Chapter 23 - Tier 3 Sword King?
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Shi Feng's words rendered Southern Tiger speechless. As for Moon Rain, who stood nearby, she rolled her eyes and cast a scornful gaze at Shi Feng, her eyes seemingly saying, "Thank you for stating the obvious."

"Friend, it's not that we don't want to kill the Boss. It's just that this Boss simply isn't something we can kill at this stage of the game. We'll need at least a Tier 4 MT to tank it," Southern Tiger patiently explained. "Moreover, even if we do have a Tier 4 MT to keep the Boss distracted right now, it'll still be very challenging to kill this Boss with our current DPS."

The other members of Soulfire repeatedly nodded to Southern Tiger's words.

Every Soulfire member present was a veteran player who had played God's Domain for at least seven years, so they couldn't be more familiar with the strategies used to hunt wild Bosses. While it might seem like players could raid any Bosses so long as they could survive the Boss's attacks, that wasn't entirely true.

An example of an exception would be Tyrian. Despite being a Level 100 Mythic Boss, it had HP surpassing even Level 130 Mythic Bosses. It was no exaggeration to say that Tyrian had the highest HP out of all the Level 100 Mythic Bosses they had seen thus far.

Meanwhile, with this much HP, Tyrian could recover 120 million HP every five seconds simply by relying on its 2% battle recovery. If a team was incapable of outputting at least 24 million damage per second, it'd be impossible to defeat Tyrian.

However, it should be known that due to the Miniature Ancient World's restrictions, even the peak experts of Super Guilds could only bring a full set of Level 100 Epic Equipment with them. They couldn't bring any Fragmented Legendary items or higher. With only Epic Weapons and Equipment, a peak expert would be fortunate to even cause 500,000 damage per second to an ordinary Mythic monster, let alone a Mythic monster with the Realm Lord title.

Moreover, this DPS was calculated based on the assumption that the Boss wouldn't dodge or block any attacks. After factor

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