Chapter 45 - Dragon's Loot
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"We did it!"

"We won!"

Everyone cheered out loud when they saw the Bronze Dragon disappearing.

Although everyone present had raided many Hell Mode Team Dungeons in the past, this was undoubtedly the first time they raided one with a Tier 4 Dragon guarding it. Moreover, they had done so while still being at Tier 3 only. This was a feat that could go down in the annals of God's Domain.

While everyone was celebrating in joy and excitement, the sound of a system notification entered their ears.

System: Congratulations! You are the first team to have raided the Hell Mode Team Dungeon Sleeping Dragon's Castle. Hundred Flow City Reputation +100, Level +1, Legacy Skill Point +5.

"What abundant rewards! As expected of the Miniature Ancient World!"

"I can't believe it gave us a whole level. It would be great if we can get a few more of these rewards."

"One hundred City Reputation Points. With this many points, we can already start accepting City Quests from the Adventurer's Association."

Everyone was flabbergasted by the abundant First Clear reward. It was especially true for the Star Alliance's members. This was a pleasant surprise to all of them.

Setting aside the EXP they gained, just the five Legacy Skill Points reward was already more than enough to make the time they spent here worthwhile.

In God's Domain, players could only learn their respective classes' Legacy Skills through spending Legacy Skill Points. However, obtaining Legacy Skill Points outside of the leveling up was incredibly difficult. Typically, only Epic Quests would award Legacy Skill Points. Even then, players could only get three to five points per quest.

For experts of their caliber, the value of Legacy Skill Points far surpassed that of top-tier weapons and equipment. Now that everyone on the team had received five Legacy Skill Points, it was as if everyone had just completed an Epic Quest. The First Clear reward was truly generous.

However, after a moment of excitement, everyone quickly had their attention drawn toward the rain of light that had app

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