Chapter 45 - Dragon's Loot
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"We did it!"

"We won!"

Everyone cheered out loud when they saw the Bronze Dragon disappearing.

Although everyone present had raided many Hell Mode Team Dungeons in the past, this was undoubtedly the first time they raided one with a Tier 4 Dragon guarding it. Moreover, they had done so while still being at Tier 3 only. This was a feat that could go down in the annals of God's Domain.

While everyone was celebrating in joy and excitement, the sound of a system notification entered their ears.

System: Congratulations! You are the first team to have raided the Hell Mode Team Dungeon Sleeping Dragon's Castle. Hundred Flow City Reputation +100, Level +1, Legacy Skill Point +5.

"What abundant rewards! As expected of the Miniature Ancient World!"

"I can't believe it gave us a whole level. It would be great if we can get a few more of these rewards."

"One hundred City Reputation Points. With this many points, we can already start accepting City Quests from the Adventurer's Association."

Everyone was flabbergasted by the abundant First Clear reward. It was especially true for the Star Alliance's members. This was a pleasant surprise to all of them.

Setting aside the EXP they gained, just the five Legacy Skill Points reward was already more than enough to make the time they spent here worthwhile.

In God's Domain, players could only learn their respective classes' Legacy Skills through spending Legacy Skill Points. However, obtaining Legacy Skill Points outside of the leveling up was incredibly difficult. Typically, only Epic Quests would award Legacy Skill Points. Even then, players could only get three to five points per quest.

For experts of their caliber, the value of Legacy Skill Points far surpassed that of top-tier weapons and equipment. Now that everyone on the team had received five Legacy Skill Points, it was as if everyone had just completed an Epic Quest. The First Clear reward was truly generous.

However, after a moment of excitement, everyone quickly had their attention drawn toward the rain of light that had appeared after the Bronze Dragon's death.

When the bundles of light landed on the ground one after another, they transformed into glittering items and quickly formed a small mountain.

Eventually, when the rain of light ended and two stone tablets radiating a dark-purple glow appeared, both the Star Alliance's and Mysterious Moon's members couldn't help but gulp.

"Crap! Are you kidding me?!"

"This is insane! Two Ancient Legacies! Moreover, both are Peak Legacies!"

"Mysterious Moon really lucked out this time! They might even get two apex combatants thanks to these Legacies!"

At this moment, even Galaxy Past, who was originally behaving indifferently toward the Bronze Dragon's loot, couldn't help but grow envious when he saw the two Peak Legacies hovering in the air.

If players wished to have a better future in God's Domain, they would have to climb to higher tiers. Meanwhile, the best way to improve one's tier was to obtain a hidden class.

While it was true that hidden classes tended to increase the difficulty of leveling up and getting promoted to higher tiers, the difficulty increase was negligible compared to the boost in combat power and knowledge players could obtain. Players would still have a net positive gain after obtaining a hidden class.

According to the statistics players in God's Domain had made throughout the years, even a Basic Class Legacy could increase an expert player's chances of reaching Tier 4 by 10%, while an Advanced Legacy provided a 30% increase, and a Peak Legacy provided a 50% increase. In the case of Peak Legacies, they could even increase players' chances of reaching Tier 5 by roughly 10%.

While 10% might not seem like much, it should be known that Tier 4 experts would have to go to hell and back to even increase their chances of reaching Tier 5 by 1%. An increase of 10% would require a Tier 4 player to experience numerous fortuitous opportunities to obtain.

"We hit the jackpot! Two Peak Legacies! With this, Vice Commander Sky and Vice Commander Nightingale will have a chance at reaching Tier 5!"

"What do you mean they have a chance? The two vice commanders already had a huge chance at reaching Tier 5 originally. If they receive a Peak Legacy on top of that, it's almost guaranteed that they'll reach Tier 5!"

"If we gain two more Tier 5 experts, our Guild will instantly enter the ranks of top-tier first-rate Guilds!"

Mysterious Moon's members grew ecstatic as they looked at the two stone tablets floating in the air.

The strength of a Guild depended on the number of experts it possessed. In the case of first-rate Guilds, their strength was determined based on the number of Tier 5 experts they possessed. Meanwhile, if a first-rate Guild possessed ten Tier 5 experts, it would be categorized as a top-tier first-rate Guild. Of course, if a first-rate Guild had one Tier 6 God-ranked expert, it could similarly be categorized as such.

Previously, Mysterious Moon had always been stuck at just nine Tier 5 experts. Hence, it could never enter the ranks of top-tier first-rate Guilds. Now that Mysterious Moon had acquired two Peak Legacies, it was almost certain that Mysterious Moon would become a top-tier first-rate Guild in the future.

However, during the time Mysterious Moon's members were celebrating joyfully, Lin Yaoyue suddenly approached Shi Feng and took a deep breath, saying, "Mr. Black Flame, although you have previously told Nightingale that you don't need any Legacies, a Peak Legacy is far more valuable than the average Legacy. I believe you will need it as well. However, may I ask if you can let Mysterious Moon have both of them? Mysterious Moon is willing to pay you the appropriate price."

Upon hearing Lin Yaoyue's words, Mysterious Moon's members instantly fell silent. Then, they turned to look at Shi Feng, their hearts palpitating anxiously.

Peak Class Legacies possessed extraordinary value in God's Domain. When confronted with two Peak Legacies, even Super Guilds would break their promises without hesitation, let alone an Outerworld player power.

If the person they were dealing with was an ordinary expert, they wouldn't have bothered negotiating at all. They would've simply gone along with their previous agreement and taken the two Peak Legacies for themselves.

However, the person they currently faced was Shi Feng, an existence capable of contending against a Tier 4 Bronze Dragon at Tier 3. Shi Feng could decide their life and death with nothing more than a thought.

Not to mention, the Star Alliance was also present. So long as Shi Feng gave the word, the Star Alliance would probably be willing to work for him and split the loot with him so long as he gave the word.

What a smart little girl. No wonder Ol' Confused Heart has so many praises for her and the other girl. Galaxy Past secretly revealed a bitter smile as he watched Lin Yaoyue calmly negotiating with Shi Feng.

If it weren't for Shi Feng's presence, Galaxy Past wouldn't be polite with Mysterious Moon at all.

As for their previous agreement, that was nothing but a joke!

In God's Domain, strength was everything!

Even Super Guilds would be tempted by the prospect of gaining two Tier 5 players, let alone first-rate Guilds like the Star Alliance.

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However, unbeknownst to Galaxy Past, Lin Yaoyue wasn't as calm as she showed herself to be. On the contrary, her heart started beating rapidly in fear as soon as she finished speaking. She was very much afraid that Shi Feng would refuse her offer.

"You don't have to test me, Miss Clear Sky," Shi Feng said as he looked at Lin Yaoyue. Then, in a contemptuous tone, he continued, "A promise is a promise. It is just two Peak Legacies. Zero Wing isn't so desperate to renege on a promise for this bit of resources."

This bit of resources?

Lin Yaoyue was rendered speechless when she heard Shi Feng's contemptuous words. Even if Shi Feng was a legendary expert, she still felt that Shi Feng was being too boastful in his words.

At this time, even Galaxy Past, who was watching from nearby, was at a loss for words. A Peak Legacy was essentially a shortcut to reaching Tier 5. Even if Zero Wing was as powerful as Shi Feng said it was, there was no way it could ignore two Peak Legacies. After all, reaching Tier 6 was incredibly challenging in God's Domain. Luck and strength were both needed in abundance, and it was no longer a goal that could be reached simply by dumping a ton of resources. Hence, Tier 5 players were considered the main fighting force of the various superpowers.

"Don't believe me?" After taking a look at Lin Yaoyue and Galaxy Past, Shi Feng took out several Memory Crystals that could be bought from any NPC grocery store and said, "I believe you must've seen the Mana Technique I used before, right?"

Lin Yaoyue and Galaxy Past silently nodded in agreement. The sight of a Tier 3 player repulsing a Tier 4 Dragon without relying on external strength was something they could never forget even if they wanted to. Shi Feng's usage of Mana was simply brilliant.

Seeing the look of fascination on Lin Yaoyue and Galaxy Past's faces, Shi Feng fiddled with the Memory Crystals in his right hand and said slowly, "The complete guide to the Mana Technique you just saw is recorded inside these Memory Crystals."

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