Chapter 36 - God Slayer
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"Why are you suddenly asking about this matter, Student Ziyou?" Luo Tiancheng asked, growing curious after hearing Chen Ziyou's question.

Gu Tong, too, was bewildered, failing to understand why Chen Ziyou would ask such a strange question.

Shi Feng was merely a Tier 3 player. No matter how one looked at it, he wasn't suited to serve as the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild. It was especially true now that Shadow had gone under World Dominators's wing.

If Shadow allowed a Tier 3 player to continue serving as its Guild Leader, it would probably become a joke to everyone.

Seeing the confusion in Luo Tiancheng's eyes, Chen Ziyou explained, "It's nothing. I just think that Instructor Shi is very strong. Even if he couldn't remain as Shadow's Guild Leader, he should have no problems taking on the position of an Honorary Elder. Yet, now, he is working as an instructor in the Academy. So, I couldn't help but find it puzzling."

"Strong? Shi Feng?" Luo Tiancheng laughed. "You must love your jokes, Student Ziyou. While I admit that Shi Feng is talented, to say that he is very strong is a joke. Also, it is as you've said: with his current strength, he is indeed worthy of becoming an Honorary Elder or even a Vice Guild Leader. However, he failed to see the changing times and cherish the opportunity Director Lan gave him."

"Is that really the case?" Chen Ziyou was a little surprised to hear Luo Tiancheng's words.

"That's right!" Luo Tiancheng nodded. Then, in a slightly envious tone, he said, "If I were him, I would've long since gone to beg Director Lan. I would be satisfied with even a Vice Guild Leader position. At the very least, I would still hold real authority within the Guild, and it is a much more comfortable position than a junior instructor."

Hearing Luo Tiancheng's words, Chen Ziyou couldn't help but give the other party a strange look. She had a feeling that Luo Tiancheng must be joking with her.

An internal force master was an existence even the various first-rate Guilds would fight to recruit. Yet, Shadow, a sec

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