Chapter 22 - Primordial Archaic Species
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 22 - Primordial Archaic Species

Withered Ruins' inner region:

Upon entering the inner region, Shi Feng and his students were greeted by a street lined with dilapidated buildings covered in trees and vines. A strong stench of blood also filled the air, the stench originating from the numerous Half-orc corpses that covered the street.

"Amazing... I can't believe Soulfire managed to clear out so many High Lords and Great Lords..." Qin Wuchen exclaimed when he saw the corpses covering the dilapidated street. Even at a glance, he could tell that over 10,000 fresh monster corpses covered the street. Meanwhile, every one of these Demonized Half-orcs was a Level 105 High Lord or above. Yet, Soulfire's members had managed to defeat all of these Demonized Half-orcs with just a team of 200. Even if one searched through the entire Hundred Flow City, one was unlikely to find more than a handful of such teams.

Standing beside Qin Wuchen, Wu Lingling nodded her head in shock. Then, she sighed in relief and said, "Thankfully, we didn't come in before them. Otherwise, we might not even get the chance to escape if we have to face so many Demonized Half-orcs."

The other students on the team also nodded in agreement.

Before entering the inner region, everyone was excited to finally grind in the inner region. After all, only a few teams from Hundred Flow City could grind in the Withered Ruins' inner region. Any team that could grind here would all be made up of top-tier experts. If their team could grind here as well, they would gain a lot of bragging rights among their peers at school.

However, after seeing the large number of Half-orc corpses littering the street before them, they couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. Although they had already made significant improvements in their combat standards after grinding in the outer region, those improvements were nowhere near enough to help them survive in the inner region.

The difference between the Withered Ruins' inner and outer regions was simply too massive!

In the outer region, even the biggest group they faced only had four or five hundred Demonized Half-orcs. The number of Great Lords in these groups was also few and far between. However, judging by the massacre before them, the inner region's monsters should move in groups of thousands or more. Moreover, each group should have hundreds of Great Lords and even several dozen Grand Lords...

It should be known that players who entered the Miniature Ancient World would have their Basic Attributes suppressed. Currently, even Tier 3 experts had difficulty facing Great Lords in a one-on-one situation. As for Grand Lords, a party of six experts would be needed to deal with one at the very minimum. Yet, just one group of monsters in the Withered Ruins' inner region had several dozen Grand Lords. If all of these Grand Lords attacked together, even a 1,000-man expert team of the same level would face annihilation if they weren't careful, let alone their small team of 31 players.

At this time, Xiao Yuheng, a girl with long golden hair and long pointed ears, suggested to Shi Feng, "Instructor Shi, how about we go back to the outer region and grind there? The inner region is far too dangerous for our team to deal with."

Xiao Yuheng's combat power ranked among the top five of Shi Feng's students. Upon hearing her suggestion, the other students promptly nodded their heads in agreement.

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While Shi Feng's Mana Domain allowed him to toy with Great Lord ranked Demonized Half-orcs previously, the present situation was different. The scale of the monsters was simply too great. With how many monsters there were, it wouldn't matter even if Shi Feng's Mana Domain could weaken them. These monsters would still trample over their team easily.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng wasn't surprised by his students' reactions. Any normal player would make such a judgment. Chuckling, he said, "What you say is correct. This place is no longer suitable for you to grind in. With your current strength, even the smallest monster group here would annihilate us. But who said that we were here to grind?"

Shi Feng's words instantly stunned everyone present.

"Did we not come to the Withered Ruins to grind, Instructor Shi?" Wu Lingling curiously asked.

Others might not know it, but Wu Lingling knew that Shi Feng had an agreement with Mysterious Moon's Zhuo Yalin. For the sake of acquiring the Darkmoon Outpost's resources, Shi Feng had promised to bring 30 experts to help Mysterious Moon in contesting for the Outpost. Meanwhile, Shi Feng's so-called experts were none other than his students.

If they didn't quickly raise their levels right now, they would be making a fool of themselves once it was time to compete for the Darkmoon Outpost. They might even become enemies with Mysterious Moon. After all, Mysterious Moon had placed significant importance on the Darkmoon Outpost. It was also the Guild's first step in contending for the Miniature Ancient World's resources. The Guild couldn't allow any mistakes to happen.

In response to Wu Lingling's question, Shi Feng put on a serious face and said, "That's right. We have already done enough grinding in the outer region. Our goal in entering the inner region now isn't to level up, but to improve our equipment instead. Our leveling speed will be greatly affected if we don't have adequate weapons and equipment."

However, despite seeing the logic in Shi Feng's words, everyone couldn't help but be rendered speechless.

If they couldn't even beat the inner region's monsters, how could they improve their weapons and equipment?"

"Don't worry and just follow me. Looking at the battle traces, they shouldn't have moved too far away from us," Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw everyone's exasperated expressions. Then, he turned around and started marching down the dilapidated street, making his way toward the city's center.

Meanwhile, Wu Lingling and the others couldn't help but turn to look at each other, none of them able to make sense of their instructor's words. In a situation where they couldn't even beat the monsters they faced, how were they supposed to improve their weapons and equipment?


After Wu Lingling and the others followed Shi Feng through the corpse-laden streets for half an hour, they spotted a group of people gathered in front of a ruined plaza some distance ahead. Meanwhile, these people were none other than Southern Tiger and the other members of Soulfire. At this time, though, Southern Tiger and his teammates all bore somber expressions on their faces.

Then, when Wu Lingling and the others arrived at the ruined plaza, they couldn't help but gasp in shock.

"A Fallen Angel?!"

"How can this be?!"

Previously, due to the obstructions around the plaza, Wu Lingling and the others had failed to notice anything strange about the plaza. However, after arriving at the plaza's edge, their eyes were immediately attracted to the strange woman standing quietly in the plaza's center. Specifically, they were attracted by the three pairs of pitch-black wings on this woman's back.

Meanwhile, this winged woman was none other than a Fallen Angel, a legendary existence capable of rivaling Dragons.

In God's Domain, Dragons were synonymous with natural disasters. They could single-handedly destroy entire kingdoms, and even experts at the peak of Tier 5 would have trouble holding their ground against one.

Now that an existence capable of rivaling the mighty Dragons had appeared in this place, how could everyone not be frightened?

"No, she's not a Fallen Angel," Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

"She's not?" Wu Lingling asked. Then, after taking a closer look at the woman quietly standing in the middle of the plaza, she continued, "But her appearance is similar to the Fallen Angels I've seen in books and video records!"

After Wu Lingling posed her question, a deep voice suddenly entered everyone's ears.

"He's right. She is indeed not a Fallen Angel."

Upon hearing this voice, Wu Lingling and the other students promptly turned to its source. Then, they couldn't help but be surprised when they saw a middle-aged man wearing silvery-gray heavy armor and carrying two shields walking over to them.

After all, the middle-aged man who spoke was none other than Southern Tiger, one of Soulfire's sixteen captains and a mighty expert in God's Domain!

Seeing the surprised look on the faces of Wu Lingling and the others, Southern Tiger smiled and said, "If you don't believe me, you can check using an Identification Skill."

Upon hearing Southern Tiger's reminder, Wu Lingling and the others promptly used their Identification Skills on the distant woman.


[Tyrian (Realm Lord)] (Primordial Archaic Species, Mythic)

Level 106

HP 6,000,000,000


When everyone saw the strange woman's stats, they finally understood that the strange woman was indeed not a Fallen Angel. Even so, they still couldn't help but gasp when they saw the strange woman's stats.

These stats far surpassed what an ordinary Tier 4 Mythic monster possessed!

After seeing the looks of shock on Wu Lingling and the others, Southern Tiger shrugged and said, "Although she isn't a Fallen Angel, her strength is unquestionable. It is virtually impossible to kill her at this stage of the game."

Tyrian's six billion HP and corresponding battle recovery were already more than enough to give current teams in the Miniature Ancient World a huge headache, let alone Tyrian's other Attributes.

Hearing Southern Tiger's words, the other members of Soulfire couldn't help but reveal bitter smiles.

Originally, they thought their team could become the first team to reap the Withered Ruins' pioneering benefits. Never did they expect to meet such a troublesome existence here.

"Friend, if you are thinking of sneaking the Purple-Gold Treasure Chest behind her, I advise you to give up," Southern Tiger said when he noticed Shi Feng staring at the treasure chest situated behind the Realm Lord. Smiling, he explained, "That treasure chest's defensive magic array is tied with the Boss. You can't get the treasure chest if you don't kill the Boss."

The Purple-Gold Treasure Chest behind Tyrian naturally tempted Southern Tiger. However, after attempting to acquire it a few times, he found that the treasure chest's defensive magic array was linked with the Boss's HP. So long as the Boss remained alive, the defensive magic array would have an inexhaustible supply of energy powering it. Thus, his previous attempts to distract the Boss and steal the treasure chest ended up failing.

Just when Southern Tiger was trying to further dissuade Shi Feng from giving up on the treasure chest, Shi Feng suddenly said, "Just kill the Boss and take the treasure chest, then."

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