and asked, "Can you sell me some Academy Points, Instructor Luo?"

"Academy Points?" Luo Tiancheng was a little surprised to hear Chen Ziyou's request.

It was normal for the Academy's students to lack Academy Points. In comparison, the Academy's instructors had vastly greater points since they had many more acquisition methods available to them. Hence, when students needed points, they tended to purchase points from instructors. It could be considered one of the several ways the Academy's instructors generated income.

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However, when students reached Chen Ziyou's level, they would typically have no more need for Academy Points. Rather than purchasing points, Chen Ziyou should be selling her points to others. Thus, Luo Tiancheng was surprised. Even so, he still readily agreed to Chen Ziyou's request, asking, "How many do you want?"

"I want everything you have," Chen Ziyou said without hesitation.

"I have 300,000 points on me. Are you sure you want everything?" Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but ask.

He had spent the past year or so accumulating these 300,000 points. With this many points, he could sponsor a talented student from enrollment until graduation and still have points to spare. In fact, he would have plenty to spare. After all, the stronger a student was in the Academy, the less need they would have for the Academy's resources. Rather than exchanging for resources, such students would use their points to exchange for Credits instead.

"Mhm, I want everything," Chen Ziyou said affirmatively.

"Alright, I'll transfer them to you now." Luo Tiancheng also agreed to the transaction without hesitation. He even grew a little excited over this situation. After all, it was rare to have a student come and purchase so many points from him. However, he still couldn't help himself from asking, "What do you need so many points for, Student Ziyou? If I recall correctly, there shouldn't be any events going on in the Academy that require such a huge sum of points."

Gu Tong also expressed his curiosity toward Luo Tiancheng's question as he looked at Chen Ziyou.

It was true that many places in the Academy required significant expenditures of points. One example would be the Academy's advanced training hall that cost 2,000 points per hour of visit. However, even then, purchasing a massive sum of 300,000 points was still overkill.

"It's nothing." In a slightly helpless tone, Chen Ziyou said, "I just need some points to attend classes. I already spent all of my points attending the previous class."

Gu Tong felt his worldview cracking slightly when he heard Chen Ziyou's words. Unable to hold back his curiosity, he asked, "Do you need so many points to attend class?"

That was 300,000 points they were talking about!

With this many points, he could attend the classes of senior instructors continuously until he graduated!

"Student Ziyou, didn't you attend Shi Feng's class just now?" Luo Tiancheng was also surprised by Chen Ziyou's answer. Hurriedly, he asked, "Did he deliberately scam you because he found out that you were there to investigate him?"

"No, Instructor Shi did not scam me. Ten thousand points for a class is already very cheap," Chen Ziyou said, shaking his head. "Moreover, I'm afraid 300,000 points still isn't enough. I'll have to go and buy some more from the other instructors later on."

Ten thousand points for a class is cheap?

Chen Ziyou's words dumbfounded Luo Tiancheng and Gu Tong. They couldn't help but feel that Chen Ziyou was messing with them. Either that or Chen Ziyou had gone crazy after getting provoked by Shi Feng.

Even the Academy's senior instructors would only charge a few hundred points per class. Yet, Shi Feng, a junior instructor, was charging 10,000 points. Moreover, even with such a price tag, Chen Ziyou still thought it was cheap and planned to go for more classes…

Who would believe this?

However, after Chen Ziyou finished speaking, she promptly ran for the faculty office. Her hurried behavior made it seem like those instructors' points would disappear if she spent even a second longer here…

"Instructor Luo." While looking at Chen Ziyou's departing figure, Gu Tong couldn't help but ask, "Do you think Senior Ziyou was messing with us?"

"I don't know. Even I can't figure out what's going through the mind of a genius like Student Ziyou," Luo Tiancheng said, shaking his head. Then, he turned to look at the teaching building behind him, a sneer appearing on his face as he continued, "However, that Shi Feng is probably a goner this time. Instructors are only allowed to change the price of their classes once a month. Moreover, junior instructors must hold at least 15 classes a month and have at least 40 students attending their classes. They will be fired if they can't meet this quota."

Luo Tiancheng had originally thought he couldn't do anything about Shi Feng anymore. After all, Shi Feng had already taken in a genius as his apprentice. A loyal one at that.

However, all of Luo Tiancheng's worries had disappeared now.

Ten thousand points per class!

How many students could possibly afford to attend such a class?

Meanwhile, so long as Shi Feng was fired, he naturally couldn't remain as Wu Lingling's instructor anymore. At that time, he'd be nothing but an easy game.

Miniature Ancient World, Hundred Flow City:

After ending his class, Shi Feng paid no heed to his students, simply telling them to practice the exercise he taught them previously and prohibiting them from entering God's Domain until they could finish the whole workout in under three minutes.

This class assignment had left all of Shi Feng's students in despair and confusion. After all, they needed ten minutes to complete the exercise on average. Even someone as talented as Wu Lingling had only managed to lower her time to five minutes. It was simply a tall order to have them complete the whole exercise set in three minutes. Many students even suspected that Shi Feng had only given them an impossible task because he didn't wish to teach them.

What made things worse was that Shi Feng had even prohibited them from logging into God's Domain before accomplishing this task.

While everyone was frantically grinding for levels and resources in the Miniature Ancient World, they were stuck doing exercises in the real world…

Unlike his students, Shi Feng had gone home without hesitation and logged into God's Domain.

Meanwhile, after returning to God's Domain, Shi Feng made his way to the hotel's core room and took out the hotel's deed, which had a magic array drawn on it. Then, he started chanting an incantation while holding the deed against the core room's magic array, gradually removing the magic barrier sealing the hotel.

System: Hotel's magic barrier has been fully unlocked. Do you wish to open the hotel?

"Open it," Shi Feng answered.

System: Please give your hotel a name.


"A name?" Shi Feng fell into thought for a moment as he looked at the system notification. Then, he said, "Let's go with Candlelight, then."

He had relied on the Candlelight Trading Firm as his foundation to sweep across the entire God's Domain continent's economy during his previous life. Now that he was restarting his campaign in God's Domain, he planned to have Candlelight's name shine on the entire God's Domain again!

System: Naming successful. The Candlelight Hotel will be fully opened in five minutes.

System: The Candlelight Hotel is currently a 1-star Hotel. It requires 10,000 Popularity Points and 30,000 Gold to become a 2-star Hotel.

Just reaching 2-star status costs 10,000 Reputation Points and 30,000 Gold already? Shi Feng was flabbergasted when he saw the hotel's upgrade cost.

A 1-star Hotel could be regarded as the most common hotel in an NPC City. Players could only recruit the most basic of NPCs as hotel staff. Meanwhile, apart from providing players a roof over their heads, a 1-star Hotel did nothing else. It had no advanced functions whatsoever. Typically, players would only be willing to spend money to stay in a 1-star Hotel if it was located in an NPC City with a special environment or a Guild Town or City close to a leveling spot. Otherwise, they'd be wasting their money for no reason.

Meanwhile, on the main continent, the promotion of 1-star Hotels located in NPC Cities generally only required around 1,000 Popularity Points and several thousand Gold.

It seems I have no choice but to convert some of my Credits into Coins if I want to upgrade the hotel to 2-star status quickly.

Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he looked at the shabby hotel lobby.

He, a Tier 6 Sword God in the past, was now having a headache over money. Nobody would believe him if he shared this matter with other people in his previous life.

When Shi Feng was about to find a player merchant to exchange for Coins, he suddenly received a call notification. Meanwhile, the caller was none other than Mysterious Moon's Zhuo Yalin.

"What's with the sudden call, Miss Nightingale? Did something happen?" Shi Feng asked curiously after answering the call.

"You sure are a straightforward person, Mr. Black Flame," Zhuo Yalin said, smiling. Responding in kind, she got straight to the point and said, "I am indeed calling because something came up. Moreover, it is something big. May I know if you have time to spare right now, Mr. Black Flame?"

After thinking for a moment, Shi Feng said, "Sort of."

He was in no hurry to exchange for Coins. After all, his hotel still needed to accumulate 10,000 Popularity Points before he could upgrade it.

"That's great!" Zhuo Yalin grew happy immediately. "We found the entrance of a Hell Mode Team Dungeon, and we wish to invite you to join us. May I know if you are willing to join us?"

"A Hell Mode Team Dungeon?" Shi Feng was a little stunned.

Unlike the Team Dungeons found in the outside world, everything about the Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons was random. Not only did these Team Dungeons appear randomly, but even their difficulty was random, going from Normal Mode to Hard Mode and Hell Mode.

Naturally, the higher the difficulty, the greater the harvest one could obtain from these Team Dungeons. It was especially true for Hell Mode Team Dungeons. These Dungeons had a considerably high chance to drop two Legacies instead of just one. So, coming across a Hell Mode Team Dungeon in the Miniature Ancient World was akin to hitting the jackpot.

"That's right. A Hell Mode Team Dungeon," Zhuo Yalin said excitedly. "Of course, I'm not asking you to work for free. If a second Legacy appears, you can have it. What do you think?"

"I'll pass on the Legacy," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "I only want the priority to choose three items from the Boss's loot."

"You don't want the Legacy?" Zhuo Yalin was surprised when she heard Shi Feng's words.

The Legacies dropped in the Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeon didn't just provide knowledge on Mana manipulation. It also provided players with the opportunity to acquire a hidden class. Not only could a hidden class increase one's strength, but it could also increase one's chances of getting promoted to higher tiers.

This was also one of the reasons why so many experts from the main continent had flooded into the Miniature Ancient World.

"Mhm. I don't need it. Three items from the Boss will do," Shi Feng said affirmatively.

He had never been interested in the Miniature Ancient World's Ancient Legacies. It was especially true after he acquired that gray key.

He had seen plenty of Legacies during his previous life. This included Legacies from Ancient Gods. However, compared to the Godslayer's Legacy, even the Legacies of Ancient Gods were slightly inferior.

According to his research, the Godslayer hadn't killed only Tier 6 Gods. When the Godslayer reached Tier 6, he had killed even Ancient Gods!

It was precisely because of this that the Godslayer had acquired his title.

However, Shi Feng had already reached Tier 6 when he learned about the Godslayer's Legacy during his previous life. At that point, he could no longer learn the Legacies of others. So, he had no choice but to give up on the Godslayer's Legacy.

Now that Shi Feng had restarted his progress from Tier 3, he naturally wouldn't consider any other Legacies.

"Alright." Zhuo Yalin agreed to Shi Feng's condition without hesitation. Then, she sent Shi Feng a message and said, "This is our current location."

"Alright, I'll head over immediately."

After looking at the Dungeon's coordinates, Shi Feng promptly set the hotel to hire employees automatically before setting out.

While Zhuo Yalin held her conversation with Shi Feng, a gorgeous woman also stood beside her. This woman was none other than Lin Yaoyue, who had only entered the Miniature Ancient World recently. Meanwhile, as soon as Zhuo Yalin ended her call with Shi Feng, Lin Yaoyue frowned in dissatisfaction as she said, "You've gone too far, Yalin. This is the Boss of a Hell Mode Team Dungeon we are talking about. Do you know how many Refinement Realm experts will go crazy just for one item? Yet, not only did you promise that guy three items, but you're even letting him have first pick for all three of them. The others in the Guild will definitely grow dissatisfied once they learn about this."

Zhuo Yalin nodded in response to her friend's complaints. Then, she smiled and said, "I understand, but he is really strong. He's an expert who managed to secure an S-rank evaluation in the Colosseum. He is definitely much stronger than your average Refinement Realm expert."

"Let's hope he is as strong as you say he is," Lin Yaoyue said, rolling her eyes at Zhuo Yalin. Then, she looked at the other Guild team standing a short distance away, a wary expression appearing on her face as she continued, "Although we got lucky and found the Dungeon's entrance this time, the Star Alliance's side has acted quickly as well. Hopefully, the Star Alliance doesn't send someone powerful."

The Star Alliance was a veteran first-rate Guild in God's Domain. Even after experiencing the dozen or so major upheavals that had occurred in God's Domain, it had remained standing firmly. The strength of its foundations far surpassed that of Mysterious Moon without question.

When Mysterious Moon's executives learned that the Star Alliance was using Hundred Flow City as its base in the Miniature Ancient World, they had promptly dispatched a large number of experts to the Miniature Ancient World as reinforcements. Meanwhile, Lin Yaoyue was one of these experts.

Zhuo Yalin nodded when she heard Lin Yaoyue's words. Then, when she looked at the 200 or so players gathered a short distance away, fighting spirit appeared in her eyes as she said, "So what if they send a powerful expert? The Star Alliance might be strong on the main continent, but that remains to be seen in the Miniature Ancient World!"

However, shortly after Zhuo Yalin finished speaking, the atmosphere over at the Star Alliance's side suddenly turned silent and solemn.

The next moment, the 200-plus Star Alliance members separated into two groups, forming a wide and open path between them. Afterward, a stalwart man in his forties walked down this path and quietly observed the Dungeon entrance that had formed only a while ago. During this time, every Star Alliance member looked at this middle-aged man with a reverent look on their faces.

Meanwhile, upon seeing this middle-aged man, Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

"Galaxy Past?!"

"Why is the Star Alliance's First Generation Guild Leader here?!"

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