Chapter 35 - Reaching Refinement in One Punch
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 35 - Reaching Refinement in One Punch

Dodge it!

I must dodge it!

When Shi Feng threw out his punch, Chen Ziyou promptly snapped out of her daze and began treating Shi Feng's attack with unprecedented focus.

A master's punch could stumble an elephant!

This was a saying that had constantly circulated in the fighting industry. When hearing this saying, ordinary people would typically laugh it off as a joke. After all, an elephant was a humongous creature that weighed several tonnes. A human's punch would be fortunate if it could even give the elephant an itch, let alone stumbling an elephant.

However, Chen Ziyou knew exactly how frightening a master's punch could be. It was because she had personally witnessed an internal strength master exploding a sandbag weighing hundreds of kilograms with one punch.

Although the internal force master she previously saw had a much larger build than Shi Feng, even the weakest internal force master could execute a punch carrying 500 kilograms of force. Even professional athletes would get crippled if they tried to receive such a powerful punch, which was why everyone regarded internal force experts as masters…

Seeing Shi Feng's fist moving closer and closer to her, Chen Ziyou's mind began overclocking itself as she manipulated every muscle fiber in her body in an attempt to dodge Shi Feng's punch.

However, even though Chen Ziyou had reacted swiftly thanks to her innate Godspeed Response, Shi Feng's fist had seemingly seen through her actions as it changed course to match her evasive maneuver. This situation forced her with no choice but to block the attack.

How is this possible?!

Chen Ziyou despaired at the abrupt change in the trajectory of Shi Feng's fist. The previous evasive maneuver was already the best she could accomplish within this limited time frame. Yet, her prided reactions were utterly useless against Shi Feng's fist. She could only watch on helplessly as Shi Feng's fist moved closer and closer to her…

Am I really going to die here?

Countless thoughts ran through Chen Ziyou's mind as she looked at the seemingly gigantic fist approaching her.

In the past, whether it was in the real world or God's Domain, she could always rely on her Godspeed Response to defeat opponents stronger than herself. Yet, now, faced with Shi Feng, someone who had weaker physical fitness than herself, she could not even dodge his attack. When facing Shi Feng, she felt like all the battles she had fought before were nothing but a joke.


I cannot die yet!

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