Chapter 18 - Shocking Technique
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Gu Tong's words were cold and determined, and even his teammates could feel his anger and disdain for Wu Lingling.

"Bingshou, you support from range once the match begins. Lieyun, you keep her distracted with feints. I'll land the finishing blow on her!" Gu Tong said to his teammates as he unsheathed his two daggers. "However, make sure to be careful when you attack her, Lieyun. Wu Lingling might be a Swordsman, but she's even more agile than an Assassin. She also has numerous attack patterns. Make sure you do not get caught up with her for too long. It doesn't matter even if your Strength is greater than hers. You won't be able to cope with her attacks once the fight prolongs."

"I understand. You can rest assured, Boss Gu," Lieyun, a Berserker who was nearly two meters tall and clad in armor, said and nodded.

Lieyun was well aware of Wu Lingling's strengths. Even his instructor had praised Wu Lingling for her offensive capabilities in one-on-one combat. When it came to one-on-one combat, Wu Lingling was the undisputed number one among the freshmen this year, and even Gu Tong was slightly weaker than her in this regard.

Meanwhile, Lieyun couldn't last more than ten seconds in a frontal confrontation against Gu Tong, so he'd be foolish to try to win against Wu Lingling by himself.

"Bingshou, when you're attacking Wu Lingling, you don't need to care about me or Lieyun. Just make sure Wu Lingling cannot chain her attacks," Gu Tong said as he looked at the short-haired girl, who wielded a bow and wore light armor, standing beside Lieyun. "Many people are watching this competition. We cannot let Wu Lingling have any chances at showing us off!"

When the girl named Bingshou heard Gu Tong's words, her expression immediately sharpened.

At this time, she and Lieyun had already been recognized as reserve internal members of Shadow. Meanwhile, the treatment they would receive as internal members would depend on their performance in today's competition.

While Gu Tong was discussing strategies with his teammates, the timer above the waiting area finished counting down. Immediately, the trio found themselves teleported into a forest and saw Wu Lingling, who wielded two longswords and was clad in light silver armor, standing beside a large tree that was around 100 yards away from them.

Along with the start of the match, the spectators in the arena also started making a racket.

"It's finally starting!"

"A forest? Wu Lingling might still have a chance after all."

"The question now is whether Gu Tong will go for a one-on-one fight. I heard that Gu Tong is treating Wu Lingling as his rival and that he intends on beating her to secure himself as number one among the freshmen."

"What a pity. If Wu Lingling's instructor wasn't that Shi Feng, we could've witnessed an interesting match today."

The many students, instructors, and Guild executives present held a hushed discussion as they looked at the holographic display with great interest.

After Wu Xiaoxiao, Wu Lingling's and Gu Tong's names received the most attention in the God's Domain Academy right now. Many people would also frequently compare the two with each other. Some people even believed that this generation's freshmen would lead the God's Domain Academy into its golden era because of these two students.

However, to everyone's surprise and confusion, Wu Lingling had actually chosen to apprentice under Shadow's ex-Guild Leader. Now, because of Shi Feng, she even had to go up against Gu Tong's team of three all by herself…

While the spectators outside were discussing among themselves, Gu Tong did not remain idle on the battlefield.

"Don't let her escape our sight! Bingshou, seal her movements! Lieyun, charge with me!"

After arriving on the battlefield, Gu Tong immediately analyzed the battlefield and shouted instructions to his teammates. Simultaneously, he activated his Stealth skill and charged at Wu Lingling without hesitation.

When Lieyun heard Gu Tong's command, he instantly reacted and activated the Tier 3 Flame Charge, transforming into a huge ball of flames that charged at Wu Lingling.

As for Bingshou, she drew her longbow and used the Tier 3 Wind Wings against Wu Lingling. Then, as soon as she released her bow, eight arrows shot out of her bow and transformed into blades of wind that flew at Wu Lingling from multiple directions, cutting off Wu Lingling's paths of escape.

When Luo Tiancheng, who sat in the spectator stands, saw the actions of Gu Tong's team, he couldn't help but sneer and think, As expected of the Guild Leader's little brother! Beautifully done!

Originally, Luo Tiancheng had still been rather worried that Gu Tong would grow soft-hearted against his opponent and choose to fight Wu Lingling one-on-one. If that happened, it would give Wu Lingling a significantly greater chance of winning. That, in turn, would improve Shi Feng's performance as an instructor.

Thankfully, Gu Tong did not choose to fight Wu Lingling one-on-one. Moreover, he had even wisely instructed his teammate to seal off Wu Lingling's paths of retreat. Now, Wu Lingling had no choice but to clash against Gu Tong's team of three. In such a situation, Gu Tong's team was almost certain to win. It might even become a landslide victory. If that happened, Wu Xiaoxiao, the Academy's top talent, would definitely come and find trouble with Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, when Lin Yaoyue saw the development on the battlefield, she couldn't help but frown and glance at Shi Feng, who sat in front of her.

What is he thinking?

Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but be confused by Shi Feng's actions. While she wasn't interested in the affairs between Shi Feng and Shadow, that didn't mean she was willing to watch one of the Academy's top talents suffer a humiliating defeat in front of so many people.

Moreover, Shi Feng had just arrived at the God's Domain Academy. Logically, if he wanted to raise his position in the Academy or prove his value to Shadow, he should cherish Wu Lingling a lot. After all, there had been many instances in the past where instructors of the Academy had received a huge promotion because of a talented student. This was also why the Academy's instructors were willing to sacrifice a lot of their time and resources into nurturing their students.

However, no matter how Lin Yaoyue looked at the current situation, it did not seem like Shi Feng was trying to nurture Wu Lingling at all. On the contrary, he seemed to be trying to harm Wu Lingling's future.

Back on the battlefield, Lieyun had already arrived before Wu Lingling and swung his battle axe at her, the two-handed weapon releasing a blinding radiance and increasing in size as it made its way to Wu Lingling.

At the same time, Gu Tong had used Shadow Steps and appeared behind Wu Lingling. Then, he brandished his daggers at Wu Lingling's back.


Combat technique, Phantom Snake!

Immediately, the two gleaming daggers transformed into multiple phantom snakes that struck at Wu Lingling from various blindspots, the attacks seamlessly timed with Lieyun's gigantified axe.

"How ruthless!"

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The various instructors and Guild executives were astonished when they saw Gu Tong and Lieyun's joint assault.

The two students' joint assault was something even veteran experts like themselves would have trouble dealing with if their Basic Attributes were equalized. This was because the two students were attacking with the intention of trading lives.

In the case of Lieyun, he was attacking Wu Lingling without paying any regard to his defense. He was fully intent on receiving any counterattacks Wu Lingling launched with his body. Moreover, to ensure his attack landed on Wu Lingling, he had even chosen to use an AOE Skill with wide coverage. And seeing how close Gu Tong was to Wu Lingling, it would seem that Lieyun intended on hitting Wu Lingling even at the cost of hitting Gu Tong.

As for Gu Tong, he showed no intentions of dodging Lieyun's attack, either. Instead, he focused all of his attention on striking Wu Lingling's weak points and sealing off any possible paths of retreat for the Swordsman.

In this situation, even if Wu Lingling had noticed Gu Tong's presence behind her, there was nothing she could do to avoid both Lieyun's and Gu Tong's suicidal attacks. The only thing she could do was choose to dodge one of their attacks. However, no matter which attack Wu Lingling chose to evade, she would still end up getting killed by the other person's attack.

Normally, in a three-on-one situation, the side with the numerical advantage wouldn't have chosen such a suicidal combat method. Instead, they would rely on their numerical advantage to suppress and whittle down their opponent. Yet, Gu Tong's team had chosen this suicidal combat method to ensure their victory and leave Wu Lingling with no opportunities to make a comeback.

Back on the battlefield, even when Lieyun's gigantified axe and Gu Tong's shadow snakes were about to devour Wu Lingling, Wu Lingling actually remained motionless, behaving as if she had not noticed the two attacks coming at her.

Did she give up?

Gu Tong couldn't help but be confused when he saw Wu Lingling's lack of reaction. In his opinion, an expert like Wu Lingling should more or less put up a struggle even when faced with such a hopeless situation. Yet, now…

"It seems I have overestimated you!" Gu Tong said, his eyes filled with disappointment. At the same time, his hands also moved with greater speed as he planned to end this boring battle quickly.

However, as soon as Gu Tong finished speaking, a crisp and sweet voice suddenly appeared from beside him.

"I think so as well."

Gu Tong was startled when he heard this voice. This was because he couldn't be any more familiar with this voice.

Wu Lingling!

This was Wu Lingling's voice!

Glancing at the source of the voice, Gu Tong immediately found himself stunned.

Through the corner of his eyes, Gu Tong actually saw Wu Lingling standing a short distance away from him, behaving like a spectator as she watched him and Lieyun executing their suicidal assault.

Gu Tong wasn't the only one who saw this scene. Lieyun and Bingshou also saw this scene. However, unlike Gu Tong, they quickly recovered from their shock and started shouting at Gu Tong to get out of the way in a panic. After all, with Lieyun's combat standards, he was incapable of altering his attack trajectory this late into his attack. Meanwhile, a full-powered attack from a Tier 3 Berserker was not something a Tier 3 Assassin could survive. So, Gu Tong's only chance to live now was to dodge Lieyun's attack.

Only, that evidently wasn't possible with Gu Tong's current state of mind…

Meanwhile, when the various instructors and Guild executives saw this scene, they couldn't help but cry out in surprise.

"Mirage Steps?!"

"Impossible! Mirage Steps is a top-tier footwork among basic combat techniques! Even veteran frontline experts have a hard time learning it! How can a freshman like Wu Lingling master it already?!"

The many experts in the arena quickly understood the cause for two Wu Linglings to appear on the battlefield. Seeing as there were no fluctuations in the Mana around Wu Lingling, the girl definitely did not use a Skill or Spell. Thus, the only explanation they could come up with for this situation was that Wu Lingling had executed Mirage Steps, a basic combat technique.

However, Mirage Steps was a special footwork that even frontline experts had difficulty mastering. Anyone capable of mastering it would be regarded as a powerful expert even in first-rate Guilds.

Is this the reason for his confidence?

At this time, even Lin Yaoyue was surprised when she saw this scene, her eyes inadvertently turning to Shi Feng, who currently wore a calm expression on his face.

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