Chapter 22 - Primordial Archaic Species
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 22 - Primordial Archaic Species

Withered Ruins' inner region:

Upon entering the inner region, Shi Feng and his students were greeted by a street lined with dilapidated buildings covered in trees and vines. A strong stench of blood also filled the air, the stench originating from the numerous Half-orc corpses that covered the street.

"Amazing... I can't believe Soulfire managed to clear out so many High Lords and Great Lords..." Qin Wuchen exclaimed when he saw the corpses covering the dilapidated street. Even at a glance, he could tell that over 10,000 fresh monster corpses covered the street. Meanwhile, every one of these Demonized Half-orcs was a Level 105 High Lord or above. Yet, Soulfire's members had managed to defeat all of these Demonized Half-orcs with just a team of 200. Even if one searched through the entire Hundred Flow City, one was unlikely to find more than a handful of such teams.

Standing beside Qin Wuchen, Wu Lingling nodded her head in shock. Then, she sighed in relief and said, "Thankfully, we didn't come in before them. Otherwise, we might not even get the chance to escape if we have to face so many Demonized Half-orcs."

The other students on the team also nodded in agreement.

Before entering the inner region, everyone was excited to finally grind in the inner region. After all, only a few teams from Hundred Flow City could grind in the Withered Ruins' inner region. Any team that could grind here would all be made up of top-tier experts. If their team could grind here as well, they would gain a lot of bragging rights among their peers at school.

However, after seeing the large number of Half-orc corpses littering the street before them, they couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. Although they had already made significant improvements in their combat standards after grinding in the outer region, those improvements were nowhere near enough to help them survive in the inner region.

The difference between the Withered Ruins' inner and outer regions was simply too massive!

In the outer region, even the biggest group they face

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