Chapter 23 - Tier 3 Sword King?
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Shi Feng's words rendered Southern Tiger speechless. As for Moon Rain, who stood nearby, she rolled her eyes and cast a scornful gaze at Shi Feng, her eyes seemingly saying, "Thank you for stating the obvious."

"Friend, it's not that we don't want to kill the Boss. It's just that this Boss simply isn't something we can kill at this stage of the game. We'll need at least a Tier 4 MT to tank it," Southern Tiger patiently explained. "Moreover, even if we do have a Tier 4 MT to keep the Boss distracted right now, it'll still be very challenging to kill this Boss with our current DPS."

The other members of Soulfire repeatedly nodded to Southern Tiger's words.

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Every Soulfire member present was a veteran player who had played God's Domain for at least seven years, so they couldn't be more familiar with the strategies used to hunt wild Bosses. While it might seem like players could raid any Bosses so long as they could survive the Boss's attacks, that wasn't entirely true.

An example of an exception would be Tyrian. Despite being a Level 100 Mythic Boss, it had HP surpassing even Level 130 Mythic Bosses. It was no exaggeration to say that Tyrian had the highest HP out of all the Level 100 Mythic Bosses they had seen thus far.

Meanwhile, with this much HP, Tyrian could recover 120 million HP every five seconds simply by relying on its 2% battle recovery. If a team was incapable of outputting at least 24 million damage per second, it'd be impossible to defeat Tyrian.

However, it should be known that due to the Miniature Ancient World's restrictions, even the peak experts of Super Guilds could only bring a full set of Level 100 Epic Equipment with them. They couldn't bring any Fragmented Legendary items or higher. With only Epic Weapons and Equipment, a peak expert would be fortunate to even cause 500,000 damage per second to an ordinary Mythic monster, let alone a Mythic monster with the Realm Lord title.

Moreover, this DPS was calculated based on the assumption that the Boss wouldn't dodge or block any attacks. After factoring in these situations, the realistic DPS would need to be halved or more!

In other words, only if a 200-man team was composed entirely out of Super Guild-level peak experts and fully geared in Epic Weapons and Equipment would the team have a chance at killing Tyrian. Trying to raid Tyrian with anything less would be nothing but folly!

After hearing Southern Tiger's explanation, Wu Lingling and the other students inwardly expressed their agreement as well. Although they were unfamiliar with raiding Mythic Bosses, they still knew that the current problem they faced wasn't a lack of combat standards. Instead, it was a matter of their lacking equipment standards and Basic Attributes. Tyrian simply wasn't a Boss they could topple simply by having good techniques and strategies.

Meanwhile, after hearing Southern Tiger's explanation, Shi Feng also nodded in agreement. Then, he turned to look at Tyrian and said, "The concerns you've stated are indeed problematic. However, I have a special method to make up for our lacking DPS. The only problem is whether we have a sufficiently good MT to contain this Boss."

In God's Domain, Realm Lords were not existences that ordinary teams could challenge without having a significant advantage in levels.

Firstly, it was because Realm Lords possessed great destructive power. Ordinary teams would have difficulty finding an expert capable of tanking a Realm Lord's powerful attacks. Secondly, it was because Realm Lords possessed astonishing HP and Defense. These two factors combined were more than enough to deter any ordinary team from challenging a Realm Lord.

However, these two factors still weren't the most crucial problem. Instead, what made Realm Lords tricky opponents was their Mana Domains. Not only could they gather dense Mana to strengthen their Defense, but they could also use this gathered Mana to enhance their destructive power.

Meanwhile, there were only two solutions to a Realm Lord's Mana Domain. The first solution was for players to have extraordinary Basic Attributes and destructive power. The second solution was to destroy the Realm Lord's Mana Domain, which would, in turn, reduce the Realm Lord's raid difficulty. Only, the latter of the two methods was much more difficult to achieve.

"Are you serious, Friend? Do you really have a way to raid this Boss?" Southern Tiger eagerly asked when he heard Shi Feng's words. "That's six billion HP we are talking about. Even a 1,000-man team of experts will have trouble toppling such an HP!"

As the Realm Lord of a Level 100 Hell Mode Regional Dungeon, Tyrian was undoubtedly an invincible existence to the current players in the Miniature Ancient World. If they could successfully raid Tyrian, setting aside the potential rewards, just the fame they could obtain would instantly put them in the spotlight of the entire Hundred Flow City!

At this time, even Moon Rain couldn't help but take a second look at Shi Feng, her eyes filled with surprise and suspicion.

Previously, when Southern Tiger told her that Shi Feng might be a great expert capable of rivaling Soulfire's Honorary Elder Blue Smile, she had more or less been skeptical about his judgment. However, after hearing the words Shi Feng just uttered, she was certain that Shi Feng wasn't a mighty expert. After all, what Shi Feng had just said was simply ludicrous. Anyone with even a bit of knowledge regarding Realm Lords would find his words laughable. Rather than a powerful expert, Moon Rain felt that Shi Feng was more likely to be a scammer.

Now that people worldwide had already acknowledged God's Domain as the second world for humans, the status players held in God's Domain had become just as important as the status they held in the real world.

Meanwhile, because of the Soulfire adventurer team's standing in God's Domain, countless people sought to befriend Soulfire's executives. Among these people, many would boast about their ability to accomplish amazing feats just to attract attention to themselves and create the illusion that they were powerful experts. However, when these people were asked to put their words into action, they would back away and start making all sorts of excuses for their inability.

In Moon Rain's opinion, Shi Feng was no different than these people.

Thinking up to this point, Moon Rain suddenly smiled and looked at Shi Feng, saying, "Since you think we can raid the Boss, why don't we cooperate? We have many capable MTs here. So long as we can raid this Boss, we'll split the loot 30:70. You'll take 70 while we'll take 30. You can treat it as us doing work for you. What do you think?"

Upon hearing Moon Rain's words, the other Soulfire members present couldn't help but look at her in confusion.

Soulfire was a top adventurer team in God's Domain. Typically, when Soulfire raided Bosses for others, Soulfire would get at least half of the Boss's loot. After all, raiding a Boss came with significant risks. It was especially true for wild Bosses. Even if players could get resurrected by healers, they would still lose a significant portion of their EXP. Thus, Soulfire's standard practice was to split the loot evenly with the employer. At most, the employer would have priority pick over the loot.

Although their team was indeed desperate to raid Tyrian, giving away 70% of the Boss's loot was still a little too much. After all, they had 200 players on their side, whereas Shi Feng only had 31 players on his side. Not to mention, 30 of these 31 players were students. Anyone could tell that their team would be the one doing the bulk of the work.

However, despite their confusion, everyone on Soulfire's team simply kept their opinions to themselves. Moon Rain was the team's second-in-command, after all. While the decision she made was a little surprising, it wasn't entirely unreasonable. In such a situation, even Southern Tiger couldn't casually refute her without offering a better solution.

At this time, even Wu Lingling and the other students couldn't help but look at Moon Rain in surprise.

Although they were unfamiliar with raiding Mythic Bosses, they knew that employing the services of a top adventurer team like Soulfire shouldn't be so cheap. A 30:70 split with Soulfire taking the smaller share would be an unimaginable price in the outside world.

Not to mention, Soulfire's services weren't something just anyone could ask for. One would typically have to put a hefty down payment to get Soulfire to move. Moreover, this down payment would not be returned regardless of the task's success. Yet, now, a team from Soulfire was taking the initiative to seek cooperation. It was simply unbelievable.

Excited over this situation, Wu Lingling and the others turned to look at Shi Feng with expectant gazes.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot agree to your offer," Shi Feng flatly rejected Moon Rain's offer, contrary to everyone's expectations. Then, just when Moon Rain was about to laugh and say something, Shi Feng added, "A 30:70 split is too small. If we are to cooperate, it'll have to be a 10:90 split at the very least!"

"A 10:90 split?" Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, Moon Rain retracted her laughter and angrily glared at Shi Feng. Then, in a sharp tone, she said, "Who do you think you are? On what basis are you asking for such a price? Why don't you rob us instead?"

Meanwhile, just when the other Soulfire members were about to nod in agreement with Moon Rain's words, Shi Feng calmly said, "On the basis that I am a Tier 3 Sword King with a Mana Domain!"

Immediately after Shi Feng finished speaking, space around Shi Feng suddenly warped, and everyone from Soulfire felt their bodies becoming extremely heavy!

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