Chapter 20 - Merely a Junior Instructor
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 20 - Merely a Junior Instructor

"What a monstrous talent!"

"Even the top talents of first-rate Guilds can't hold a candle to her!"

"I never thought Wu Lingling's talent would actually surpass that of Wu Xiaoxiao's!"

Shortly after Wu Lingling exited her gaming cabin, voices of exclamation filled the arena. The Academy's instructors and various Guild executives, in particular, looked at Wu Lingling as if she were their golden goose. As for Luo Tiancheng, his eyes were close to popping out of their sockets as he looked at Wu Lingling in utter disbelief.

Impossible! How can Wu Lingling be this strong?

Gu Tong, the younger cousin of Shadow's current Guild Leader Gu Yiren, had actually lost to Wu Lingling even while having a numerical advantage. After this incident, Shadow's plans to expand its influence in the God's Domain Academy had thoroughly become a joke…

Meanwhile, unlike everyone else in the arena, Lin Yaoyue did not focus her gaze on Wu Lingling. Instead, she looked at Shi Feng, who sat in front of her.

So this was what he meant?

Lin Yaoyue had previously been confused when she heard Shi Feng saying, "It won't be interesting if I send too many." However, after witnessing this match, she found that Shi Feng's words indeed made sense.

With Wu Lingling's strength, if the girl gained two more people to support her, the match probably would've ended as soon as it began. Gu Tong's team wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to put up any resistance, and the match wouldn't have lasted for several dozen seconds.

However, after looking at Shi Feng for a moment, Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but sigh and look at the man with a sympathetic gaze.

Originally, Shi Feng could've relied on Wu Lingling to make a name for himself in the Academy and even secure a respectable position in Jin Hai City.

Unfortunately, it was a sin to possess treasure without having the strength to protect it!

In the current era, God's Domain had already become a second world for people. In fact, its importance even surpassed that of the real world. After all, people could essentially double their lifespans by living in God's Domain. Thus, God's Domain had also become a place of competition for both individuals and competition. Meanwhile, organizations seeking to secure a better standing in God's Domain needed to recruit highly talented individuals.

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