Chapter 34 - Master?
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"Lingling, do you really want to attend Instructor Shi's class?" Chen Ziyou asked as she looked at Wu Lingling, who was similarly dumbfounded by the price of Shi Feng's class. "I don't think anyone in the Academy has ever heard of a class costing 10,000 points. Even if you are his apprentice, you'll still have to pay 6,000 points. While you might have won the freshmen competition, I doubt you'll have more than 4,000 points on your hands right now. Your instructor clearly doesn't want anyone to attend his class."

It was difficult for students to earn Academy Points in the God's Domain Academy. Besides making improvements in personal performance and getting awarded for it, the only other way students could earn points was by completing the Academy's contribution tasks and participating in various competitions.

The situation was even worse for freshmen. Since it was only the first day of classes, apart from the monthly performance evaluation, the only other way freshmen could earn points was through the freshmen competition. However, as only a small number of students could participate in the competition, not everyone would get the opportunity to earn points from it.

In Wu Lingling's case, apart from the 3,000 points she earned from winning the freshmen competition, she also earned 1,000 points by scoring an Excellent rank in her reaction test. However, as Wu Lingling typically ate and lived at school, she would've more or less spent some of her points exchanging for resources. And even if she didn't, she would, at most, have 4,000 points on her hands right now.

Out of all freshmen in the Academy, only Wu Lingling could have this many points. The other freshmen would be fortunate if they even had 1,000 points.

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Six thousand points?

That was an amount that even many geniuses couldn't accumulate even until they graduated.

"Big Sis Ziyou." After snapping out of her daze, Wu Lingling turned to look at Chen Ziyou, a look of determination appearing in her eyes as she asked, "Can I discuss something with you?"

Seeing Wu Lingling suddenly becoming serious, Chen Ziyou said in a surprised tone, "Of course you can. Go ahead."

"Can I borrow some points from you?" Wu Lingling asked, her voice sounding a little embarrassed. "I only have 3,000 points right now. I'm still 3,000 points away from reaching 6,000…"

Wu Lingling's words immediately dumbfounded Chen Ziyou.

What was going on?

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