Chapter 21 - Arrogant Shi Feng
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Jin Hai City, the top floor of Lan Hua Tower:

Lan Hua Tower was one of the tallest buildings located in the central business district of Jin Hai City. It also served as the Lan Hua Group's trademark building. Meanwhile, the room located on Lan Hua Tower's top floor was a luxurious room that granted one an uninterrupted view of Jin Hai City. However, at this moment, even though there were only two people inside this room, the atmosphere in the room was incredibly tense.

Of the two people in the room, the one standing was Luo Tiancheng, while the one sitting on the luxurious leather sofa was a solemn man in his mid-thirties.

"What did you say?" Lan Hailong asked rhetorically, his cold voice sending shivers down Luo Tiancheng's spine. "Are you trying to tell me that not only did Shi Feng refuse my kindness, but he even had you convey to me the word 'scram?'"

The identity of the solemn man was none other than Lan Hailong, the true wielder of authority behind the Shadow Guild and the Lan Hua Group. He was also the legendary individual who had climbed to the top of Jin Hai City by relying on his great business acumen in investing all of the Lan Hua Group's available resources into tackling God's Domain since the game's launch and continuously expanding Shadow's influence in God's Domain.

"All of my words are true, Chief Lan. I even have a complete recording of Shi Feng's words here," Luo Tiancheng hurriedly said. "He was incredibly arrogant back then! He showed no regard for Shadow at all! I wanted nothing more than to teach him a lesson on the spot!"

Raising an eyebrow at Luo Tiancheng, Lan Hailong asked, "Why didn't you take action, then?"

An awkward expression suddenly appeared on Luo Tiancheng's face as he said, "That's the God's Domain Academy we're talking about, Chief Lan. There are many people there. Although I have a much stronger physique than Shi Feng, I won't be able to do any serious damage to him within a short time. Rather than teaching a lesson, he might end up using the fight as an excuse to file a compl

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