Chapter 19 - Monster
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Most of the spectators in the arena were shocked when they saw the footwork Wu Lingling executed. The only exceptions were Qin Wuchen and the other students who had fought alongside Wu Lingling in the Withered Ruins. Their expressions remained calm throughout the entire process.

Meanwhile, after seeing Wu Lingling's performance, Qin Wuchen's friend from high school enviously said to him, "So this is why you decided to follow a newbie instructor, Wuchen! I didn't know you had such a strong class rep! Her footwork is simply amazing! With her taking the lead, your class will be blessed when competing for school resources in the future!"

The God's Domain Academy might have abundant resources, it didn't mean that it could afford to waste them. Not to mention, the Academy's goal was to produce expert players. Thus, rather than treating all students equally, the Academy distributed its resources based on the students' performances. While this might seem like a harsh method of education, the world of experts in God's Domain was cruel.

Meanwhile, if students of the Academy wished to obtain more resources, apart from choosing a good instructor and working hard, they could also pray for capable classmates. This was because the Academy would hold monthly class competitions for resource distribution.

In these monthly competitions, students from the classes ranked within the top three would each receive a bottle of A-rank Nutrient Fluid. They would also receive free access to the school's simulation training room for three days, allowing them to spar against simulated experts. Although the Academy's simulation training room was inferior to that of first-rate Guilds, it was still significantly better than the simulation training room of most large Guilds.

However, as operating a simulation training room consumed High-level Energy, even first-rate Guilds' experts had few opportunities to use it. Moreover, these experts typically had to pay a huge price to use their Guilds' simulation training rooms. Yet, the God's Domain Academy was offering this opportunity to its students for free.

Thus, the Academy's monthly class competitions were extraordinarily intense. Meanwhile, having capable students like Wu Lingling in a class was sure to increase the class's chances of ranking within the monthly competition's top three.

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