Chapter 34 - Master?
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"Lingling, do you really want to attend Instructor Shi's class?" Chen Ziyou asked as she looked at Wu Lingling, who was similarly dumbfounded by the price of Shi Feng's class. "I don't think anyone in the Academy has ever heard of a class costing 10,000 points. Even if you are his apprentice, you'll still have to pay 6,000 points. While you might have won the freshmen competition, I doubt you'll have more than 4,000 points on your hands right now. Your instructor clearly doesn't want anyone to attend his class."

It was difficult for students to earn Academy Points in the God's Domain Academy. Besides making improvements in personal performance and getting awarded for it, the only other way students could earn points was by completing the Academy's contribution tasks and participating in various competitions.

The situation was even worse for freshmen. Since it was only the first day of classes, apart from the monthly performance evaluation, the only other way freshmen could earn points was through the freshmen competition. However, as only a small number of students could participate in the competition, not everyone would get the opportunity to earn points from it.

In Wu Lingling's case, apart from the 3,000 points she earned from winning the freshmen competition, she also earned 1,000 points by scoring an Excellent rank in her reaction test. However, as Wu Lingling typically ate and lived at school, she would've more or less spent some of her points exchanging for resources. And even if she didn't, she would, at most, have 4,000 points on her hands right now.

Out of all freshmen in the Academy, only Wu Lingling could have this many points. The other freshmen would be fortunate if they even had 1,000 points.

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Six thousand points?

That was an amount that even many geniuses couldn't accumulate even until they graduated.

"Big Sis Ziyou." After snapping out of her daze, Wu Lingling turned to look at Chen Ziyou, a look of determination appearing in her eyes as she asked, "Can I discuss something with you?"

Seeing Wu Lingling suddenly becoming serious, Chen Ziyou said in a surprised tone, "Of course you can. Go ahead."

"Can I borrow some points from you?" Wu Lingling asked, her voice sounding a little embarrassed. "I only have 3,000 points right now. I'm still 3,000 points away from reaching 6,000…"

Wu Lingling's words immediately dumbfounded Chen Ziyou.

What was going on?

Although Academy Points could be traded, this was the first time Chen Ziyou had heard of anyone borrowing points for the sake of attending a class. Moreover, the class in question had an astronomical price of 6,000 points per lecture.

At this time, Chen Ziyou couldn't help but wonder if Wu Lingling had gone crazy.

It was merely the lecture of a junior instructor. Even if Wu Lingling was attending a senior instructor's class, her improvements in one lecture would be considerably limited. After all, the improvement of one's combat standard was a gradual process. It wasn't something that could be accomplished in a short period.

"Is that…a no?" Wu Lingling asked hesitantly when she saw Chen Ziyou's stunned expression. Then, she hurriedly said, "I can exchange with you using credits. Will 6,000 Credits do?"

"Six thousand?" Hearing Wu Lingling's question, Chen Ziyou couldn't help herself from asking, "Lingling, this is only one lecture. Is there a need to go so far?"

Situations where students exchanged Academy Points for Credits with each other would occasionally happen in the God's Domain Academy. Meanwhile, the standard exchange rate was 1:1.5. In other words, 1,000 Academy Points was worth 1,500 Credits.

However, few students were willing to spend Credits to buy Academy Points. After all, the actual value of Academy Points only had a 1:1 ratio to Credits. Moreover, many services offered by the Academy could be paid using Credits, and few aspects of the Academy accepted only Academy Points. So, buying Academy Points at an inflated price was simply a waste of money.

Yet, now, Wu Lingling was willing to buy 3,000 points for 6,000 Credits. This was a confusing reaction no matter how one looked at it.

"If it's Instructor Shi's lesson, it's worth it," Wu Lingling said in a determined tone.

Seeing the serious look on Wu Lingling's face, Chen Ziyou sighed and said, "Alright, then. I can sell the points to you so long as you don't regret it. I don't have any use for my points, anyway. Just make sure you don't tell your sister. Otherwise, she'll definitely give me an earful."

"Mhm, I won't tell her." Wu Lingling nodded earnestly.

When Chen Ziyou saw Wu Lingling's serious behavior, she couldn't help but wonder what kind of magic Shi Feng had used on Wu Lingling for the girl to behave so fanatically.

While Chen Ziyou was transferring her Academy Points to Wu Lingling, a tall figure suddenly appeared beside them. Meanwhile, this figure belonged to none other than Qin Wuchen, who had previously been distressed as he stood outside the classroom.

"Senior Ziyou, can I also buy some points from you?" Qin Wuchen asked, his eyes practically glowing as he looked at Chen Ziyou. "I don't need a lot; just 5,000 points will do. I can pay you 10,000 Credits."

Chen Ziyou fell into a daze once more when she heard Qin Wuchen's words.

What the hell was going on here???

Chen Ziyou could understand Wu Lingling's blind faith in Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng had given Wu Lingling a Gold Order from Soulfire. One couldn't even buy a fraction of a percentage of a Gold Order with 6,000 Credits.

But what the hell was wrong with the male student in front of her?

Although Chen Ziyou didn't know what kind of family background Qin Wuchen came from, a student who was willing to pay 10,000 Credits just to listen to a junior instructor's lesson must have something wrong with his head!

However, when Chen Ziyou snapped out of her shock, she noticed that the other students in the hallway had also turned to look at her with hopeful gazes…

Afterward, Chen Ziyou looked at Wu Lingling, who still wore an expectant look on her face, and wondered if Wu Lingling had conspired with her classmates beforehand to test her worth and plunder her points while they were at it.

However, Chen Ziyou knew that Wu Lingling was a simple-minded girl, so there was no way Wu Lingling would do such a thing. Subsequently, she looked at the students in the hallway and smiled bitterly, saying, "Don't look at me like that. I might be one of the Academy's Four Heavenly Kings, but that doesn't mean I am swimming in points. After excluding the points I traded to Lingling, what I have left is only enough for me to attend one of Instructor Shi's lectures."

"Is that so…"

Disappointment colored the faces of Qin Wuchen and the other students when they heard Chen Ziyou's words.

Although Academy Points could be freely exchanged, they couldn't accumulate such a large amount of points within a short period. Unless they could find the other three Heavenly Kings, who no longer had any need for Academy Points, they would have to settle with trading with multiple senior students. However, if they did that, Shi Feng's class would've long since started by the time they accumulated the necessary points.

"Let's go in quickly, Big Sis Ziyou," Wu Lingling urged when she saw Chen Ziyou explaining her lack of points to the others. "Class is starting soon!"

Hearing this, Chen Ziyou nodded and looked at the electronic display by the classroom's entrance. Then, she gritted her teeth and paid 10,000 points before entering the classroom with Wu Lingling.

Upon entering the classroom that could only fit 50 people, the first thing that entered Chen Ziyou's eyes was a man wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt sitting behind the lectern. Currently, this man was drinking a bottle of A-rank Nutrient Fluid as he leisurely gazed out of the nearby window.

Meanwhile, on the field a short distance away from the window were around a hundred young and beautiful female students conducting combat practice. These female students were dressed in form-fitting shirts and pants as they executed various combat poses, fascinating the nearby male students who were also training on the field…

It seems he is nothing but an uncle.

Contempt appeared in Chen Ziyou's eyes when she looked at Shi Feng.

Originally, Chen Ziyou had still held hopes regarding the mysterious Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng was the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild. He had even managed to turn Wu Lingling, the top student among this year's freshmen, into such a fanatic. Even if he wasn't an impressive and domineering expert, he was at least a battle-hardened expert. He must've witnessed a lot of scenes that the average person had never experienced. So, he should more or less behave like an expert.

Yet, the current Shi Feng behaved no different than an ordinary middle-aged uncle. He did not have the sharp temperament and consciousness of an instructor at all…

"Godspeed Reflex?" When Shi Feng noticed Chen Ziyou entering the classroom, he couldn't help but be momentarily surprised. "But why hasn't a natural genius like you reached the Refinement Realm yet? What have you been doing normally?"

"Godspeed Reflex?" When Wu Lingling heard Shi Feng's words, she also turned to look at Chen Ziyou in surprise. "Big Sis Ziyou is?"

Godspeed Response was a term that almost all players of God's Domain were familiar with. This was because God's Domain's renowned Miracle Dragon had relied on his Godspeed Reflex to rise to fame. His trademark combat technique, Six Extreme Slashes, was even something that everyone in the game knew about.

Meanwhile, Godspeed Response referred to a person's brain's neural reaction speed. The fastest reaction speed an ordinary person could achieve was 0.2 seconds. Even after undergoing intensive training, a normal person could, at best, lower their reaction speed down to 0.1 seconds.

However, a person with Godspeed Response was born with the ability to achieve a reaction speed of under 0.1 seconds. A person with Godspeed Response could theoretically achieve many more actions within the same period than an ordinary person. Meanwhile, in God's Domain, such people were regarded as natural geniuses.

It was precisely because of this natural talent that Miracle Dragon could exert his Six Extreme Slashes to an unreachable extent. Moreover, people with Godspeed Response were typically much more agile than ordinary people. Thus, all geniuses with Godspeed Reflex were capable of reaching great heights in the Realms of Refinement.

It was no exaggeration to say that so long as a person with Godspeed Reflex appeared, this person would immediately become the target of contention for the various major powers. They would instantly be put into a core position and receive priority training.

"How did you know?"

Shi Feng's words caused Chen Ziyou's eyes to widen in shock.

The matter of her having Godspeed Response was something she had only discovered herself by chance. However, she had never shared this discovery with anyone, nor had she ever displayed it to anyone before. It could be regarded as her biggest secret, and nobody had noticed it until this day. It was also why she had the confidence to surpass Wu Xiaoxiao in the future. Yet, Shi Feng had immediately found out about her secret after looking at her. This was simply unbelievable.

"Is it that hard to notice?" Shi Feng revealed a faint smile. "People born with Godspeed Response are much more sensitive and hyperactive than ordinary people. From the moment you entered, I noticed the number of minute movements you've made had exceeded Wu Lingling's by more than double. Wu Lingling's reaction speed is already top-tier among ordinary people. So, doesn't it show that there is a problem if your minute movements surpass hers by more than double?"

Although people with Godspeed Response were rare, Shi Feng had seen plenty of such natural geniuses during his previous life. He had also fought against many of these people before, so he was well aware of the characteristics of such people.

Only, noticing these characteristics required a lot of careful observation, an opportunity that ordinary experts didn't have.

"Is that so?" Realization dawned upon Chen Ziyou. Then, she quickly stared at Shi Feng and eagerly asked, "In that case, what should I do to reach the Refinement Realm, Instructor Shi?"

Chen Ziyou longed to reach the Refinement Realm. However, even with her Godspeed Response, she had still failed to reach it even until now. It didn't matter how many training sessions and live combat she experienced. She simply couldn't control all of her movements to a minute extent.

"That's simple." Faced with Chen Ziyou's expectant gaze, Shi Feng calmly said, "All you need to do is block one punch from me."

"Block one punch?" Chen Ziyou felt that Shi Feng was trying to dupe her when she heard his words. "Are you sure that I only need to block one punch, Instructor Shi?"

The Refinement Realm was something that countless experts in God's Domain dreamed of reaching. Meanwhile, those who had reached this realm were all experts that had undergone countless battles and training sessions. The Refinement Realm simply wasn't something one could stumble into.

Yet, now, Shi Feng told her that she could reach the Refinement Realm so long as she could receive one punch in the real world. How could she possibly believe such a thing?

At this time, even Wu Lingling found Shi Feng's words a little unbelievable.

Although Chen Ziyou had already reached the Half-step Refinement Realm, there was still a significant gap between the Half-step Refinement Realm and Refinement Realm. This was because a Half-step Refinement Realm expert could only exert excellent control over parts of their bodies, whereas Refinement Realm experts could perfectly control their bodies' movements. There were a lot of intricacies involved in the process of reaching the Refinement Realm, and many Half-step Refinement Realm experts could never cross this threshold no matter how hard they tried.

"Of course." Shi Feng nodded. Then, he said, "However, if you fail to block it, you, will, die. Do you still want to try it knowing that?"

"I will!" Chen Ziyou answered without hesitation. However, she didn't really believe Shi Feng could kill her with one punch. After all, Shi Feng's physical fitness was only at the standard of first-rate athletes. He was significantly inferior to her no matter how she looked at it. She was confident she could come out unscathed even after receiving 10 or 20 punches, let alone one.

"Here I come."

Seeing that Chen Ziyou had already entered a defensive stance, Shi Feng promptly got ready to throw out a punch.

"Okay! Come!" Chen Ziyou nodded confidently.

As soon as Chen Ziyou finished speaking, Shi Feng also took a step forward.

However, the instant Shi Feng's foot touched the ground, Chen Ziyou's confident expression instantly turned into one of horror.

He's an internal force master?

The moment Shi Feng's foot touched the ground, the sturdy marble floor had actually shattered, and the entire classroom had started shaking and trembling…

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