Chapter 21 - Arrogant Shi Feng
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Jin Hai City, the top floor of Lan Hua Tower:

Lan Hua Tower was one of the tallest buildings located in the central business district of Jin Hai City. It also served as the Lan Hua Group's trademark building. Meanwhile, the room located on Lan Hua Tower's top floor was a luxurious room that granted one an uninterrupted view of Jin Hai City. However, at this moment, even though there were only two people inside this room, the atmosphere in the room was incredibly tense.

Of the two people in the room, the one standing was Luo Tiancheng, while the one sitting on the luxurious leather sofa was a solemn man in his mid-thirties.

"What did you say?" Lan Hailong asked rhetorically, his cold voice sending shivers down Luo Tiancheng's spine. "Are you trying to tell me that not only did Shi Feng refuse my kindness, but he even had you convey to me the word 'scram?'"

The identity of the solemn man was none other than Lan Hailong, the true wielder of authority behind the Shadow Guild and the Lan Hua Group. He was also the legendary individual who had climbed to the top of Jin Hai City by relying on his great business acumen in investing all of the Lan Hua Group's available resources into tackling God's Domain since the game's launch and continuously expanding Shadow's influence in God's Domain.

"All of my words are true, Chief Lan. I even have a complete recording of Shi Feng's words here," Luo Tiancheng hurriedly said. "He was incredibly arrogant back then! He showed no regard for Shadow at all! I wanted nothing more than to teach him a lesson on the spot!"

Raising an eyebrow at Luo Tiancheng, Lan Hailong asked, "Why didn't you take action, then?"

An awkward expression suddenly appeared on Luo Tiancheng's face as he said, "That's the God's Domain Academy we're talking about, Chief Lan. There are many people there. Although I have a much stronger physique than Shi Feng, I won't be able to do any serious damage to him within a short time. Rather than teaching a lesson, he might end up using the fight as an excuse to file a complaint—"

"Enough with the excuses!" Lan Hailong said, stopping Luo Tiancheng in his tracks. "Do you think I'm not aware that you're no match for Shi Feng? You might have a stronger physique, but his combat experience far surpasses yours. You'd be fortunate if you could fight him to a draw, let alone teach him a lesson."

Hearing Lan Hailong's words, Luo Tiancheng dared not continue making excuses for himself and simply accepted Lan Hailong's harsh criticism. What Lan Hailong said was true, after all. No matter how weak Shi Feng was in the past, he was still the Guild Leader of Shadow. Thanks to his high status, he had gotten many opportunities to spar with master-level martial artists. He could easily overcome the small difference in physique with the wealth of combat experience he had accumulated over the past decade .

"Chief Lan, should I find an opportunity to go and take care of him with Brother Hu?" Luo Tiancheng suggested.

The "Brother Hu" Luo Tiancheng mentioned was Zhou Yuhu, the deputy chief instructor of Shadow's training center. Although Zhou Yuhu didn't possess much skill in God's Domain, he had not stopped training his body in the real world for even a day throughout the past decade. When it came to combat in the real world, he easily ranked within the top five of Shadow.

However, Lan Hailong shook his head and dismissively said, "That won't be necessary. Shi Feng might pose a problem if he were five years younger, but his time is already over now. He won't be a threat to us even if we let him be."

"Are we going to let him go just like that, Chief Lan?" Luo Tiancheng asked in an unreconciled tone. "You have no idea how arrogantly he acted at the time. He showed no respect to Shadow at all."

"That's normal." Lan Hailong chuckled. "He now has an excellent student under his belt, so of course, he has the capital to be arrogant. Even that famous Instructor Qi has directly contacted me for this student. It is already certain that Wu Lingling will surpass Wu Xiaoxiao in the future. She might even get recruited by a Super Guild in the future and surpass the golden generation brought up by Instructor Qi."

Instructor Qi was one of the God's Domain Academy's senior instructors. He was an existence that even the executives of Jin Hai City's various large Guilds had to treat with respect. The reason for this was that several years ago, two of his students had successfully joined the Super Guild World Dominators. Now, those two students had even become members of World Dominators's middle management. Their positions were much more prestigious compared to Gu Yiren, Shadow's current Guild Leader. After all, Gu Yiren was merely one of the many geniuses nurtured by World Dominators. He would have to first surpass his peers before he would have a chance at joining World Dominators's middle management.

It was precisely this reason that Instructor Qi held such prestigious status in the God's Domain Academy and that Gu Yiren had assigned his younger cousin to become Instructor Qi's apprentice.

Now that Wu Lingling had shown herself to possess talent surpassing even her elder sister, it was entirely possible for her to join the middle management of a Super Guild in the future if she received proper training. At that time, Shi Feng could rely on his connection with Wu Lingling to put pressure on Shadow. In front of a Super Guild, a second-rate Guild like Shadow was nothing but an insignificant ant. If Shadow failed to handle the situation properly, it might even become history in God's Domain.

With such a powerful card in his hand, it'd be strange if Shi Feng didn't behave arrogantly.

It was also for this reason that Luo Tiancheng was incredibly envious of Shi Feng. He couldn't understand how Shi Feng could be so lucky to acquire a student like Wu Lingling.

"However, Shi Feng won't be able to stay arrogant for very long," Lan Hailong said, smiling. "A good student is all that he has. If this good student ceases to be his student, he will know how laughable his behavior today is!"

"Chief Lan, don't tell me you're planning on using that slot?" Luo Tiancheng asked as he suddenly thought of something.

"Yes!" Lan Hailong nodded. "While the Legacies in those special Dungeons are valuable, they're worth nothing if we don't have the necessary talent to make use of them. Rather than waste our Legacy slot on an ordinary genius, it'd be much better if we use it to win over Wu Lingling. With our Legacy slot and the benefits Instructor Qi offered, Wu Lingling will definitely choose to go under Instructor Qi so long as she isn't a fool."

"Leave it to you to come up with such a brilliant plan, Chief Lan! If Shi Feng finds out about this, he'll definitely regret the words he said today!" Luo Tiancheng said. He couldn't help but laugh when he thought back to Shi Feng's arrogant behavior before.

According to the various large Guilds' investigations, there were special Dungeons located throughout the Miniature Ancient World. Meanwhile, these Dungeons were 1,000-man Team Dungeons that had never been seen on the main continent before.

However, the huge entrance limit and one-week Cooldown of these Dungeons wasn't what made them special. Instead, what made them special was the Ancient Legacies they dropped. By using these Ancient Legacies, players would get to inherit crucial information about their respective classes, which would, in turn, increase their chances of advancing to higher tiers in the future.

Although nobody knew how much improvement these Ancient Legacies could provide as of yet, even a tiny improvement would make invaluable items. After all, one would typically have to rely on luck to encounter items and events that improved one's chances of ascending to a higher tier.

However, raiding these special Dungeons was easier said than done. Apart from gathering 1,000 experts, one would also need to make sure that the gathered experts were sufficiently skilled. At the very least, these experts needed to be capable of reaching the late stage of the Trial Tower's sixth floor. With such stringent requirements, even Shadow, a second-rate Guild, could only form one such team. It'd be impossible for an independent player like Shi Feng to form such a team.

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"Alright, that's it for today. After you return, make sure you find an opportunity to make contact with Wu Lingling," Lan Hailong said. "Remember to be quick! Wu Xiaoxiao is still out training with her instructor right now, so she shouldn't be aware of her sister's talent yet!"

"Leave it to me, Chief Lan!" Luo Tiancheng said confidently.

Immediately afterward, Luo Tiancheng left Hai Long Tower and hurried back to the God's Domain Academy.


Meanwhile, inside the Miniature Ancient World, Shi Feng and his students had finally finished resting and organizing themselves in the Withered Ruins' outer region.

After seeing that all of his students had recovered, Shi Feng nodded and said, "Alright, time to head inside!"

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